The 21-Day Mammon Invocation (Starts December 18th)

The Event

The 21-day invocation of Mammon is being spearheaded by Black Dragon Paranormal, which company commissioned me to channel the rite to invoke Mammon as well as a sigil to perform it with. Joshua Savage, the founder of BDP, and I discussed the event in the following podcast. Soon BDP will be uploading a video of me performing the invocation, at which point I will update this article by adding that link.

Read my article about Mammon here!

The Channeled Sigil of Mammon


The Rite to Invoke Mammon

Mammon, open the gateway to the Nightside and show me your power. Grant me your gnosis and your transformation.

Shombazzorem + Nondrazzae + Mammon + Halrassembuross + Onzaegassor + Membuzzemra + Hendraezzador
[(Seven Names of Mammon, Six of Which Are Channeled Secret Names. Secret Names Are Only for Use in Magivck and Worship)]

Konrozrabbor Yobazzemra Alsaeggaross Ozrabem (x14)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Mammon)]

Ombrazorga Mammon (x18)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Mammon)]

Hendraezzador Kombrazae (x4)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Mammon)]

The Demonstration


8 thoughts on “The 21-Day Mammon Invocation (Starts December 18th)

  1. I thought mamon was a day demon.i light the candle in the day. I’ve done it three times and had different thi ga happen and mana fest in my life. I offered some earrings I’ve had for a long time that I do love alot. Candles and awesome fashion magazine pictures.


  2. Hi VK, I wanted to do the 21-day ritual to Mammon on my own and wanted to ask you when you channeled Mammon and used the sigil you showed in your website did you put blood on it ? I watched your demonstration video but couldn’t see if that was done.


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