Channeled Invocation of Any Demon

My matron demoness Qalilitu revealed the following rite to me whereby any magickian may pursue possession by any demon they wish. This rite does not require any magickal equipment or sigils, but the celebrant is encouraged to integrate any such materials available to her into the rite. Raising a sacred space before performing this invocation is unnecessary, as a sacred space will manifest during the rite (don’t stress about the specifics of the sacred space, just let it take shape). The four magickal words of power appearing in bold are to be vibrated one by one.

Release the forces of the Black Plane of Chaos
Saturate the Universe with the Darkness of the Qliphoth
Rend the Veil and Let Infernal Majesty Be Witnessed
By Those To Whom I Afford My Hospitality and Kind Friendship
And Those I Seek to Annihilate and Bring to Ruin
May the Mighty Demon(ess) __________ Arise
Take Hold of My Vessel and Manifest Your Gnosis Through My Heart
Shine the Black Light and Grant Me Apotheosis
Place Your Mantle of Power Upon Me
And Take Hold of My Body and Mind!

Zendaggon + Ensallat + Zornassen + Iztara

Spirit, Fiend, Divinity, Teacher!
Let the Frailty of the Mortal Coil Wither in Your Darksome Radiance!
Inhabit My Flesh! Elevate My Consciousness! Refine My Spirit! So Let It Be!

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!


12 thoughts on “Channeled Invocation of Any Demon

    1. Generally there are two routes to establishing a matron/patron relationship – either you approach them, or they approach you.
      In both instances one can employ divination, channeling, or the consultation of a trusted psychic/medium/spirit to figure out if there are any interested parties, and if it would be in your best interest to pursue said relationship.


    2. In my case my matron demoness showed interest in me after I performed the rite of initiation into demon magick. I researched her attributes and she seemed a good match since some of her areas of influence/expertise paired up with a good portion of my interests/practices.


  1. pure healing work. after the entity left you can use the essence for other workings. It makes the essence into a weill storable form, so you can load copper, gallium, iron etc. I like your “none-equipment”-stuff.


  2. VK,
    In the case of rituals that you have channeled from a spirit/god/demon, or rituals that have been revealed to you, as this one was – do you know, would it be disrespectful to said entities to alter the rituals (keeping the same intent), or to appropriate the words of power for a different ritual within the same paradigm?


  3. Thank you for everything V.K. and thanks for the reading you gave me previously. It was on point and helped me integrate further.πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ


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