The Demoniac Mass of the Nine Divinities

This simple rite calls upon the Nine Demonic Divinities to subject the practitioner to demonic alchemy and holistic magickal-psychic empowerment. It may be performed however many times the celebrant likes; it is intended for advanced practitioners. Individual readers are welcome to incorporate candles, offerings, incense, sacred spaces, etc. into their performances of the rite at their own discretion. One ritual-specific sigil will be required, which is to be burned after use.

Translations of foreign phrases will appear in brackets. Incantations which are meant to be chanted (i.e., recited repeatedly in a rhythmic monotone) will be presented in italics. The majority of the chants and incantations which make up this ritual were channeled specifically for this rite, and thus may not be useful outside of it.

Above: Channeled Sigil for the Rite

Liftoach Pandemonium! Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Open Up the Infernal Plane! Numinous (is the) Alchemical Attainment and Underlying Force(s) of All Demon Magick]

I Call Unto the Nine Demonic Gods of the Nightside,
Overlords of Chaos and Regents of Darkness,
Open the Gates to Sitra Achra,
And Manifest Your Power in This Realm!

Satan Baydah Gaza Hall (x9)

Lucifer Sorrah Vah May’dalah (x9)

Flereous Gavar Sonnah Bay’galah (x9)

Euronymous Saprarah Gavay Sallyn (x9)

Unsere Gavay Paranah Saggay Salarah (x9)

Leviathan Koorlah Vasarah Barana Kavay (x9)

Verrine Satala Gassaea Valagah Amar (x9)

Amducious Pagar Vorryn Sagalah (x9)

Belial Abarah Katar Vaynoor Salaea (x9)

Aborryn Vakala Synnah Massah’ree (x4)

Satan Ahvonn Sallynnah Sala’kee Mozzabarr (x3)

Ya Namosh Sitra De-Smola Alogos Drakosophia Exat!
[In the Names of the Sinister Left Side, the Unwritten Gnosis, and the Underlying Force(s) of All Demon Magick, It Is So]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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