Yama, Yamarāja, or Yima

Names: Yama, Yamarāja, Yima, Dharmaraja
Element: Fire
Sephira: Yesod
Qlipha: Thaumiel
Direction: South
Zodiac Attributions: Capricorn; Sagittarius
Sacred Numbers: 17, 13, 942, 86, 22, 34, 156
Colors: Transparent, Grey, Rainbow, Brown, Yellow, Purple
Planets: Mercury, Black Sun, Moon, Neptune (Secondary), Black Earth (Tertiary)

YAMAAbove: Channeled Sigil of Yama

Yama is an aspect of Death Itself who hails from the Trans-Qliphothic Void. He is considered the ruler of the Narakas and, by some, a ruling divinity of reincarnation. In my personal gnosis, Yama rules over a potentially unrecorded underworld plane wherein those who persecute witches are punished. Additionally, in my personal gnosis, Yama has authority in the Japanese underworld plane Yomi/Yomi-no-kuni, which is primarily ruled by Izanami. While Yomi is not Yama’s primary jurisdiction, he rules over a blood-drinking warrior class of Shinigami which are bound to that plane.

Yama specializes in necromancy, Void magick, Daathic witchcraft, death magick, the sorcery of Bohu, reincarnation, helping the dead pass on, underworld gnosis, underworld initiation, undeath, fire magick, pyromancy, tarot & oracle deck usage, and silver cord cutting. He works closely with Santa Muerte & Xastur.

Yama can help one gain gnosis of their past lives and prevent one’s enemies from reincarnating.  Heis an excellent deity to summon in baneful workings against those who seek to persecute you for practicing the Craft. Yama can be sent upon either a single target or multiple targets, and he quickly and effectively engenders their ruination.

Yama appears to me as either a big, fluffy, yellow-furred dog, or as a classic grim reaper.

Call to Yama from a graveyard for the most powerful manners of necrosophic permutation a necromancer can ask for.

Magickal Chants

Kal-Or-Gar-Tae + Kor-Dor-Bal-Har
Two Channeled Secret Names for Yama
Note: Secret Names Are Only for Use in Magick & Worship

Yama Korzarkora
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Yama


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia




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