Names: Kek, Kuk, Keku, Keki
Sacred Numbers: 3; 14
Qliphothic Attributions: Daath; Thaumiel
Primary Planetary Attribution: Mercury
Colors: Green, Yellow, Pink
Compass: Southeast

kekAbove: Channeled Sigil of Kek

“I am a lord of chaos. I am timeless and formless. My cruelty envelops my enemies and I rupture the veil at my every evocation. Corruption emanates from my pores and saturates the weak-willed and heartless.” -Kek

In Egyptian belief, Kek was basically the theomorphic personification of primordial darkness. He was considered the god of obscurity, and nightfall was considered a reflection of his primeval blackness. He was a god of night and dawn, and he was called the Bringer-In of the Light. He is the priest of the Spider Queen, and his consort was considered to be Kauket.

Kek is a spirit of Daath and Thaumiel. He presides over pendulums, tarot decks, crystal balls, and mirrors. In baneful magick, he sets allies against one another in conflict, and then seals the fates of all parties– this means that he is best conjured against friend groups, collectives, etc. In protective work, he reflects baneful magick against its casters and makes it more unpredictable.

Alchemically speaking, Kek empowers the sorceress through the forces of Tohu, Thaumiel, Daath, and Satariel. Rituals wherein Kek is conjured alongside the current of Apophis will engender great results initiation-wise.

Kek is traditionally represented as a frog, or as a frog-headed man. He has appeared to me as a sort of anthropomorphic frog, but also as a great green dragon.

It has been said that the Egyptian gods dislike the use of blood in magick (meaning that you shouldn’t use it to call on most of them or offer it to most of them– they won’t be mad if you offer blood to other pantheons). In my gnosis, this is generally true, and it does apply to Kek.

Magickal Chants

Channeled Secret Name for Kek
(Secret Names Are Only for Use in Magick & Worship)

Kek Naezarroza
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant

Keku Harnarriz
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant

Kuk Harnorriggon
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant

Koranaea Sordraeon Kalaza Porgenzara
Channeled Chant to Evoke Kek

Hargorem Kalaza Sordaeoz Konreaga
Channeled Chant to Invoke Kek

Channeled Word of Power to Call on Kek to Strengthen Rites to Thaumiel

Channeled Word of Power to Call on Kek to Strengthen Rites to Daath


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



9 thoughts on “Kek

      1. You don’t understand meme culture. Kek is a mascot for shitposting autists. It’s much more about Chaos and decentralization than the left/right bs dialectic.


  1. Thank you for channeling this entity to my attention. It was exactly what I needed now. I am currently focusing about why Primal Formless Essence bothers taking Dangerous forms Beyond the boring/mandatory-yet-not-amusing/funny/evolutive countering of the prolapsed cosmic forms, which is necessary but is just a sad necessity, if cosmic forms sticked to a limited and well selected bunch of vehicles-fitting-for-the-essence there would have been no need for anticosmic upheaval, and thus trans-cosmic entities could just meet us in “peace”

    It’s such a bother to have to fight, it makes me waste my time slowing down my “fuck-shapes/circumstances” merging with the acausal

    This guy is helping me understanding why destruction has a sanctity beside being a tool for purification


  2. Updates (very brief but very hard possession-like info from the very entity, nose bleeding): ferocity has an acausal sanctity and it thus manifested because divinity does NOT “take a ferocious shape”, it just is ferocious as its physis and thus emanates “corruption” toward lesser beings, PLUS it burns down prolapsed cosmic forms never officially summoned/allowed into existence, which were just born ’cause somebody couldn’t live them at essence-level and needed to tought-form them as process of its evolution, caring not enough for what could have happened later with all that filthy “creating”, crowind/swamping existence with “stuff”

    Still cannot understand why it should manifest so invasively when we should focus on total obliteration of pointless existence, which is our mission. Why the fuck can’t it happen with the elegant eloquence of a sniper? Why should it be that messy and bloody? This guy fucking LOVES bloodshed, and has some roots in common with Shugara, yet is darker than her, Shugara is a being of light if you approach Her with a solemn heart, absolute love and total Readiness for trampling all that you used to/tought you loved of your mundane existence. This guy is dark as fuck. Limitlessly useful.

    Thank you Beyond words VK


  3. Final update: I underestimated the fittingness of what we humans mislabel as “pleasure”. In my rampage against the EGO I left behind the importance of personal shaping, focusing too much on the mission of obliteration of what is a causal attachment
    Experiences can nourish us in many ways beside their primal feed/harden role, spiritual widening is important beside the ultimate desire for punishing what in us is causal
    I feel the need to state that I do not consider myself an anticosmic satanist, but understand which is the spiritual pull which leads the TotBL, a desire for removing unconscious and immaturities until the very core of the fabric of existence
    And I exaggerated
    My Whole life-view is changed thanks to a one-hour ritual with this guy (have to admit I had been working on this in the last months so I welcomed his teaching without opposing any block), now I feel like a stepped-upon dung but also purified from dualisms, and it’s time to cook something.
    Thank you VK, immensely


  4. Anubis takes blood as an offering but, yeah, he is not that thirsty like Andras for example (his favorite mix is Kefir with blood, either dried animal blood powder or own). I love those entities you present here. At least something in the worl that makes fun to read.


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