Addressing & Completing Sepher Akkawbiyah

I self-published an e-grimoire of astrological alchemy under the name Sepher Akkawbiyah, meaning “Book of the Spider.” The purpose of the initiatory praxis provided in the text is to transform the witch through the twelve signs of the Zodiac and lead them to embody the Spider Beyond the Zodiac– the force beyond the twelve signs. Unfortunately, Sepher Akkawbiyah is incomplete. One more ritual, provided here, is necessary to complete this pursuit. The ritual is to be performed thirteen times. I apologize for the mistake. The e-grimoire is temporarily not available.

Norgala! Goryuzzenna! Doriszenna!

Open the many gateways and vortexes that connect our universe to that which lies in the Nightside. Let the power of the Void access this realm and purge me of the causal limitations impressed upon me in Malkuth. Whispering fiends of chaos, horrific beasts of the Qliphothic multiverse, rip my soul open and breathe your power into me! Allow me to be resurrected, enchanted, and powerful. I complete my transformation. Let me be resurrected!

Gor-ahl-or-em + Nor-gon-rem-bar

Shendaloth Morgazzen Korbuzzon Orral (x13)


4 thoughts on “Addressing & Completing Sepher Akkawbiyah

  1. Hello, VK!

    I just saw one dude’s video review of Sepher Akkawbiyah. (

    Got me really interested, but I cannot find it anywhere. I would really like to buy it and work through it. Are you revising it or is it some sort of Patreon exclusive? Will it be available to buy as an e-book in near future? Many thanks for all of your content.

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