Tunnel: 29 (A’arab Zaraq-Nehemoth)
Gematria: 266
Force of Tunnel: Evil as the Power of Non-Being
Atavism of Tunnel: Frog
Element: Fire; Water
Ordeal of Tunnel: Malignant Women Haunt this Tunnel
Letter of Tunnel: Qoph
Tarot: The Moon – The Ruler of Flux and Reflux
Musical Key: B Sharp

Above: Sigil of Qulielfi from Liber 231

Qulielfi is an archdemoness, Lunar in nature, of the nature of Chaos, who presides over psychic vampyrism. One appearance of her glimpsed through a channeled vision suggested that she was a being of darkness and light in perfect harmony. Another revealed a red-haired and black-eyed woman in tattered clothes, covered in burn marks. Her fingernails are long and read, and blood streams from her eyes and ears. A chain drags behind her, and she carries the decapitated head of a man. Screams are audible in the distance, and she stands surrounded by flames.

Qulielfi can be called upon to send an incubus or succubus to torment a victim or to perform magickal defense on the witch’s behalf. She assists in the casting of illusions and bewitchments and assists in meditation and the development of visualization skills.

Qulielfi presides over prophetic dreams, bewitchment, visualization, destructive and vampyric sex magick, dream walking, dark rituals, psychic abilities, the discovery of what is hidden, the discovery of what is hidden, and the mysteries of life. She teaches the witch to track and hunt entities on both the astral and causal planes.

According to Alexander Winfield Dray, Qulielfi assists the black magickian in “Developing the Ability to Travel to any physical location within the shadow self and retain memories of the events, eventually leading to the physical manifestation of the Shadow Self.”

Qulielfi awakens the magickian’s thought process and assists her in controlling her destiny. She assists in the construction of new forms and imparts harmony and joy as rewards unto her chosen. She assists the magickian in the discernment of good and evil and establishes a balance between the twin extremes. She magnifies the effort the magickian puts towards her goals and grants assistance in astral projection.

Qulielfi can transmute the third eye of the astral double and bring deception to light. She imparts the ability to detect subtle flirtations and manipulations and grants the sorcerer the ability to psychically sense it when people are observing or performing divination about her. She awakens the magickian’s third eye.

Qulielfi teaches the witch to fashion strange and unique weapons on the astral planes. She assists the magickian in deprogramming and reprogramming thoughtforms/egregores, and she can program spirits of lower power levels to act as the servitors of her summoner—rendering them no different from a thoughtform/egregore of the magickian’s creation. In addition to this, she presides over the fulfillment of the Earth’s renewal.

Qulielfi presides over the Qliphothic pathway or “Tunnel of Set” to which the casting of bewitchments and illusions in general are attributed. This Qliphothic pathway, being the twenty-ninth tunnel of Set, leads from Herab Serapel/A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Bael) to Lilith/Nehemoth (Black Earth/Nahema). According to Linda Falorio:

The need to work with the energies of Qulielfi may be signaled when for no reason we find we are requiring little sleep, or, we may find instead a simple lack of dreams. There may be discomfort with uncertainty and shadow, coupled with lack of imagination; there may be an excess of superstition, of nightmares, and of fear; there may be an abject horror of the preternatural, as expressed in the writing of Lovecraft, et al; and even an irrational dislike of everyday domestic cats.

On the other side, the powers of this tunnel include enhanced imagination, the ability to astral travel, as well as power to affect subtle levels, as in casting spells, and bewitchment. Here is affinity with the Moon, with water, crystals, and natural tides. Here resides prophetic dreams, clairvoyance, and artistic vision which see magick as neither white nor black, but colorful.

Here too, we access the dark body sorceries of ancient Egypt, Khem, the Black Land, here is access to the fertile radiations of the dark goddess, Black Isis, Nu-Isis, and the forbidden power-zone of Amenta. Here we are given power to enter the “storehouse of dreams,” the akashic records, the storehouse of racial and genetic memory, recapitulating the evolutionary past via the cerebellum, the back brain, Qoph, the back of the head. Thus falling backward out of time from Universe A into the dreamtime of Universe B everything is possible. Austin Osman Spare suggests gazing at one’s thumb illumined by the Moon until the eyes go out of focus, when the thumb becomes an opalescent, fantastic reflection of Oneself.

The danger is addiction to practices and substances that keep one perpetually glamoured by the Mauve Zone’s sinister delights.

According to Kenneth Grant, “Qulielfi represents the termination of the Qliphoth of the 12 zodiacal signs.” Her pathway is under the sign of the frog, a liminal being in its between-ness linking the amphibious to the terrestrial, signifying a step in (pre)human evolution, signifying the formula of the Voltigeurs.

Cort Williams describes the tunnel as follows in Qliphothic Wor(L)ds:

The tunnel connecting the Qliphoth A’arab Zaraq and Nahemoth. Venus acting upon the Earth via the influence of Pisces. Corresponds to the Tarot trump The Moon. The unholy passions of A’arab Zaraq and its ruling archdaemon, Ba’al, stirring the terrestrial bestial passions of man through the influences of the lunar orb.

The siddhis associated with this tunnel are bewitchment, illusion and the manipulation of lunar energies to befuddle and manipulate the fancies of man. The chthonic powers of the black earth animated by the nocturnal sorceries of AUB. A Qliphothic tunnel associated with transformation, bewitchment and flux. Connected with the frog and other amphibian creatures as representing the interplay of the terrestrial (Nahemoth) and the aquatic (Pisces, the ruling sign of Qulielfi). The frog/toad also as a traditional familiar of the witch and of the lunar goddess Hecate.

According to Kenneth Grant, “The 29th Tunnel is the haunt of the witch typified by Hekt, the frog-headed goddess and Lady of Transformation.” Linda Falorio writes:

The reification of the tunnel of Qulielfi exists in twilight at the borderland of sleep and waking, at the threshold of the astral world where elementals, lurkers at the threshold of the personal subconscious, lie in wait. Terrifying, alternately seducing, fantastic dreams and visions arise according to the dreamer’s temperament. The solitary witch-priestess indulging manual magick during the dark phase of her moon spins hypnagogic phantoms as a spider throwing silk from spinnerets, condensing her illusions into materiality upon the surface of the magick mirror. This, her moon magick has brought forth an astral werewolf, a type of Goetic demon with gryphon’s wings and serpent’s tail, a demon-lover, shadow-self, climbing into space-time to partner her thence to go forth at her bidding.

I do not necessarily agree with Kenneth Grant’s postulation that the magic mirror should be the only piece of ritual equipment employed (or present) when Qulielfi is evoked—I have had fabulous results in summoning her despite the fact that I don’t employ magic mirrors and prefer to employ other tools.

Here follows a hyperlink to a unique sigil designed for Qulielfi by one Daemon Barzai:

The number 266 corresponds to certain Hebrew words denoting the vulva in its passive phase, as well as to the demon Leraikhe.

Sources: Liber Azerate, Liber Obsidian Obscura, Nightside of Eden, the Shadow Tarot, Qliphothic Wor(L)ds, Gematria and the Tanakh, and more.

Magickal Chants

Agios Es, Ambrosia Qulielfi
“Numinous Art Thou, Everlasting Qulielfi!”

Invoco Qulielfi In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Qulielfi in the Name of the Qliphoth!”
In addition to calling forth Qulielfi, this chant simultaneously lulls the witch closer to the gnostic state (trance)

Arcesso Praevalidum Agenti Smola– Invito Qulielfi
This chant translates to “I Summon the Mighty Emissary of the Left Hand– I Call Qulielfi!” It’s only useful for evocation.

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Qulielfi
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Qulielfi!”
In addition to calling forth Qulielfi, this chant simultaneously presences Qliphothic energy to raise or strengthen a sacred space.

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Qulielfi
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Qulielfi!” In addition to calling forth Qulielfi, this chant simultaneously focuses the mind of the celebrant.

Wattaggathal Lorraggal LAW-taw-GORE-uh-CALL MAY-gah-LAW-CALL Orriggoth
This is a chant to summon Qulielfi which I channled. I wrote it the way that it sounds– read it the way a hillbilly would and you have the right pronunciation. The third and fourth words of this chant are broken into their separate syllables: if one of the syllables is written in all caps like the LAW in LAW-taw-GORE-uh-CALL, this means that that particular syllable (LAW) is pronounced just like a known English word, so GORE is pronounced like the word GORE. The syllables with no capitalization are to be read the way that a hillybilly would sound them out. Just pronounce it the best that you can and know that is sufficient. All the people I know who’ve tried my channeled chants find them incredibly powerful, regardless of how weird they sound.

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Qulielfi
“Open the Qliphoth; I Call to Qulielfi!”
Invokes Qulielfi and strengthens the alchemical effects of the invocation rite. Only useful for invocation.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


6 thoughts on “Qulielfi

  1. She called me yesterday amongst crowed people and she has many things to tell me. Vampires seem to consume fennel seeds to detox themselves.


  2. Thanks for everything VK, I’m from Brazil and your blog helped me a lot; about Qulielfi, drinking something alcoholic can put you in this tunnel, spinning around and around, being a wanted dealer, cocaine, erasing tracks…

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  3. take a xanax and try to stay awake, this is a particular method i have tried; Vk, every time I read your blog I learn something I hadn’t noticed before.


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