Basmijael or Ralasan

Recorded Name: Basmijael
Revealed Name: Ralasan
Channeled Magickal Names: Torimgon, Talathoth, Thorigoth*
Rank: Sovereign Archduke
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Elements: All Five
D/N: Nocturnal
Counterpart: Qalilitu
Greek Realm: Olympus
Underworld River: Styx
Sacred Numbers: 49, 67, 97, 84, 31
Primary Planetary Attributions: the Sun; Venus
Lesser Planetary Attributions (from Most to Least Attributed): Jupiter; the Moon; Mars
Sephirothic Attributions: Kether; Tiphereth
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Trans-Sephirothic Veil: Ain Soph Aur (Primary); Ain Soph
Fixed Behenian Stars (from Most to Least Attributed): Sirius; Algorab; Capella; Dabih
Superiors: Amaymon, Asmodeus, Amducious, Lucifuge, Aeshma-Daeva

*Channeled magickal names are exclusively for use in magick and adulation.

“I am the way to conquer all things.” -Basmijael

53725726_545330592656201_5519970437871697920_nAbove: Sigil of Ralasan Channeled By Augustus Grigori

Ralasan/Basmijael is the counterpart of Lilith’s daughter Qalilitu. He’s a Sovereign Archduke under Amaimon who is attributed to Sagittarius. He is highly knowledgable, wise, and articulate, and is sometimes eager to impress the operator (which I have never seen him fail to do). Despite this trait, it is extremely uncommon for him to act clingy with humans.

The only book wherein he is recorded, being Goetic Evocation by Steve Savedow, documents a coercive evocation of Basmijael. After Basmijael gives a far more informative response than expected or necessary, whereby he impresses the operator, he says that he will teach the operator if he is released from bondage. After the operator refuses and rebukes Basmijael, the demon refuses to be of any service and sticks around in the operator’s residence for days to be troublesome out of spite. With this said, I have found Basmijael to be very kind.

Basmijael can bring about many different transformations of the soul, alchemically refining it through the power of Venus Illegetima, preparing one for advanced necromantic operations and encounters and thus preparing one to take up the office of psychopomp and medium. He can give the celebrant power over the art of sorcery and impart unorthodox but efficacious techniques and tips for evocation. He can animate corpses and gather groups of animated corpses. Basmijael can attend to material/monetary concerns and cause persons to fall in love. He can bestow eloquence unto the celebrant, especially eloquence in speech.

While being aligned with the Infernal Divine and being mostly demonic in nature, Basmijael is a fallen angel.

Ralasan/Basmijael can give aid in matters of philosophy, welding, math, psychology, biology, automobile mechanics, and philosophy. He can improve both long-term and short-term memory, get you laid, and He can give aid in death curses, vampyric execration, healing spells, shadowmancy, the pursuit of past life gnosis, all chakra work, mind tricks, legal issues, money spells, and the improvement of one’s natural psychic defenses. He is also knowledgeable regarding the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Ralasan can teach the sorceress to shapeshift her astral double into a bat, dragon, or ghoul. He can alleviate addiction, mental barriers, insecurity, and digestive problems. He can impart maturity and cause someone to lose all their friends. He can teach one to interpret or become lucid in dreams.

Basmijael can impart teachings about necromancy and the secrets of nature. His guidance is apt for destructive curses or binding one’s enemy as well as fortifying a location against intrusion (physical or astral). He can teach knot/rope magick and strengthen the witch’s focus. He can bind, coerce, exorcise, or devour ghosts.

Magickal Hymn

Agios Ischyros Ralasan
Penitrale Ex Acharayim
Dominus Sitra De-Smola
Adlaudate Praevalidus Ralasan
Patronus Et Domnus Magia
“Numinous and Mighty is Ralasan/ Spirit of the Backwards Tree/ Lord of the Sinister Left Side/ I Praise the Mighty Ralasan/ Patron and Lord of Magick.”

Summoning Chants

Basmijael, Arphe, Zacare, Odzamran
“Basmijael, Descend, Move, and Appear!”

Rakathor Yontagal Yalaton Yatagor
Channeled Chant to Summon Basmijael

Basmijael, Ralasan, Talathoth
Chant Composed of Three of His Names

Yakatala Yakatora Thagatala Thagator
Channeled Chant to Invoke Basmijael

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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