Magickal Hymn to Lilith & Qalilitu

This is an all-purposed magickal hymn which calls upon the power of Qalilitu and Lilith. It can be used as a stand-alone self-empowerment exercise or spell to get what you need, or it can be incorporated into whatever ritual you’re designing.

Invito Qalilitu Creatrix
Sempiterna Domina Gamaliel
Isti Ad Me, Filia Tzaphoni
Salvete Qalilitu Et Mater Lilith
Obvenite Deaeque Infernum
Concelebrate Hera Qalilitu
Et Amplaudate Mater Lilith
Dominarum Et Tenebrae, Laudamus
Qalilitu Et Lilith Gloriae

Translation: “I Call Mother Qalilitu/ Eternal Lady of Gamaliel/ Descend Unto Me, Daughter of (Name of Lilith Meaning Northerner)/ Hail Qalilitu and Mother Lilith/ Come, Goddesses of the Hidden Place/ I Praise Lady Qalilitu/ And I Praise Mother Lilith/ Praise the Ladies of Darkness/ Glory to Qalilitu and Lilith.”

Qalilitu is an aspect and daughter of Lilith whose existence was channeled by Daemon Barzai. My article about this spirit can be accessed via the following hyperlink:

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


4 thoughts on “Magickal Hymn to Lilith & Qalilitu

  1. What is your Experience with the So. Called Fake or Real Necronomicon by Simon? Or by Donald Tyson?? In many ways im kinda lost as too how so many claim too really be works of these books yet are Works of Fiction however i do know many things are real yet get labeled as Fiction so the Authors dont have too Deal with all the BS of it all … any Professional advice would be Awesome Brother thanks 🙏🏼


    1. Well, here’s one video sharing my opinion of the Necronomicon by Simon. I also have a Necronomicon Pathworking series on YouTube which is currently nine videos long and will probably continue. I will probably never look into Donald Tyson.


  2. Awesome thanks my Brother il check that out!! I hear yah on Donald Tyson lol congratulations on staying Sober too !! And love your Content and the fact you Dont wear makeup and masks and do dumb shit 🔥⭕️🔥

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