A Rite to Gain the Ability to Access the Akashic Records

This ritual calls upon Ishniggarab and Nyarlathotep– I would recommend reading my articles about them before performing it. The only material requirement of the rite is a cup of red wine. The rite is to be performed three times. After the last repetition, the witch will gain the ability to access the Akashic records in their own way.

The red wine is not an offering.

Translations of foreign phrases will appear in brackets. Instructions and explanations will appear in parentheses. Phrases to be chanted will appear in italics. I was commissioned to channel this rite.

Avete So Upcaqaiu Et Shub-Niggurath! Liftoach Nieliz-Akasha!
[Hail So Upcaqaiu and Shub-Niggurath! Open the Akashic Records]

Omral Saegon Norzen Kala (x3)
[(Channeled Chant for the Rite)]

Ishniggarab Sorzienoth! Omraeza Salasen Nyarlathotep! Aeza Soren Kiega Noz!
[(Channeled Incantations for the Rite)]

Avete So Upcaqaiu Et Shub-Niggurath! Liftoach Nieliz-Akasha!
[Hail So Upcaqaiu and Shub-Niggurath! Open the Akashic Records]

(drink the red wine)

Salvete Ishniggarab Et Nyarlathotep! Salvete Ishniggarab Et Nyarlathotep! Salvete Ishniggarab Et Nyarlathotep!
[Hail Ishniggarab and Nyarlathotep! Hail Ishniggarab and Nyarlathotep! Hail Ishniggarab and Nyarlathotep]


20 thoughts on “A Rite to Gain the Ability to Access the Akashic Records

    1. Nyarly is awsome. The only problem with Him is that he pities those who love to believe what they find themselves comfortable with. He’s a scientist and is crudely down to the point, and yet, there is immense, trans-Earth guidance in his knowledge. An advice? Do NOT try to curb what he will teaches you down to what you believed prior to his summoning: if he tells you that something you Always believed is just a personified preference of yours turned tought-form, perform a honorauble funeral for your belief and let it go. Stick to his teachings. He is from something very up high when it comes to hierarchical levels of existence, absolutely Numinous and completely Beyond the pathetical dualism of Light and Darkness. As He himself told me: “I am a messanger of Holy Evil. I am a scientist and a philosopher. I explain why every living being must destroy the evil which comes from brute stupidity while embracing the evil which comes from transcendening Beyond common sense morality”. Then he possessed me and I ended up with a couple of quite exhausting days, after which I was a completely new human being. Definitely recommended. But highly hierarchical and very racist against some entities (he dubs the only-dark entities as “outcasts from evolution” and the only-light as “toughtform, absolutely non-existent outside the sad delusional preferences of humans”). To work with him is to pick a side.


      1. There are so many hun..I could work with so many though to obtain the death of these uhh preferences I have questions about shit though..Every Spirit I talk to or call comes but I am trying to find my way and I have some powerful ..”Parents” lets just call them..he sounds similar to Lucifer

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        1. Yes, I feel your “parents”, as I have mine. The best way to contact Nyarly is to SEVERELY focus on the actual will to summon Him. No need for rituals altough the name channeled by our pal VK is mighty. Nyarly himself is not fond of rituals. He has a terrifying degree of knowledge to share. It “updates” you. Allow Him to let you feel His physis and then intensely project the intention to learn from Him in a honest, adventurous, and terrified way, and He will come. He mainly uses possession instead of channeling because he is crudely scientifical in his approach and says things go faster if He is control, but it’s not an excusation to abuse you like other entities will, He’s actually on our side. Allow the possession to relocate in a spot in your brain so that you can constantly feel His messages, it can be a bit invasive (itches, unability to focus on anyting else, great sexual arousal paired with temporary unability to get an erection, modification of blood pressure so both heat and cold at the sime time, and so on) but He completely reshape you. He works in pair with the Spider Goddess and directly obeys their common superiors, the nameless forces which sent the Spider Godess to watch over Earth evolution, and which also sent Nyarly as field inspector and specialist. Eat and sleep well before the summoning, have sex or jerk off a couple of time, be very relaxed, Nyarly doesn’t like bullshit about exceedingly dark practices like self-exhaustion (which I practice anyway) and likes you in good shape, so to better withstand the stuff He will teach you. He is dark, be ready for that. Not in the guise other entities are, it is not Him who is dark, is His message, He will make you absorb a solemn stance, not necessarily sinister, but very “deep”, more than a madman with a chainsaw He will make you feel like a war hero who had to murder children in order to blow up the bad guy’s lair, saving the world at the cost of seas of blood on your hands. Be sure you are mentally steady and emotionally happy and balanced. Darkness is not a hideout for losers, but the completion of the Path of Light, and its serene evolution. We must become terrible like the Truth is, in order to better serve It, like both Nyarly and the Spider Goddess do. Good luck pal!!!

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  1. It’s a bit too self-centered. The universe outside your very limited self is real, just as you are: other entities existed much before you, with an individual existence, personal agendas, a distinct physis, and so on. There are wars among spirits, immense wars covering entire layers of existence. The most important entities are all part of this game: only the meaningless ones are blinded enough to illuse themselves they can cut themselves free from it. I perfectly sense what you mean: you vibrate of that kind of raw and passionate energy of the one who is crafting him/herself, polishing one’s physis, exploring, refining, evolving. it’s thus right that you want to stick yo your Wyrd instead of running around in confusion. I would never discourage you from contacting such a useful entity like Nyarly, I just wanted to let you know the truth behind the petty and misguided enthusiasm of those youngsters (happily I found none on this blog but who knows who’s coming next?) who believe magick is about ourselves. An almost complete and perfect self is not the goal of magick, but it’s its starting point: LATER ON magick is about reality. Is becoming part of the universe’s politic reality, tested rules which grant evolution, assholes who illuse themselves they can avoid needing them (I’m talking about entities, not people), actual bad guys who will try to illuse Others that those rules are not mandatory, and various demiurgic features who invented rules opposed to those of evolution, and bashed them all around to the point that we started to associate the concept of “rule” to something limiting, pathetical and Right-Handed, when instead the concept of rule is mandatory to understand and control the subtle balances which shapes the physis of every thing. I wish you all the best, I sense a honest and passionate self-Explorer in you, just be careful, existence is a chessboard with various warlords fighting against each Others: the fact that some entities hating each other’s guts will both help you, even to the point of illusing you they can get along each other well, is because they both deem you very important for their ranks, and simply do not wanna risk to anger you, making you pick the opposite party. When you will feel ready to know the truth, start from something really powerful (the Nekalahs, Nyarly himself, the forces of the very misunderstood anticosmic satanism, something like that) and ask them who they like and who they dislike AND WHY. Good luck, but I don’t think you’ll need any, you feel cool. Just be cautious. Big entities take this war very seriously: don’t make the mistake of believing it to be only symbolical out of the fact that you’re not yet part of it. One day you’ll be. This doesn’t make you a servant: your evolution will forever be your main goal… just know the field around you. Maybe one day you’ll feel that a party’s agenda touches your very soul and you’ll dedicate your eternal soul to them: with time, when you’ll feel ready, without pressures. A hug and good luck

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  2. Hi vk i wanted to ask that it is possible to evoke any fictional character or any creepypasta character? If yes then how?


  3. Hi vk i wanted to ask that it is possible to evoke any fictional character or any creepypasta character? If yes then how?


  4. Although this may seem (stupid or weird) I have to ask, is it possible to use any drink that may resemble red wine, like apple/cranberry juice(or malts etc)-since where I live it’s not possible to get it. Ty


  5. Yesterday I was guided back to this rite,It was my birthday I have been trying to find out for years what I am,why don’t I belong anywhere and am misunderstood and have felt alone in this my whole life,I started using Black magick to find out,sorry for the long comment but this needs to be said;I have been working on self firstly,I never performed this rite as my intuition told me I was not ready to access these records,Last night I got confirmation that I am now
    Ready for this as I got a comment response last night which led me back to this rite and On the date of my birth,I was gifted that.Thank you Vk Jehannum for the help Praise to the Nameless God

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