Iak Sakkak

Colors: Red, Brown, Pink
Compass: Southeast; Northwest
Element: Earth
Sacred Numbers: 6, 943, 15, 87, 324
Planetary Attributions (From Greatest to Least): the Moon; Mercury; the Black Earth; Saturn

Iak SakkakAbove: Channeled Sigil of Iak Sakkak

Iak Sakkak is descriped in the Necronomicon as the guardian of the gate of Kingu and Absu. This spirit is an awakener– he activates all that which lies dormant within mankind. In addition to this, he is an apt protector or guardian, as well as an opener of portals whose auspices are of use in macroscopic alchemy or “aeonic sorcery.” His name means “Governor/Vicegerent of Ashur/Enlil” or “Priest of the Triangle.”

The Necronomicon warns the reader of Iak Sakkak’s tireless efforts to unleash the Ancient Ones (Tiamat and company) into the universe we live in– an occurrence which black magickians understand to be desireable.

While Iak Sakkak is compared heavily to Yog-Sothoth, I stand by my personal gnosis that Iak Sakkak is real, and Yog-Sothoth is fictitious.

Iak Sakkak appeared to me as as a black panther with glowing yellow eyes. Where he travels, astral storms follow. He is a ruthless spirit of chaos and darkness. In baneful magick, Iak Sakkak releases torrents of wrathful energy to corrupt the mind, soul, and body of the witch’s victims– he is best called upon in execration rites with multiple targets.

In protective work, Iak Sakkak can fill a location with wrathful protector spirits who act as if they were his appendages/extensions/avatars. He can surround a person with astral armor that will defend and retaliate against execration. He can fortify the witch against all forms of harm and incapacitate her enemies with ease.

Iak Sakkak can be called upon to bless a romantic relationship. Consult him about this if you’re interested.

Magickal Chants

This is a channeled secret name of Iak Sakkak. Secret names are only for use in worship and magick. This name is pronounced (SHE-nawr-hawn).

Iak Sakkak Zornara Aezzon
This is the all-purposed summoning chant which I have channeled for Iak Sakkak.

This Chant Serves to Invoke Iak Sakkak, Activating Psychically Relevant But Dormant Parts of the Physiology. This may be recited repeatedly, but only used once. It’s a one-time operation.


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


One thought on “Iak Sakkak

  1. hell, he is exactly the guy I need because Tiamat is “waiting” here. She has good times and romance with Satan but is somewhat “lazy” to go out. Funny, Satan said: “he will have a sigil for you” with his soft cunning voice, yesterday, while I was despairing over the Baals. So, magick works, the “ether is free and good”. Oh, he said also: “it will be short and pitch black, the same pen that he used for Mammon”. Tiamat’s magickal oil is good to annoint the temples when you feel overconsciuos, exaggerated, saturated with information, she smoothens this all and provides good sleep. Luciferianapotheca has very high quality oils and incense. The witch there sensed that I had Lammashtu here while I was ordering oil for Pazuzu (I forgot their rivalry) and did not make this specifical Pazuzu-stuff. We never talked a single word.


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