Name: Mammon, Maymon
Primary Qlipha: Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)
Secondary Qlipha: Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth)
Color: Purple, Grey Mixed with Light Blue
Country: England
Element: Earth; Fire
Legions: 30
Planet: Venus Illegitima (Dark Aspect of Venus)
Demonic Order: Ninth Order (the Tempters)
Magick Numbers: 31, 35, 61, 8, & 24,578
Attributions: Devil’s Claw, Bloodroot, Patchouli, Hemlock, Calamus
Rank: Prince of the Ninth Order of Demons, Ambassador to England, Subruler of Gamaliel

mammon 2

The biblical references to Mammon were originally interpreted as references to the vice of greed rather than a presiding deity of greed. Shortly thereafter, another commentator interpreted the scriptural passages as references to a demon. While most Satanists conclude that the original interpretation is true just because it came first, such reasoning is fallacious. It is possible that, if seeing Mammon as a demon was a misinterpretation, that a particular demon became aware of the folly and took the name of Mammon upon himself to capitalize on the marketing. Either way, let us discuss the great demon known as Mammon.

Mammon is the Lord of Autumn and King of the Abyss. He is the Monarch of Rain, the Sire of the Flame, and the Dominator of our Plane. He’s a cunning draconic spirit and he doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Mammon rules over ice, greed, wealth, avarice, prosperity, luck, riches, sex, ambition, aggression, and the lust for money. Known as Hell’s ambassador to England, he is the God of Merchants and Thieves and the Lord of Money. He is the Prince of Ninth Order of Demons known as Tempters and he is recorded to preside over sexual intercourse. He teaches in the art of evocation.

Mammon is the one who scours the planes for precious stones to use in the construction of Pandemonium, the demon’s capital city. He is purported by some to further the agendas of Sorath, and purported by others to serve Lucifer directly alongside Beelzebuth. While a writer named Gregory of Nyssa has postulated that Mammon and Beelzebuth are the same being (with Mammon presumably being an aspect of Beelzebuth), and other writers have equated Mammon with Satan and Lucifer, I deny all these claims.

Mammon is the leader of the Ninth Order of Demons, which order is referred to as the tentatores or infidiadatores, or the tempters and ensnarers. He is also held to be the ruler of Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith) in a rare demonic hierarchy of the Qliphoth wherein Behemoth rules Nahemoth (Black Earth/Naamah) and Merihim rules Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphagore). While I sense his high rank within this Qlipha, I can sense that Lilith transcends even him, which is why I have listed him as  a Sub-Ruler of Gamaliel.

A well-established Demonosopher has an entire category of essays based on her interactions with Mammon. Take a look at the hyperlink below:

Magickal Chants

Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach
This is the traditional summoning chant or ‘demonic enn’ for Mammon. Source: Traditional Demonolatry

Mammon Liftoach Qliphoth
This summons Mammon to empower a rite of evocation. It means “Mammon, Open the Qliphoth!” Source: V.K.

Mammon Liftoach Qliphoth
“Mammon, Open the Qliphoth”
This calls Mammon to strengthen all rites of evocation. Source: V.K.

Io Mammon– Drakon Anabaino Gamalielim
“Hail Mammon– Dragon from the Qlipha of the Black Moon!”
Source: V.K.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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