The Nightside Mass of the Third Eye

I was commissioned to design a rite to fully open the Third Eye. Opening the Third Eye is one thing, but opening it completely is another– something that few will ever achieve. This ritual calls upon Lucifer, Vine, and Amaymon. It is very powerful and should be performed once a week until the goal is achieved. The ritual will create a powerful Qliphothic sacred space with the force of Sathariel.

Words to be vibrated will appear in bold. Phrases meant to be chanted (recited in a rhythmic monotone) will appear in italics. Translations of foreign phrases will appear in brackets, and explanations will appear in parentheses. No equipment is required, but the witch is welcome to incorporate any equipment that she has at her disposal.

The following sigil should be focused on during the rite. Do not burn or tear up the sigil after performing the rite for the first time. Instead, use it again and again, until you sense that you have performed the rite the final time. Thereupon, burn the sigil or tear it to pieces. The sigil should be drawn in purple.

Third Eye

Salvete Vine, Amaymon, Et Lucifer! Liftoach Satariel! Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[Hail Vine, Amaymon, and Lucifer! Open Satariel! Numinous (is the) Alchemical Attainment and Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

Gienazzen (x7)
[(Word of Power to Create a Sacred Space with the Power of Satariel)]

Amaymon Sonrada Kalattena Ozakaea Ar (x3)
[(Channeled Chant Calling Amaymon)]

Lucifer Sarendara (x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Lucifer)]

Arriz Sagra Vine Nozzala (x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Vine)]

Sonraza Kordaea Laga Har (x9)
[(Channeled Chant Which Calls on Lucifer)]

Amaymon-Narengara Liftoach Alara!
[Amaymon-(Channeled Secret Name for Amaymon), Open the Third Eye!]

Songriedae-Vine Liftoach Alara!
[(Channeled Secret Name for Vine)-Vine, Open the Third Eye]

Sempiternus Drakosophia Admirabilis! Liftoach Alara B’Shem Ha-Mavethol!
[The Eternal Underlying Force of All Demon Magick is Wonderful! Open the Third Eye in the Name of the Nightside]


10 thoughts on “The Nightside Mass of the Third Eye

  1. Thanks for the ritual!
    Please! Post more rituals with amaymon …
    And this ritual is incredible, post more powerful and intense rituals like this, please! Would be great!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi vk i wanted to perform this ritual but i was wondering, whats ur experience in fully opening the third eye and are there any dangers involved in this? Thank you!

    Sean S–


  3. love amaymon, this powerful words. thanks vidian, by the way i’ve been following you for a year now. great fan. name is tong


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