Invocation of Xembhorrock

We see composite deities presented throughout Western magickal traditions—the PGM gives us Hermekate (Hermes + Hekate), and Hebdomadry gives us Lidagon (Darkat + Dagon). Xembhorrock is the composite deity formed of Satan and Lucifer.

Xembhorrock’s power borders on being immeasurable, and he never speaks in human tongues. He is only to be summoned to either get someone other than the celebrant out of a tragic situation or for the purpose of infernal alchemy. However, he can be given offerings of dragon’s blood, black candles, and more for the purpose of spiritual protection (as opposed to mundane protection).

Xembhorrock’s alchemy makes the practitioner very difficult to spiritually harm, and he can be summoned to initiate the witch through any portion(s) of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth alike. His planetary attribution is to the Earth, and his elemental attribution is to the Black Light (i.e., the primordial precursor to the Fifth Element, and, by extension, to the other four).

The following invocation creates a sacred space with the energy of Thaumiel and calls upon the demon Lepaca to assist the practitioner in achieving possession by Xembhorrock. Incantations written in italics are meant to be chanted (repeatedly recited in a rhythmic monotone), and the words of power written in bold are to be vibrated. Translations of Latin phrases appear in brackets. This invocation is recommended for persons significantly experienced in infernal alchemy and demonic possession.

Above: Sigil of Xembhorrock

Salve Domine Xembhorrock!
[Hail Lord Xembhorrock]

Lepaca Thaumiel! Soltrolla Viehtorra Gotht Tonna Vakal!

Toldar Godda Vee Shionna (x7)

Torvyck Soll Godda Vakara Zyll (x7)

Toltala + Doorzocka + Shyltarrock + Polthaea + Djieddagara + Toltaea + Djon-Dorra

Phaltar God Zeena Sylla Zossall (x7)

Lepaca, Affer Ad Me Xembhorrock (x11)
[Lepaca, Bring Me Xembhorrock]

With the auspices of Lord Lepaca, I conjure Xembhorrock to entangle me in his gnosis!

Agios o Lepaca! Salve Rex Xembhorrock!
[Numinous is Lepaca! Hail King Xembhorrock]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

5 thoughts on “Invocation of Xembhorrock

  1. Thank you for these interesting and rare posts. I would like to ask if you know anything about the mantra “Satanas ata satanas ar satanas ata ar tanasar”. Is there an audio version of this invocation? Thank you very much. H.S.


    1. It’s an abbreviation that stands for Greek Magical Papyri. It’s a fascinating document with recorded magical praxis that predates Christianity. It involves Greek, but also Egyptian deities if I am not mistaken. Some of it’s elements are very similar to modern demonolatry.

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  2. Satan and Lucifer in composition, I thought this is impossible but if indication is to help someone else out except the summoner himself, it makes sense. Both are very different, one can see this in the way they define beauty – there is Luciferian type of beauty, more like Barock and Satanic beauty, more like Moderne styles that are simplified. Will try this entity even I do not like composite deities in general but when there can de done aid, it is OK. Even for theoretical discussion a unification of both for a short time I guess, is worth debating.


  3. yesterday late evening I chanted this name and it worked well. Felt deeply at peace and also started to chant “Sahnrizz” and sent them to my ill mother. Worked really good, I was happy that a unification of both is possible and that both are not that strongly at war. Nice!


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