Luluwa or Qalmana

Names: Luluwa, Qalmana, Lebuda, Lubda, Qolmenah, Lebhudha, Laphura, Luva, Aclima, Aclimah, Aclimia, Aclimiah, Calmana, Calmanna, Kalmana, Klimia
Qlipha: A’arab Zaraq (Venus/Ba’al)
Color: Black, Purple
Element: Water (Primary), Earth (Secondary), Fire (Tertiary)
Sibling: Qayin
Direction: South
Magickal Numbers: 94, 95, 63, 36, 44, 445
Attributions: Calcite, Diamond, Phrenite

IMG_0698Above: My Original Sigil for Luluwa/Qalmana

Luluwa is the sister of the first murderer and witch-father known variously as Cain/Qayin. Luluwa/Qalmana is said to be the other first murderer and witch, as well as the traveling companion, magickal partner, and bride of her brother, Cain. The mysterious woman to whom Qayin comes to be betrothed in the Biblical narrative of Genesis is Luluwa.

Sources for Luluwa’s mythological parentage differ. Some sources identify her as the daughter of Enki with either Lilith or Eve, with Lilith being the more widely attested of the two possible mothers, while other texts record that Luluwa is the daughter of Cain with Eve. The Biblical narrative purports, in the Book of Jubilees, that Luluwa was the daughter of Adam and Eve, and therefore Cain’s younger sister. Extracanonical Christian tradition supports the idea of Luluwa being the daughter of Adam and Eve as well, but purports that Cain and Luluwa were twins.

Qalmana is held to be the mother of Enoch and the great great great great great grandmother of Tubal-Cain. Cain and Qalmana are said to have became the King and Queen of the Kish Dynasty, and according to some, the Witch-Father and Witch-Mother. The lore depicting Qalmana as one of the twin founders of Satanism is championed by some who walk the Left Hand Path, while the conception of her being one of the twin founders of witchcraft is championed in Traditional Witchcraft.

The name Luluwa is translated to mean “Pearl,” “The Beautiful,” or “A Lunar Jewel.”

The Mormon Bible identifies Qayin and Luluwa as the first Satanists and the founders of human sacrifice, a narrative I partially believe. I am unsure of whether the reader will care to know my personal gnosis regarding the actual history of Luluwa, channeled by Ba’al, Qalilitu, and Luluwa herself alike, so I will exclude it from the article. All I will say for now is that I do believe that the two first witches were indeed real people, who did indeed walk the earth, and did ascend to become immortals upon their deaths, and are thus (some of?) the first ascended masters of the Left Hand Path.

Traditional Witchcraft carries myths of Cain and Qalmana ritualistically consorting with the dead in a burial ground, which myths can be seen as supportive of Qalmana’s descendence from Ereshkigal through Lilith. She and her brother and/or husband came to be viewed, in Traditional Witchcraft, as being patrons of necromancy and rulers of the Mighty Dead.

Luluwa is an excellent guiding spirit for witchcraft in general. She specializes in symmetry magick and dream work. She can force the target to become obsessed by lust or fear for the witch, as well as obsess them with other such sensations.

Luluwa is an excellent guide when navigating the astral planes. She can help the sorcerer locate astral grimoires and assist her in the act of dreamwalking. She can guide the sorcerer in the act of psychic vampyrism on the astral planes, and she can also increase the vampyric power of the sorcerer in ritual.

Luluwa can give teachings regarding divination, evocation, and death curses. She rules seduction and glamours. Traditional Witchcraft and Anti-Cosmic Satanism alike assign her to the role of Queen of the Harvest.

Luluwa appeared to me in a vision wearing primitive garments– specifically, a skirt and a top. Her clothes were revealing, appearing to have been fashioned of animal fur, and apparently having been dyed black. Her eyes were mixtures of bright green and sky blue flecked with silver, and her short black hair fell just to her shoulders. She often appears with a brilliantly freckled face and adorned in a black cloak. She’s stunningly beautiful, just as mythology depicted her.

In my vision, she carried a light-weight axe, but I’ve been told her main weapon is a scimitar.

While her brother was largely the apprentice of Ba’al, Qalmana was largely the apprentice of the four matrons of (sacred) prostitution—Aggereth (a.k.a. Agrat bat Mahlat), Na’amah, Eisheth Zennunim, and Lilith, as well as Maklath/Machaloth, Aggereth’s mother.

Last I heard, Luluwa spends most of her down time hanging out with two particular demonesses of the Tunnels of Set. The specific entities she spends much of her time with are Qulielfi and Gargophias. I was informed of this via channeling prior to being informed that Qalmana was purportedly the daughter of Lilith, which mythological parentage my gnosis appears to verify.

Luluwa is a very personable and extroverted entity. While she is very much capable of cold violence and cunning, she is often overtly affectionate in dealing with her disciples. She once manifested out of nowhere one morning when I was reading a chapter about her life in Liber Falxifer II. She chatted with me as I read along, correcting certain points of her biography and telling me what the various recounted moments were like (the narrative, while based on various myths about her and her husband, does not seem to be intended to be factual or literal).

For the sake of clarity, Liber Falxifer II establishes a codified mythology for a certain denomination of Satanists which venerates Luluwa. The recounted mythology was never intended to be interpreted as legitimately historical. However, the codified mythology is almost entirely composed of pre-existent mythological narratives about Cain and Qalmana, drawing from the religions of Mormonism, Christianity, Traditional Witchcraft, Stregheria/Stregoneria, Talmudic Judaism, Extracanonical Christian belief, etc. without indulging in much distortion of the original narratives. Ergo, if Qalmana were once a real person as I claim, some number of the myths regarding her person would most likely have some level of truth to them, which could lead to the codified mythology of Liber Falxifer II incidentally bearing some truth as well.

My matron demoness, Qalilitu, originally warned me that Luluwa was liable to try and mislead the sorcerer to see if he was worthy of her company, but her test, which I passed, served the additional purpose of teaching me something.

For a list of magickal chants useful in calling upon Qalmana, follow the hyperlink:

Magickal Chants to Qalmana (Luluwa)

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

3 thoughts on “Luluwa or Qalmana

  1. Hello,
    It was an enjoyable read however this Dr Es Démonologie didn’t understand what you meant by ascending and becoming immortal. What is it like being immortal, in your terminology ?
    Thank you.
    Academical regards,
    Dr. A.


  2. If it works like it works for Exu/Pombagira it means that you break the rebirth cycle and became able to forever live as a discarned being like the Nekalahs, but possessing freedom of appearance as composed of aetheric matter, and above all retaining all your powers and knowledge, therefore very different from a ghost, which is discarned as well but as some sort of prison-like condition

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