Channeled Invocation of Any Angel

My guardian angel Raziel revealed the following rite to me whereby any magickian may pursue possession by any angel they wish. This rite does not require any magickal equipment or sigils, but the celebrant is encouraged to integrate any such materials available to her into the rite. Raising a sacred space before performing this invocation is unnecessary, as a sacred space will manifest during the rite (don’t stress about the specifics of the sacred space, just let it take shape). Chant the phrases in italics in a slow, rhythmic monotone however many times the script specifies.

Release the Celestial Currents of the Realm Beyond
Manifest the Glow of the Angelic Numinous
Illuminate My Consciousness and Fortify My Body
Take Hold of My Heart
And Saturate My Essence with Your Power
Shield Me Against All Interference
And Engender the Permutations of My Gnosis!

Enzort! Larg! Norhen! Garhen! Sakrall! Iansar! Zorrahnen! Yiassahna! Yentaghon! Zornassen! Ionzar! Ziasor! Liekhana! Zorhen! Djagassahn!

____________ Norenja Zala Niassak (x4)

Zennor-Yahg-Zilla-Yiag-Nar (x3)

______________ Lizzaghen Djod (x5)

Ave! Ave! Ave!


6 thoughts on “Channeled Invocation of Any Angel

  1. Thank you for this amazing ritual! Fell off a horse and almost broke my back… Twomonth’s later still virtually crawling out of bed just to get painkillers down my throat. Obviously Magickal working had slowed down tremendously. Then I did the Ritual called on Raphael and BOOM! The next morning walked 5km and since then getting better every day! Thanks man! If you could give me insight into the wording I’d be extremely obliged. If you can. But otherwise hears a shout out to RAFAEL for healing me! Thank you Archangel!


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