6 thoughts on “I Added a Book Recommendation Page

    1. I don’t believe in wealth/riches spells. I belief in spells for quick pay-offs and spells to strengthen your business/work efforts. All I have is my newer hymn to Santa Muerte & Cernobog for entrepreneurs and independent contractors.


  1. Yesss, those wealth and riches are meant spiritually and Lucifer placed Lucifuge to test the mages intentions.
    Blessings VK Jehannum!


  2. Nothing from Stephanie Connolly? She may not be on point with everything, but I found several of her books very helpful (though mostly as an introduction to Demonolatry and Demonic Magick).

    And I’d also recommend Mark Smith’s Altar of Sacrifice (the first book in his second trilogy — the name of the trilogy escapes me at the moment). Altar of Sacrifice is not only a great book, but it was definitely the most powerfully charged. I could feel its emanations with it just sitting in my lap. I rested a tarot deck on it while preparing a reading, and it was one of my most incredibly revealing readings (though I’m new to much of this, so there’s not much to compare it to).


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