Magickal Hymn to Mother Astaroth

This is an all-purposed magickal hymn to Astaroth designed to be chanted in a rhythmic monotone. It may be recited as a stand-alone self-empowerment practice or incorporated into any rite to Mother Astaroth. This hymn uses a channeled secret name of Astaroth: Aeoztoron (ay-oz-TOUR-ON). Secret names are only for use in magick and worship. I was commissioned to create this hymn for a client.

Salve Astaroth Nunc Numen
Meticulosa Diva, Vocavi Te
Interveni, Spiritus Daemoniorum
Salve Ambrosia Divinitas
Vatis Magni Inferni Detractos
Atri Regina Porta Et Era Gamchicoth
Invoco Domina Astaroth-Aeoztoron
Isti Ad Me, Sempiterna Astaroth

Translation: “Hail Astaroth, Goddess of Sirius/ Fearsome Goddess, I Summon You/ Come, Demonic Spirit/ Great Infernal Seeress/ Queen of the Dark Gate and Lady of Gamchicoth/ I Call Lady Astaroth-Aeoztoron/ Descend Unto Me, Eternal Astaroth!”

ASTAROTHAbove: Channeled Sigil of Astaroth

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Magickal Hymn to Mother Astaroth

  1. I was just thinking of her.. wow so odd, thanks! ♡ Thanks for everything Idk if I ever told you that. I usually assume I’m only a target. Maybe I’m not.. thank you for everything even if I am only hated


    1. You are not just a target. Head up! Astaroth is very intense, just talk to her as you would talk to other people who you love. They hear that much better than a loud ritual. Witches often just whisper. They know why. Make her a magickal bowl, a home, use Juniper as a bed, put some precious stones in it. Astaroth sacrified everything she had when entering the Underworld to liberate her beloved Baal.


  2. This sigil is a plan how to build a necromantic bridge from Template over the Conductor to the Target under the guidance of Astaroth. Blood, Iron, Magnets and her assistance. Kurtis Jones stated that the more real forms of spirits are more those Cymascope-like images and by opening the sigil via vibration or magnetic influence it is more easy to manifest them. The spin is given in that sigil here. But, hey, there is a hell of science behind it using the axiom that information cannot get lost, for example the workings of Sorceress Cagliastro are helpful for that.


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