Magickal Hymn to Poseidon, Demeter, and Persephone

{This hymn calls upon the three primary divinities of the Eleusinian mysteries: namely Poseidon (also known as Enesidaon, Ennosigaos, Neptunus, & Genethlios), Persephone (also known as Proserpina and Kore), and Demeter. See my previous magickal hymns for explanations on how hymns are to be used. Original sigils are provided at the bottom}

Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Persephone
Agios Ischyros Enesidaon, Salvete Demeter Et Kore
Ave Proserpina, Ave Poseidon, Ave Demeter– O, Divi Gloriae
Venite Coelestes Diis Infernum, Et Germinent Epopteia
Agios o Genetrix Demeter, Ambrosia Diva Et Matrona Illustratio
Agios o Domine Poseidon, Ennosigaos Et Magna Neptunus
Invoco Poseidon-Genethlios, Voco Te Genetrix Persephone
Evoco Matercula Demeter– Advenite Diis Infernum
Venite, Divini Divi. Evigilamini Faciatis Me
Agios Es, Demeter; Laudate Pater Neptunus. Proserpina Gloria
Ya Namosh Wa-Na-Soi Wa-Na-Ka-Te Exat
[Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Persephone/ Numinous and Mighty is Enesidaon, Hail to Demeter and Kore/ Hail Proserpina, Hail Poseidon, Hail Demeter– Oh, Glory to these Gods/ Come Everlasting Spirits of the Netherworld, and Engender Gnosis/ Numinous is Mother Demeter, Immortal Goddess and Matron of Enlightenment/ Numinous is Lord Poseidon, (Who Is) Ennosigaos and the Great Neptunus/ I Call Forth Poseidon-Genethlios, I Call to Persephone/ I Call On Mother Demeter– Come, Spirits of the Netherworld/ Come, Immortal Deities. Awaken Me/ Numinous art thou; Praise Father Neptunus. Glory to Proserpina/ In the Name of the King and the Two Queens, So Let it Be Done]


-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia




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