Description and Invocation of Alefpene’ash

Alefpene’ash or Alfpunias is called the Harba di Ashm’dai [Sword of Asmodeus] and referred to as Gurigur. He is the son of Asmodeus and Na’amah who presides over 80,000 destructive fiends and resides within the Qliphothic Sphere of Mars. While Asmodeus rules the Martian Qlipha, he is a very multi-faceted entity, so Alfpunias more strongly embodies the nature of Mars. He can raise bloodthirsty, necromantic wraiths and he can impart power and calculation to the sorcerer.

Above: Original Sigil of Alfpunias

Alfpunias or Gurigur presides over warfare, destruction magick, martial arts (he favors fencing and knife fighting), courage, the empowerment of the Black Flame, the stimulation of the Kundalini, mental calculation/analytical skills, warfare, military technology (armor, vehicles, weaponry), tactical mindsets, and wrathful necromancy. The auspices of Alfpunias are useful in sex magick, controlling anger issues via self-control, discipline, courage, confidence, ego dissolution, bloodletting in witchcraft, blood sacrifice, warfare, destruction magick. He surrounds the sorcerer in protective famuli and keeps her protected thereby.

My channeled magickal secret name for the demonic undead hordes which serve Alefpene’ash/Alfpunias in Goloheb (Mars/Asmoday) is Emkallugawl, and my magickal chant to call them forth is “Salve Legio Alfpunias.” For my magickal chants to Alfpunias himself, see the following rite of invocation. The magickal chants (all of which I wrote) to Alfpunias which are only useful for invoking Alfpunias will have an asterisk placed at the end of the English translation provided for them.

Invocation of Alfpunias


Baleful and bloodthirsty incubi reside within the Demonian Sphere of the Fire Planet and await the call to warfare from the Sword of Asmodeus. Darksome and malevolement forces emanate from the Qliphoth to blot out the failed justice of the demiurge. I call forth the Visible Face of the Martian Qlipha to descend within this flesh so that I might become transformed.

Invoco Alfpunias In Nomine Qliphoth!
[I Call Alfpunias in the Name of the Qliphoth]

Qodesh La-Gurigur-Alfpunias-Alefpene’ash!
[Holy to Gurigur/Alfpunias/Alefpene’ash]

Ol Oecremi Isli Ol Um Isli Sa Ol Zodameta Alfpunias!
[I Praise You, I Call You, and I Conjure You Alfpunias]

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Gurigur!
[Open the Qliphoth; I Call Gurigur]

Zacam Gohed Sa Micalzo Alefpene’ash!
[I Move You, Everlasting and Mighty Alefpene’ash]

Adlaudate Zusigethon– Agios o Gurigur!
[Praise (Invented Name of Alfpunias)– Numinous is Gurigur]

Zusigethon, Alfpunias, Gurigur (x9)
[(Three Names for Alfpunias)]

Qodesh La-Gurigur-Alfpunias-Alefpene’ash (x9)
[Holy to Gurigur/Alfpunias/Alefpene’ash]

Aperiatur Qliphoth; Invoco Alfpunias (x9)
[Open the Qliphoth; I Call Alfpunias*]

Sum Harba de Ashmedai Malka (x11)
[I am the Sword of King Asmodeus*]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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