Gamigin (Goetia #4)

Alternate names: Samigina, Gamigim, Gamygyn, Gamigina, Gamygen
Magick numbers (besides 30): 31, 42, 65, 97, 48, 62
Color: Violet, Black, Orange
Metal: Silver; Mercury
Legions: 30
Rank: Marquis
Herb: Storax
Planet: Moon; Sun; Mercury
Incense: Jasmine
Element: Water; Fire
Zodiac: 1-10 of Taurus; 0-4 of Cancer
Tarot: Five of Pentacles/Disks
D/N: Diurnal
Dates: Summer Solstice; June 22-26; April 21-30
Channeled Summoning Chant: Hamgellentarra Hammal Onterra Hallanturralla Samigina (The “terr” in “Onterra” should be pronounced as “tear”, as in “tearing a sheet of paper”)


Gamigin begets the social skills necessary to deceive and mislead other men, and to lure them astray. He imparts the silver tongue. Gamigin helps the witch get in tune with her instinct and improves her magickal memory. Gamigin teaches the witch to feel guiltless when she deceives thousands of people and grants her the percipience to ascertain the true nature of a person’s desires. He is powerful in draconic magick and shapeshifting. He is good with business and the art of negotiation, and is very helpful in Kundalini work. He can teach the magickian to see through legalease.


Gamigin rules necromancy– he can help the witch commune with the dead within dreams and is an exceptional aid in exorcism. The use of EVP and a black mirror are particularly recommended for necromantic rites invoking him.

Gamigin specializes in liberal sciences, the discovery of secrets, and the correction of mistakes. He begets creativity and inspiration and he can help the witch communicate with her Higher Self.

The value of Gamigin’s name in Goetia is 116, which matches the value for Halphas and the modern Hebrew word “Alkimiyah.” Another match for 116 is a specific Hebrew word meaning “Hardness” which was used to describe the suffering which the xian deity inflicted upon Israel. 116 also matches Hebrews word meaning “Darkness/Gloom/Wickedness” and “Destruction/Annihilation/Consumption. An alternative counting method lends the numerical value of 133, which corrresponds to Hebrew words meaning “Vine Tree”, “Plague”,  and “To Strike/To Smite”. A final value, 766, corresponds to “and he-goats”, “and in brass”, “destruction / consumption / annihilation”, “mighty/vast/numerous”, “interfere/disturb,” “you may prosper,” “you be terrified”, and “its horns.”

-V.K. Jehannum

the Goetia Ritual Book by Kuriakos
Goetic Demonolatry by Ellen Purswell
A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus
Daemonolatry Goetia by Stephany Conolly
Mark of Qayin by Asha’Shedim
The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp
Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik
Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia


2 thoughts on “Gamigin (Goetia #4)

  1. Samigina is one delicate demoness. Very hard to sense but powerful, this little horse can give dreams and visions. True, she can make the mage’s heart “cold” when deceiving many. A secret tip.


  2. Gamigin came to me during a meditation. He was a first spirit that I saw with my third eye. Looked like a red smiling budha statue with tiny horns. He was very nice. He told me his name letter by letter during a pendulum session.


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