The Algorithm

I have seen this topic broached in the literature of my Satanic brethren, but only in passing. It seems that a complete and candid dissertation on the subject does not exist, and I can imagine why. Perceiving what I’m about to delineate takes more than just acute psychic perception: it takes blatant fucking luck. That’s why I never perceived it on my own: I had to have it described to me by a fellow witch. Until that happened, I did not understand or believe what I was seeing described in the literature of the Cult of Cthulhu and the 218 Current (two completely unrelated groups). Worse, people will see this dissertation as a legitimization of the desire which some Satanists hold to obliterate the Cosmos. Well, as I’ve said before, “Someone has to write this.”

The universe is inherently predisposed to resist the ascent of black magickians, albeit it in subtle ways. Once you make a certain amount of headway, you will be attacked. The universe will pit persons and gods against you to hinder your personal ascent.

While these entities are indeed responsible for their own reactions, they are still acting on behalf of the cosmic impulse that I refer to as the Algorithm. One of the most common tools of the algorithm is addiction, and the deployment of gods and men to lure you into and keep you in addiction.

Dante, who penned the introduction to The Book of Azazel by E.A. Koetting, mentioned that most black magickians who accrue genuine power succumb to addiction at some point. This was a third black magickal authority perceiving what my teacher described to me, and it meant a lot.

I call it the Algorithm because it is an impersonal reflex of the Cosmos. It’s completely mechanical.

The Algorithm has a dual function. It has the RHP function of opposing black magickal self-deification and the LHP function of refining the character of LHP magickians.

The existence of the Algorithm is only one of the many reasons that there can never be any such thing as “safe Satanism.” Anyone who adduces such a term to describe their fellow black magickian is either not an experienced practitioner or simply unaware.

Perhaps, dear reader, you think I’m just externalizing the internal barriers to my ascent. Like I said, I never sensed this shit. I had it explained to me, and I saw it in the literature of multiple other groups previously.

In the same way that you can perform a ritual to decrease Jehovah’s influence over you without curing or even blaspheming Jehovah, you can diminish the Algorithm’s ability to influence your person. This ritual should only be pursued under direct gnostic guidance, and in my opinion, it should not be attempted without a partner. My ritual called on Lucifer and Arachnid Lilith. Arachnid Lilith rules over binding magick, and the Algorithm seems to be a great binding spell.

It is also worth mentioning that three of my four sources on this subject are not Anti-Cosmic. Do not work to destroy a universe you do not understand, dumbass.

This is one of the many reasons that black magick is inherently dangerous. Anyone who believes that some denominations of Satanism are “safe” is simply not an experienced practitioner (or just stupid or misguided).

I am interested to hear second opinions on this subject, so please comment, anonymously or otherwise.

-V.K. Jehannum


17 thoughts on “The Algorithm

  1. Yes, I do agree. At which point I think one life needs to become more disiplined and there is a need to a develop a daily practice to keep ones body, mind and energy system sharp. However, the paradox is it always seems to manifest in an area of life which is unexpected.

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  2. To your point on anti-cosmos, I think the anti-cosmic currents are a direct manifestation of the coming aeon. I see them as a good thing, and they sure do a whole hell of a lot to increase the dark entropic energies in this world, even if they don’t succeed in destroying the cosmos. I think I read it here that it’s like a hostile takeover of this physical world by the chaotic entities. If anything, they respect people’s free thinking. The ONA play a similar role, even if they don’t know it. Shit, even the DKMU and that Kek worship plays a role in this.

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    1. The O9A know exactly what role they are playing. They know it, and they encourage their adherents to pursue the Sinister Work of destroying our current aeon so as to usher in the coming Sinister Aeon. The O9A call it Aeonic Magick, and the working of that magick is reserved only for their most senior levels.
      I refer you to their publication, ‘Hostia’, which I am currently reading.


  3. If I can say mine on this Algorithm, I would not say it really exist. Probably you will not be interested in my opinion but I personally have walked the RHP so much in my youth that I came to realize that the RHP is in itself nonexistent. I explain myself better: since the dark is a natural part of existence, a current which despises it is, in itself, fallacious on an ontological level. The only way of dealing with the dark is like what the ONA says somewhere: “Insight and control via the understanding of the Primal” or something like that. In the advanced level, the RHP becomes the LHP because it undertake the effort to learn how to deal with the dark, accepting it as a facet of the divine. LHP simply starts already knowing it. Furthermore, advanced entities are both benevolent and violent, something that the RHP take a lot of time to understand, while the LHP knows from the beginning. This is why I do not endorse the idea that the Universe is creating problems against the ascension of black magicians: it is just that the stronger you become, the stronger it becomes your low/involuntary magick, your astral/karmic emanation. This simply does mean that a powerful magician is very keen in getting big troubles from astral resonances, if he hasn’t purified himself from all his issues. The universe is not working against ascension: but the attinment of godhood requests absolute “insight and control”: you lack it, you emanate discordant energies; you shoot such energies everywhere, you get sorrounded by counter-evolutionary energies. It is not a killswitch engraved in cosmo’s essence: it is just a consequence of the magician growing power. existence in itself, both the cosmos side and the chaos side, is in itself LHP, because it is devoid of moral, ruled by the stronger, and points to the birth of an all understanding, all governing one, not necessarily a benevolent ruler. Funny is that if you are not at least a bit benevolent, your dark side will crush you, and maybe THIS is some sort of a killswitch, but this simply demonstrate what I learnt in a life spent on the RHP before “turning to the left”: Light in itself does not exist. It just is the compassionate side of darkness.


  4. I’ve definitely experienced this before!

    Except instead of the larger umbrella intent of LHP Ascent, I wonder if your algorithm wouldn’t apply to the human desire for “friction” here on the physical plane.

    Simplistic, almost juvenile, i know.

    But consider the effect ANY metaphor has on your mind.

    When I heard the word “algorithm” I imagined a mathematical web-like looking structure. Something with flux, maybe flexibility but ultimately an analogy of this phenomenon that expresses stationary, stabilizing, immobilized essence, almost like
    Cosmic Guck, now stay with me here-

    If infact what this resistant force is reacting to isn’t
    – “The Magician’s Ascent Proper” but,
    – the Magician’s “Subconscious desire for greater challenge and obstacles to overcome.”

    Then, (unless the Magician is constantly being plagued with setback- harkening to a different problem altogether) any resistance can be quickly identified as one
    “Spinning their wheels in Mud” sort of a
    “soft, Self Mutilation”

    WHICH- playing into the constantly ‘inverse’ ‘inverted’ ‘backward’ nature of the LHP,
    would demand the Magician expose/ inject himself with GREATER challenge, not LESS.

    Except this “new friction” would have to come from pulling back and evaluating where one’s “Current Battle lines” are drawn, pull out of them, and plugging one’s approach/ expectations into a grander scaled, larger, more ambitious selection of needs and desires. Sometimes disposong of old goals before they’re accomplished.

    So you know that feeling you get when your starting something new, amongst a group of people that both intrigue and intimidate you?

    Like that feeling you get when your actions (and therefore choices and decisions) have significant weight behind them? And it’s make it or break it?

    Its almost like, Magick can leverage any situation in the favour of the Magician, and so he may eventually need to overcompensate for the “lack of Terror” he wants to feel, but can’t do to his acquired knowledge and abilities.

    Thus, if we return to the Algorithm Metaphor for a second, we may be greatly aided by a description of this force that also aids- in the ever expanding scale of the Magician’s Universe.

    Not an imposing force like something deep inside the belly of this cosmic organism, but the force of inertia that indicates to the driver that the vehicle is almost assaulting the road with her wheels.

    Finding something constructive to push or pull against.

    I know this analogy destroys the necessary Adversarial experience, the Algorithm provides.

    But I suppose my emphasis is on scaling upward, quickly and efficiently, with a swift sense of force and power.

    Thus maximizing significance of imagination and novelty, detachment, and unnatural fluctuations in one’s personal evolution.

    There’s definitely reactionary forces. But the question is, if we really are the architects of every single program in this Matrix we call “the World” WHILE
    We crave and desire the battle, war, conflict, tension, resistance only the LHP can provide, than we’ve got our work cut out for us.

    And our real challenge, should be to coax the Universe into making us go
    “Holy shit I can’t believe what just happened!!!” on a more regular and ongoing basis.

    Just don’t let “this force” or “your mind” build a hamster wheel prison, when it’s design to give the brave and fearless better grip.

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  5. I experience the Algorithm as a passive system that only gets activated when the mage makes real progress aside from self-hypnoticism and demonic or angelic lullabies. So when someone constantly lives his dream-life, nothing special happens and everything is fine but when you start to question your state of mind and the things that happen around you, then the Algorithm tries to put you down. Selectively. Because life itself is holy and not associated with a special deity, the Gods cannot simply kill you for your progress and your attempts to break free and they need to trick you. I found out that only those entities are worthy a closer relationship who are able and willing to protect you in daily life far away from a ritualistic setting. Magick needs to work on the street and not in a damn temple.

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  6. I also read a description of this algorithm in a Rosicrucian book about the teachings of Apollonius of Tyana. Essentially the algorithm affects anyone of any type of Magick striving for their Ascent. Of course the Rosicrucian material describes it from a white magic perspective but it uses a very useful metaphor. The Nuctemeron uses basic thermal dynamics to describe both the process and the affects. Essentially just like various temperatures are trying to equalize with yours, so is the universe. It describes our physical world as a furnace and people are burning each other to equalize their temperatures. (side note: we are carbon based lifeforms)

    The Nuctemeron says that if your Divine Spark is ignited (Demonic Divine or Otherwise) then other people will do anything to equalize the “temperature” or destroy you if they cannot. Essentially your Flame is so different that the natural impulse of the universe is to convert you back to it’s temperature or spit you out.

    Knowledge is power as in it is useful to understand our situation as it is so that we can use all forces to optimize our Ascent.

    How true or false anything is, is essentially up to you.

    Metaphors do not describe the process as it really is.

    Very few Practicioners on the internet are legitimate.

    If I could use you as an example:
    On one hand if the algorithm is true then by my observation of the reactions that you have gotten on the internet against you, that would indicate that you are doing well upon your path to Apotheosis.

    But on the other hand irl, your life seems pretty stable which would indicate the opposite.

    Unless your prowess as a Sorcerer, Witch and Black Magickian has advanced to an incredible level.

    I know that in my case the universe has seemed to both help and hinder. One time I was doing a working and Satan put a stop to the whole thing and gave me a hard no on that particular working because the people who I was wondering with were actually working against me.

    The Nuctemeron book that I am talking about is not the Channeled one.


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