Names: Adramelech; Adrammelech; Adramelek; Adar-Malik; Adramaleck
Rank: High/Grand Chancellor; Chief of Samael; Chancellor of the Order of the Fly; Superintendent of the King Demon’s Wardrobe; President of the High Council of Devils
Gematria: 284; 295; 775
Earth; Saturn (Lesser)
Element: Fire (Primary); Air
D/N: Equally Diurnal & Nocturnal
Direction: Northwest
Colors: Black, White, Purple, Blue
Qlipha Under His Dominion: Samael (the Qlipha of Mercury)
Other Qliphothic Attributions: Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor); Aogiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth)
Attributed Planets & Black Planets: the Black Sun; Uranus; Mars; the Sun; the Black Moon; the Black Earth
Primary Attributed Behenian Stars: Arcturus; Sirius; Vega; Pleiades
Lesser Attributed Behenian Stars: Algol; Procyon
Channeled Magickal Numbers: 32, 47, 95, 62, 34, 58, 96, 81, 43, 56, 97, 84

Above: Original Sigil of Adramaleck

Adramelech was a Samarian fertility god, the solar deity of an Assyrian city called Sepharvaim where he was worshipped alongside his brother, Moloch. In the Qliphoth, Adramelech enacts the same agendas as Moloch, but while Moloch pursues these agendas via causal developments, Adramelech pursues them via acausal routes. Moloch is not very much more powerful than Adramelech, and where Moloch rules sanguine vampyrism, Adramelech rules over psychic vampyrism.

According to The Book of Sitra Ahra, Adra-Malik is the “Master of the Baneful Glance” and “Opener of the Gates to Liberation of the Soul and Mind.” He imparts aptitude for prophecy and mind control and grants assistance in astral projection. The manuscripts of the Temple of the Black Light refer to Adramelech as “the awakener of the Black Flame within” and The Way of Ahriman records that his attributes are “leadership, glamor, and misdirection.”

Adrammelech rules over the Qliphothic Sphere of Mercury, known as Samael [Poisonous Divinity], in opposition to the Sephira known as Hod. The Sphere of Samael is the dwelling-place of such demons as Glasya-Labolas.

Adrammelech’s name means “King of Fire.” The Book of Sitra Ahra calls him “the Poisoner,” “the Venom Drinker,” and “the Lord of Death’s Gate.” He removes internal obstacles within the magickian and imparts physical fitness, vitality, longevity, and strength. The Book of Sitra Ahra calls him “the Chalice-Bearer of the Fiery Sam of El Acher,” where Sam is the Hebrew word for “poison” and El Acher is a title for Havayoth, known as the Azerate.

Adramelech teaches the magickian to look beyond appearances and forsake illusory pride—meaning that he aids in the dissolution of the ego. His specialties lie in dream work and personal magnetism. His alchemical powers awaken aspects of the witch’s soul previously untapped, as well as her various spiritual gifts.

According to the writings of T.J. Dawson, the attributes of Adramelech are death, disease, plague, destruction, and discord. The History of Magic by Eliphas Levi refers to Adramelech as the “god of murder,” and Liber Azerate proclaims him the ruler of all beauty. He is a psychopomp—able to guide the witch through the astral planes to dark and forbidden locales and modify the astral double in many ways, including granting it ability to travel into those dark places unguided. He can help the magickian silence gossip and grant her the ability to direct conversation away from incriminating affairs.

According to Maxine Dietrich, “Adramelech is very tall with jet black hair. His hair is styled with bangs and to the shoulders like in many paintings in Egyptian temples and the pyramids. He has very piercing black eyes and an intense stare. He has fair skin.”

Traditional demonography records Adrammelech to appear as either a mule or peacock. While The Book of Sitra Ahra records that Adrammelech appears as an anthropoid peacock with a tail adorned in “all-seeing and unblinking eyes,” Baron and Baronessa Araignee record Adrammelech to appear in an undescribed form which diverges from tradition. To me, Adramelech appeared as a bald man in black street clothes with pitch black eyes and long, curved white horns, whose sleeveless raiment revealed his imposing musculature.

Magickal Chants

Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet Adramelech
“Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth Adramelech!”

Agios Adramelech Rex Venenum
“Numinous (is) King Adramelech of Poison!”

Baruch Ha-Adrammelech, Melech Ha-Qlipha Ha-Kokab
“Blessed is Adrammelech, King of the Qlipha of Mercury!”

Concalo Ignipotens– Voco Te Adrammelech
“I Call the God of Fire– I Call You, Adrammelech!”

Veni, Interveni, Adramelek, Deus Tenebris
“Come, Come, Adramelek, Dark God!”

Salve Adramaleck Terrore Flammae
“Hail Adramaleck, Bearer of Fire!”

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


4 thoughts on “Adramelech

  1. I love him very much. I just called silently his name today, colors popped up, I felt tired and had a good nod, anxiety, anger and depression subsided. I think I will work with him more. Satan said he will send me someone for artwork.


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