Qlipha: Gamaliel, Gamchicoth
Element: Air
Sacred Numbers: 6, 15
Colors: White, Red, Black, Orange
Compass: Southeast; Northwest (Primary)
Planet: Jupiter (Lesser), Earth, Black Earth
Fixed Behenian Star: Capella, Algol (Primary)
Zodiac Attributions: Taurus, Libra (Primary), Sagittarius

70161770_682262672287761_5419469547470061568_nAbove: Channeled Sigil of Borg

Borg is a hitherto unrecorded archfiend connected to Gamaliel, Gamchicoth, Vaerkuris, and Arezura. He is an emissary of Satan, a demonic marquise under Lilith, a priest under Sarvar, one of Cernobog’s personal soldiers, and a guardian of the Qliphoth.

Being as diverse as he is, Borg is a useful mentor in demon magick, Qliphothic initiation, Ahrimanic sorcery, and a magickal praxis called the Tower of the Iron Throne.

Borg interacts with humanity to help the species evolve on a spiritual level– not because he wants to, but because he’s been ordered to. He is a specialist in Neptunian alchemy, nature magick, the Death Current, Kundalini work, Chakra work, and stellar magick.

Borg causes many types of death, both as a metaphor for initiation and otherwise. He causes bloodshed and war. He tortures his enemies as cruelly as he can, and accepts their deaths as an offering to himself. He can eats someone’s soul and render them metaphorically lifeless with a mere partiment of his strength, thereby reducing a human to a metaphorical zombie.

Borg-Alazandal is the archfiend’s dragon aspect. This is a destructive killing aspect that wages war on the enemies of the dark gods. This aspect is a wonderful protector and a great force to work with for draconian alchemy, abyssal sorcery, and macroscopic alchemy.

Borg-Baeliztaran is Borg’s serpent aspect. This aspect is great to work with for mind control, concealment, pitting people against each other, and magickal assassination.

Borg-Morsapalom is Borg’s wraith aspect. This aspect of the spirit is helpful for conjuring or channeling about Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten, the dead, djinn, and nature spirits. Additionally, the auspices of Borg’s wraith aspect are of use in death magick, underworld alchemy, necromancy, and necrosophic initiation.

I was commissioned to write this article.

Magickal Chants

Marchioni Borg Gloria
“Glory to Marquise Borg!”
This is an all-purposed chant.

Advoco Perniciosus Borg
“I Call the Destructive Borg!”
This is an all-purposed chant.

Megist Borg, Laudamus
“Praise the Great Borg!”

Borg Dazana
This is an all-purposed channeled chant to summon Borg. It is useful in invocation, evocation, etc.

Garasorem Dalasatala Porenzutaea Galasayaea
Channeled Chant to Invoke Borg

Galasadra Koronzutal Oznaesador Kalatorah
Channeled Chant to Evoke Borg


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-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia





7 thoughts on “Borg

  1. He is an entity “without free will” – a concept that in itself is dualistic. The type of spirit who needs a master. Like the Kanima (Canaima). Who is also said to be without a free will. But how is it possible when spirits already know what your decision will be when there is a free will? It depends maybe on the specific task or system whether to install inside yourself a free will or not. The huge variety of possible decisions could create the concept of freedom, but the truth is located somewhere in the middle between freedom and obedience.


  2. seems like you can send him to surgeons to enhance their confidence prior to difficult technical tasks and make them work much better.


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