The Undead Gods (With Chants and Sigil)

The Undead Gods are a group of earth-bound wraiths who practiced the art of psychic vampyrism in conjunction with some other form of witchcraft in their physical lives prior to ascent. Every Undead God is different and has their own wisdom and knowledge to impart to the summoner. Countless entirely separate vampyric lodges consort with these entities, and the most common ritual performed in honor of them calls them forth to devour the energy of the celebrant(s) and thereupon refill the celebrant with their own energy. This is an incredibly empowering operation.

The Undead Gods, having been incarnate sorcerers previously, are very accommodating, loyal, patient, loving, and generally well-intentioned. They will appear just about any time you ask them to.

Many names have been given to the Undead Gods. The term Akhkharun (singular: Akhkharu), which originally referred to a specific kind of vampyric entity from Sumerian demonology, is often appropriated for this purpose, but I do not endorse this. The term Strigoi Morte, translated to mean dead vampyres, is far more fitting, as is the title Craik-ii-on. The moniker “Wamphyri” is only useful in rites to the Undead Gods if one is attempting to evoke the specific subset of Undead Gods which the Order of the Nine Angles and its offshoots work with.


This is a picture of the sigil I use for the Undead Gods– it does not refer to any particular subgroup of them. You’ll find this sigil to be very powerful. You may write magickal numbers around the sigil, such as 41, 96, 57, 91, 47, and 56 (the numbers I channeled with a covenmate as apt for calling to the Undead Gods).

The Enochian phrase “Arphe Odzamran Vomquisseron” or “Descend and Appear Undead Gods” should be useful in summoning them. Vomquisseron is a magickal name I channeled for the Undead Gods long ago. The magickal name I channeled for the specific subset of Undead Gods that Niners work with is Crallathorra.

Here is a magickal formula one may use in calling the Undead Gods forth. They will generally gather in the darkest part of the chamber.

Avvar-Akkawn + Craik-ii-on + Strigoi Morte + Vomquisseron + Ammal-Akkor + Omkimmurral + Ommor-Akkawn + Arphe Odzamran Vomquisseron (x7)

To be clear, it is the last chant which is articulated seven times, not the entire formula. The names in bold are all names for the Undead Gods. Any other celebrants should be told to chant “Io Strigoi Morte” repeatedly as the covenhead vibrates the formula (unless one’s covenmates are comfortable vibrating the parts of the formula in unison with the covenhead. The celebrants should aim to intuitively harmonize their articulations with one another). If one intends to call the Crallathorra instead, she should vibrate “Agios o Wamphyri” and “Arphe Odzamran Crallathorra” repeatedly, and/or chant the Communio, which chant appears in Codex Aristarchus by A.A. Morain. The Communio is made to be chanted in a monotone voice.

-V.K. Jehannum


4 thoughts on “The Undead Gods (With Chants and Sigil)

  1. Hello hopefully you reply to this but it seems you are already a vampyre and are walking this path I am new to this but desire to do the same thing as well I have the codex by Morain but I’d like more insight and my questions answered concerning the book and I was wondering if there was some way to communicate with you besides this like any other outlet I’d like your guidance


    1. You can contact me on Facebook. I’m not a member of Drakon Covenant anymore and my vampyric practices are separate from theirs. Michelle Bellenger’s “The Psychic Vampire Codex” is a far better source on the subject than anything a Niner has written thus far, but as far as Niners related to vampyrism go, Hagur’s the best there is (was). Roughly 50% of what he writes is nonsensical bullshit, but the rest is really good.


  2. Good evening, thank you for your very relevant articles.
    Would you have the sigil used in the ritual “the rite of vampyric initiation”?
    I will also follow your advice and also turn to Michelle Bellenger’s “Psychic Vampire Codex.” Unfortunately, I have to translate everything into French.


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