Cloud Evocation

Someone sent me a photograph which purportedly depicts the result of an experimental method of evocation. The operator, whom I am not acquainted with, allegedly evoked Belial into a cloud instead of into incense or cigarette smoke. This operation clearly took place during a sunset. The sun sets red because red is the color that travels the farthest.

This is the photo I was sent.


This could be a hoax, but if you’re a sorcerer, you should be able to look at this image and tune into your psychic senses to discern the veracity of the claim.

Do you see any black figures on the road?



2 thoughts on “Cloud Evocation

  1. On the left side of the road there is a crooked demon slightly in front of the cypress-trees. A former friend also did successfully a cloud-evocation. To bring those semi-astral stuff into a pure material form, you need, like in healing-rituals, a whole set of demons, spirits etc. that have to be placed around the entity that you like to materialize in a circle and fire them simultaneously like an implosion-design to compress the astral stuff into material. It will happen soon that mages will be capable of doing so or maybe it already happens.


  2. I don’t see black figures BUT I do see a face in that entire cloud! I see the nose, the mouth, the face looks like it is looking down where it was getting evoked…..


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