The Apotheosis Rite of Marduk

This ritual calls upon the Mesopotamian deity Marduk to empower the celebrant’s physical body, open internal spiritual gateways, break down mental blockages inhibiting spirituality, and incite magickal empowerment. It must be performed a total of fourteen separate times for its full transformative effects to be experienced. It is intended for advanced practitioners.

The rite will require one specific sigil. I believe sigils of Marduk are best drawn in green, but it’s alright if that isn’t an option. The same drawing of the sigil should be used until all fourteen performances are complete. Once all repetitions of the spell are done, the sigil is to be burned to ash, and the ashes are to be ground up, mixed with a beverage of your choosing, and consumed.

The incorporation of circle castings or opening rites, candles, etc. are optional and left to the discretion of the individual practitioner. Patchouli incense, however, must be burnt in offering to Marduk during, before, or after at least four of the ritual performances. The rite is as follows:

O, Merodach, Gloria! Salve Domine Marduk!
[Oh, Glory to Merodach! Hail Lord Marduk]

Tynlakay Zazazea Shyll Vossa Pah (x13)
[(Channeled Chant for the Rite)]

Dorlakara Mah Vea Sha Bylla Sonna!
[(Channeled Incantation for the Rite)]

Vavoraga + Shadassea + Veallanna + Shallakatar + Vorloss’borrashon
[(Channeled Words of Power for Any Rite to Marduk)]

Draytala Shovva See Vassar! Daylonna Bah Phayta Syck! Hozzazzee Veagon Shovva Possar!
[(Channeled Incantations for the Rite)]

Cacama! Salve Marduk!
[Amen! Hail Marduk]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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