Incantation to Lilith to Banish Jehovah

Several Satanists who practice the Craft surrounded by or prayed for by Christians have noticed celestial forces inhibiting or weakening their rituals. This is an incantation to Lilith to protect the ritual from external interference from the god of Abraham and any of the spirits serving him– saints, angels, djinn that follow Allah, etc. Magickal chants were incorporated from several existing traditions and appear alongside some of the chants I made personally:

Agios Tzaphoni Ama Lilith Layilil (x6)

Ave Lilu Lilitu. Io Lilith. Domina Noctis.

Ama Lilith Layil Rimog Lilith

Lilit Malkah ha’Shadim.

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach.

I call upon Lilith, the Storm-Goddess of the Black Moon who manifests as Temptress and Destroyer and Vampyre against the worm called Yahweh who pursues my inhibition. I shall become as a blight unto the insufferable mongrels indentured to Jehovah.

I spurn the intrusion of the false god who in desperation strives for acceptance from the masses and I rebuke the messianic cunt ape Jesus. Death to the shitstain emissaries of his embarrassment – they are like unto a blight upon the children of Cain.

Agios o Lilith Regina Gamaliel!


Ahi Hay Lilith!

Sources for formulas and mantras:
Lilith, Goddess of Sitra Ahra
Temple of the Black Light Common MSS
Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic
Frater Innuit Coepti
Aleister Crowley (I think)


10 thoughts on “Incantation to Lilith to Banish Jehovah

  1. Lilith again, the Woman..because men are somewhat weak for this stuff?! I highly believe that this ritual/incantation will work and after your recent video about Jehova everything just came into perfect harmony, who Jehova is, his anger, his illnesses, his damn wars and bloodshed. Jehova, Krishna, Kali, Odin, so so many evil gods. And all those Saints, throwing stones at the nonbelievers, with their secret orgies, Satan knows them all, they are all written down in his book.


  2. I know a certain person very well who normally bashes Jesus and in one of his videos confessed that, after feeling insanity and dread to the utmost, started praying to him. And it worked. How astonishing.


  3. Banishing deities is a strong operation but the deities will reply to that. Jehovah is exactly the god how it is described: “I am your only God.” “You shall know that I am a jealous God.” He is the guy who appears without a hello, throwing curses, threatens “I will make you all bleed!”. Asmoday is good for help in such situations, because Asmoday is Aeshma, too and those Divs are powerful enough to point out that Jehova has his roots in the desert as a Pagan-spirit with no creativity on his own, who over time got an Egregoric-mass-excess what means the more you worship them the more massive they get. So when rituals seem to fail, you crash your altar, everything seems to break – then your sorcery is witnessed and this formula “Salvation through Damnation” becomes more significant.


  4. Yehowah is excellent for tormenting boneheads. Is is of high value when it comes to such things. Interesting that Black Mages often live in belts: Bible belt, Brown belt etc. Seedlings, planted in dirt, as Petrucelly said. You can work efficiently with Jehowah, even when you are a Demon. No problem. He said, the Germans think with 3 kneefalls and 3 weeks of pretended tears everything is done with WW2. Yahweh said they will pay for that in horrible ways, genetical ways, toxic ways. They even do not know their upcoming luck. Odin is really a dickhead, I confirm that.


  5. Yahweh to Abraham: “Ani ha El Shaddai” – “I am El Shaddai” what means I am the cast out El. Some say Yahweh was the Fallen Angel Godriel who disguised himself in the desert as El or Elohim or Adonai etc. But in the Old Testament nothing is said that he is “God” as a supreme being. OK, he is a liar but not to those who respect him. There is no obligation for worshipping him. Every god, spirit will tell you: “I am the only one”. Your lover will tell you the same and will be quiet jealous. To me this would fit with my observation that Yahweh is useful for Black Magick and has no conflict with Satan. In one script Lilith and Samael are viewed as the Kings of the Anunnaki that have nothing to do with Satan. You can use Jehova for darkest transformation but when you start to cast lovespells or deathspells, the working relationship is over.


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