Name Translation: Glistening Wonder
Sacred Number: 11, 43, 1
Rank: Legionnaire; Black Priest of the Night Sun
Superior: Azagthoth
Compass: Northwest
Qliphothic Attribution: Daath
Attributed Colors: Black, Grey, Pink, Indigo, Purple, White
Planetary Attributions: Saturn; the Black Moon
Elemental Attribution: Air
Zodiac Attributions: Aries, Virgo

JoshAbove: Channeled Sigil of Zaenara

Zaenara is the Black Priest of the Night Sun. He is a fiend of Daath and a demonic legionnaire under Azagthoth. In life, he was a sorcerer possessed of both Nephilimic and Anunnakian blood, and in death, due to the extent of his demonic alchemy and because of an infernal sacrament performed over his soul, he was elevated to a state of demonhood. His name, Zaenara, translates to “Glistening Wonder.”

As an incarnate sorcerer in Malkuth, Zaenara started his spiritual path as a Christian faith healer and thaumaturgist. Unfortunately, he became too good at what he was taught to do, and because of this, he came to leave Christianity behind.

After leaving Christianity, Zaenara went on to become an Aztec priest, and later became a proper black magickian. He was initially initiated into infernal magick by Ahriman, and he went on to pass the trials of the Spider Queen and gain deep respect from the Infernal Divine. In time, the Numinous and his Higher Self would decide that he should influence the macroscopic alchemy of humankind from the Other Side, and so his death occurred.

Zaenara was trained in seventeen martial arts during his final incarnation.

Zaenara specializes in pacts, businesses, ambition, initiation, abyssal magick, punishment, egregore creation, solar magick, the mysteries of Santa Muerte, demonology, the deflection of baneful magick, spiritual warfare, extraterrestrial gnosis, chakra work, Kundalini work, and protection.

The value of the name Zaenara in English Gematria is 15, which corresponds to the fifteen fixed Behenian stars, the tarot card “the Devil,” and the union of the Sun with the Moon. 15 is also the value of “Simon,” the author of the Necronomicon as well as the value of “Hell” and “Ansuz.” 15 is also the sum of the magick square of Saturn (note: Zaenara’s obituary number had an unmistakable numerological reference to Saturn and Daath).

“Glistening Wonder” has a value of 62 in English Gematria, which is the same value as “Tower of Cressen” (Note: the Tower of Cressen is ruled by the Spider Queen).

62 is also the value of the Aramaic word for “prophet” in Hebrew Gematria.

Magickal Chants

Zaenara Galanara
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Zaenara


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


12 thoughts on “Zaenara

        1. Some people present their own higher selves as if they were demons to the public in order to trick their readers into giving offerings to their higher selves. For a moment, I was worried that you thought I was trying to trick people into making offerings to or otherwise empowering my deceased and beloved brother. I am glad to see that this is not the case.


  1. He wouldn’t be missed for long, of course.

    I cried a little when I saw this on Facebook, to be honest. I appreciate this.


  2. Yes, he is an Ahrimanic demon now. Had some poltergeist here, made him a huge pot of offerings from my former spirits (I go now with Satan) and will bury the pot today at the local cemetery in a beautiful open area. True, the standards to become a demon are very high. Pandemonium is a beautiful place to be. There are working rooms, resting rooms and of course, Darkrooms. ;-))


  3. I really desire working with this beautiful spirit as I have need for assistance I will research him as much as possible seeing as he had been very predominant for Ahriman I have learned some things about him but not enough.Thank you for this as there obviously either needs to be some book buying on my part..internet is near null on info.You have the most extensive list that I have found.Thank you for all of your works V.K.


  4. I hope he is really well now, I hope Black Dragon Immortalis will treat him with respect and not abusing his powers for own purpose whatsoever. “I was his best girl!” “No, I was his best girl!” – I hope he has the own decision whom best friend he was at lifetime. Honestly I am a bit concerned if this all goes well.


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