Magickal Hymn to Samael and the Veils Before Him

{This hymn calls upon Samael, the Most Transcendent Face of the Devil which lies even beyond the entire Qliphoth, as well as the demonic gods who rule three veils before Samael. These three demonic gods are Qemetiel/Qematriel, Beliar/Belial, and Gothiel/Athiel/A’athiel. See my previous magickal hymns for an explanation of how magickal hymns are to be used}

Drakosophia Gloria– Salvete Qematriel, Gothiel, Et Beliar
Laudate Sitra Ahra– Agios Es, Sancte Genitor Samael
Belial, Athiel, Et Qemetiel Gloriae! Ave Ambrosius Samael!
Agios o Belial, Magna Versipellis, Et Praesul Nigromantia
Agios o Athiel, Daimonion Aeternum, Et Patrona Goeteia
Agios o Qematriel, Xul Omnium Praeses, Et Tutator Goeteumata
Agios Ischyros Samael– Ambrosius Herus Alogos!
[Glory to the Current of the Adversary– Hail Qematriel, Gothiel, and Beliar/ Praise to Sitra Ahra– Numinous Art Thou, Holy Father Samael/ Glory to Belial, Athiel, and Qemetiel! Hail to the Immortal Samael/ Numinous is Belial, Great Shapeshifter, and Patron of Necromancy/ Numinous is Athiel, Everlasting Divinity, and Patron of Sorcery/ Numinous is Qematriel, Patron of the Black Light, and Patron of Witchcraft/ Numinous and Mighty is Samael– Everlasting Lord of the Unwritten Gnosis]

Above: Original Sigil of Samael

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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