Belial (Goetia #68)

Alternate Names: Beliar, Belial, Belia’al, Beliel, Belias, Belu
Magickal Numbers: 37, 94, 95
Colors: White, Yellow, Black, Green, Brown
Zodiac: Aquarius 10-20; Leo 15-19
Path: 28/Tzaddi/Aquarius
Direction: North; South
Tarot: 6 of Swords
D/N: Nocturnal
Planet: Jupiter; the Sun
Element: Fire; Earth; Water
Qlipha: Ghagiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth)
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Bohu (Ain Soph)
Rank: Viceroy; Great Chief; Gatekeeper; King
Date: Jan 30-Feb 8; Aug 8-12; Winter Solstice; Feb 24-29; Winter; December
Attributed Substances & Ingredients: Gold, Balm, Cedar, Vetivert, Lemon, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedar, Vetivert

Above: Channeled Sigil of Belial

Belial is the Qliphothic Witch-God, Goetic King, and Guardian of the Gate who rules over the physical plane. He is an initiator and a demon of enlightenment. Alongside Lucifer and Hecate, he is a member of the Atlantean Trident of the Draconian Tradition.

Belial is the Serpent God who is recorded in traditional demonology to be the Ambassador to Turkey for some reason. The demon is considered an excellent mentor in sorcery and highly reliable guide who is knowledgeable regarding many secret alchemical praxes. He is a destroying god of war and death whose auspices and guidance are desirable in the arts of necromancy, vampyrism, and execration.

One apocryphal text incorrectly identifies Satan, Samael, and Belial as the same being. This text applies the names Matanbuchus, Meterbuchus, and Mechembuchus to Belial, but who do these names refer to– Satan, Samael, or Belial? I am unsure, but Belial has told me that he is willing to accept those titles as names of him.

Belial is a prolific shapeshifter known to manifest as two figures illustrating diametric opposites. He commonly assumes appearances like skeletal figures and draconic anthropoids, but will manifest as human on occasion– he’ll even shapeshift to a human form in front of you if you’re upset and open up to him. It is generally agreed upon that Belial is a harsh master, but he is known to be understanding as well.

Belial is stoic in his compassion, but he is definitely caring, and he always has my back. It is no wonder that he is a renowned protector of witches. He is a kind entity who destroys the opponents of his devotees.

Abrahamic demonology describes Belial as a spirit of hostility, lawlessness, trickery, sin, and fornication– the acting patron of heretics and polytheists who is said to have instructed Egyptians in sorcery. The demon embodies the beauty of the Earth and teaches us to see the beauty in all things. According to S. Conolly, he typifies a balance between mental, physical, and spiritual consciousness.

Belial is widely viewed as the quintessential earth elemental, but there is more to him than that. He has less well-known attributions to fire, and in my personal gnosis, water as well. Mark Allan Smith has claimed that Belial is a Triple God. He is listed amongst the Nine Demonic Divinities, the Three Rulers of the Trans-Qliphothic Veils, the Nine Kings of the Goetia, the Four Cardinal Princes, and the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers. Certain entries in Hebrew scripture predicted that Belial would attempt to impersonate Jesus to manipulate the Samaritans, which I imagine would be hilarious.

Belial is attributed to the Uranian Qlipha as well as the Trans-Qliphothic Veil directly above it. The demon known as Abaddon is said to rule the Moires/Fates, which very same spirits are said to manifest alongside Belial with frequency.

Belial is gifted in granting occupational and political ascent to the witch. He rules achievement, autonomy, and independence, and brings about many friends and popularity. He presides over warriors and murderers, and he can be called upon to bestow aggression upon the witch. He is considered a god of war and a harbinger of anarchy who can incite targets to fury and rage. Belial is said to appear on fields of battle, a god of war, surrounded by ravens and creatures of prey.

Belial is said to be knowledgeable regarding the mysteries of self-sacrifice. He is known to manifest accompanied by Lucifer– the two collaborate so extensively that they are almost functionally interchangeable.

While some traditional demonology records Belial as a bloated demonic man-dragon, I have witnessed his black man-dragon aspect as muscular rather than bloated. Belial has also been described as a Caucasian male whose long hair is black with white tips, and I have seen this aspect as well. On a couple occasions, I have seen Belial appear as a simple anthropoid made of shadow. Belial also appeared to me in a vision as a red-furred four-legged beast (a big cat) which a pointed black tail and sharp fangs.

The writings of Michael W. Ford, S. Conolly, and E. A. Koetting all record that Belial demands sacrifice upon evocation, usually sexual, though Koetting records a requirement for blood. Oddly enough, when I was summoning a group of demons (Winter Solstice), and I intended to give my offerings to all of them, Belial told me to divide his would-be offering among the other spirits.

In the 218 Current, Belial is presented as the ruler of the Northern Tower of Chaos– the Tower of Mortifer (“Bearer of Death” in Latin).

Mark Allan Smith asserted that Belial was the same entity as Baelzebuth. While Smith is, from what I’ve seen, thoroughly trustworthy, I scoffed at the idea until my demons told me he was correct, and I saw the same thing asserted in ToAF literature. I have put no information about Baelzebuth in this article, nor is there any information about Belial in my article about Baelzebuth. This has been done for the sake of persons who do not agree that Baelzebuth = Belial so they can still benefit from my article as much as possible. I have no intention to even speculate about Bael, Belphagore, etc. and their relationship to Belial. I highly doubt I or anyone reading this will ever find the whole truth on the matter. Mysteries like this are why people come up with bullshit about spirituality being subjective, demons being your own consciousness, all demons being interchangeable, etc. That type of pseudo-intellectual shit convinces them that they understand something that most of us really won’t get a grip on until we are dead.

Belial is attributed to Ghagiel in literature which predates Smith’s.

Magickal Chants

channeled all-purposed chant to Belial
(this should be the most powerful of those provided)

“Numinous Belial, King of Emptiness”

“Death-Bearing King, Come Into Me!”

“Come Into Me, Belial King of the Earth!”

names of Belial ordered into a consecrated chant

a consecrated chant composed of titles of Belial


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


20 thoughts on “Belial (Goetia #68)

  1. According to the Asenath Mason …”I do not see him as equivalent to other spirits or deities such as Baal or Beelzebub, although such theories have been proposed by other authors and practitioners and, indeed, there are certain shared powers and attributes that allow for such associations. In my own work, however, I encountered Belial while entering Daath/the Abyss, and I believe that this is where we should seek his gnosis. I do not see him as a spirit of the earth and all things material, either. Feel free to disagree”

    Source: BELIAL, Without a Master, Volume One

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    1. Yep, spirits do not need our money and gold for well-being but as a GUARD like Belial I would do anything to lure somebody away from true knowledge. Satan once said, 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is based on fear. Find the 1 percent that is your True Self and I WILL reply. Also almost any mages, especially Black Mages have a lot to fight and do against the temptation of void power. Yesterday Satan elevated me to Thaumiel. It was like a crystal quartz explosion, chakras popped up etc. Then he asked me enthusiastically: “Hey, you made it! You have gone through all the tasks we put on your way. What is your next step? You can leave now! Go, you are enlightened!” I replied that this elevation was only a glimpse without any substance and I decide to take the elevator down back to Lilith. Everybody wants to see demons, see infinity, cross the Abyss – but most of those actions are just some of their illusory magic and I am very happy that it had become impossible for humans to trick demons or put them into vessels. Real pathworking takes a long time.


  2. Have you had any success using Belial for money spells? Have reason to believe he’d be good for them? I’ve read some people going both ways on this and am likely going to experiment, but curious about your position on it.


    1. I just saw your comment and I know it’s been a while, but figured I’d try to reply anyway.

      I’ve never attempted to work with Belial for matters of money. I personally wouldn’t. If you feel drawn to, I mean, go ahead and ask. No harm in trying, right? That’s how we learn new things about Daemons.

      That said, I’d suggest Bune/Bime. I’ve worked with them a bit, and I’ve found them to be very accommodating and willing to help with financial matters, career goals, and generally helping you get what you deserve to be happy, healthy, stable. I could say more, but you should do your own research and put in your own effort. There’s no substitute for that.

      🙂 Best of luck, and I hope this helps.


  3. Belial really protects your vulnerable back, called “Belial’s Blanket”. He is great also in healing rigid-minded people and addicts regardless whether they believe in occult things or not. He has his prize-list but when he says he will help you, than he is very reliable. Hard to understand for us humans. Excellent article.

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  4. Belial once gave me a frequency of “713 Hertz”. It is not really a healing frequency, maybe “skin and colon-regeneration”. In Germany exists a crew “713”, a biker-gang that acts to unite Islamistic and Neofascistic tendencies to create a new Antisemitism. That is the real Islamization-background. That would fit to the style of the messages of Belial. Also Yehowa himself (he has a strong, tough and commanding voice) asked me: “You have a lot of friends who wear horns and have glowing eyes and are warriors but when it comes to me, who also has those attributes, you try to curse me because of that.”


  5. Another thing about Belial is his ability to mimic “Divine Enlightenment” to test the reliability of the adept. A well known occultist now wears the “Chi Rho” on his arm as a tattoo and telling people that the energy of Christ now has come into his life via crisis and so forth and “I have been told so” that there is nothing better than this. This is exactly the point: you get hit by this energy and think of overthrowing your former teachers. It is that people still do not understand what a pact really means. Belial was the Demon who tested Jesus in the desert and he told me, that he found this test very boring, knowing all the stuff before that Jesus would reply to him. So, like Black Witch Savannah tells again and again: “when you are unsure, don’t damn do it or if you still do so – may the demons haunt your ass and take your soul, I don’t care.” You want earthly favor or you want to work really with your demons? Many claim to be Demonolaters until the occassion is right for them enough “to break the contract with the power of Jesus”. Anyway, in one of the recently posted videos of Haitian Bokor Elmera he describes in a awesome manner what “selling a soul” really means. It is worth listening to his words – when he is in a state out of the “Gold Rush”. 😉


  6. there is a myth in the scene that “our DNA is degenerated” but it is correct to say: “our genetical code is degenerated”, 64 codons are active all the time but we only have 20 proteinogenic amino acids, that is meant with degeneration. Few codons code for a same single amino acid, but they all have a specific aminoacyl-t-transferase that ensures the correct packing of the t-RNA with the correct amino acid. So some people read “degenerated genetical code” and claim “degenerated DNA”. This is wrong. In tumors DNA is often “deblocked” and this leads to this excessive tissue growth because of the overexprimation of different proteins. What shortens life is the mass of diseases spread out artifically unto the people and the toxins that cause genetical damage. Belial can help to repair those damages.


  7. I’ve recently started reading and relating myself to demonolatry and belial seems like a nice starting point,and I’ve would like to contact him and I don’t know if I would give an offering right away or how should I go about it I’ve researched him and know about him and still I’ve just still have fear in my heart and after reading this post I’ve gathered enough confidence to start a pact with him but still I would like some advice


    1. Well he does enjoy offerings but of what you individually like best.All I had to eat was a can of peaches at that time so I offered half of it,put my blood into it..went into the northern part of the woods(used a compass),and performed evocation as well as communion..During evocation I had seen and heard BOTH Beelzebuth and Belial morphing into eachother and some tree creatures..mass footsteps animals came out of places I was unaware they were..So yeah he seems to love your blood doesn’t have to be a lot..he loves offerings of food YOU love must be given from the heart..

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  8. I really like this post as it explains some things in my own personal Gnosis through someone else’s.I had not read this until today and have seen the video explaining some facts from your Gnosis much after I had gotten the same info myself.I don’t own a mass of books but I have experienced ,during my first Evocation that they are the same being and it has been confirmed this way.Thank you Vk


  9. Oh and ditch all fear because he won’t answer if you are afraid at all of anything these are just advices from MY experiences and not ever stated as fact except that once he is with you,there are a lot of paranormal experiences that vary..a lot might happen but fear is something that these beautiful beings will ignore you over


  10. a good offering for him is boiled egg with paprika, salt and few drops of blood on the egg and all plated on his sigil together with a spoon – snakes love eggs.


  11. at these days working with Belial is super-effective, on mundane plane and spiritually alike. It is said that he is “very expensive” what means he wants gold etc. but e few drops of own blood work with same efficacy. He loves also a tea from mullein. My own experience analyzing whether Belial and Beelzebub are one and the same: the have lots of similarities but are different entities. The possession with Beelzebub feels more “psychotic” while possession with Belial feels more like if you got those glasses that a doctor pulls on your nose to find out your correct glasses. He can give you “many eyes” simultaneously. Belial can really teach about the mysteries of sacrifice in general, real healing, and the mysteries of lies and when they are necessary and when not. About abysmal work my experience was that I was put to a decisison: either to work with Abaddon or with Belial but not with both. I decided for Belial and got lifetime-exclusion to work with Abaddon. When you do not have offerings, incense then just go out in nature and collect a beautiful bouquet of flowers and put the vase on a self drawn sigil, preferably in green.

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