A Rite for Singer-Songwriters

I was hired to channel the following rite, which rite calls upon the demons Murmur and Moloch to bless the witch with creativity/songwriting ability and singing skills. The ritual must be performed twice to yield its full results. Foreign phrases are translated in brackets, and explanations appear in parentheses. Phrases which appear in italics are to be chanted repeatedly (i.e., recited in a rhythmic monotone). This ritual may be performed without any sigils or equipment– however, the celebrant is more than welcome to incorporate any equipment or sigils which she has at her disposal.

Salve Mulak! Agios o Murmux! Liftoach Pandemonium! In Nomine Drakosophia, Evoco Makal, Et Invoco Murmus!
[Hail Mulak/Moloch! Numinous is Murmux/Murmur! Open the Infernal Plane! In the Name of the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick, I Call Makal/Moloch, and I Call Murmus/Murmur]

I call forth the archfiends of the Nightside, the divinities of the ancients, the warlords of chaos! Fearsome and diabolic entities, Murmur, Moloch, forgotten spirits, appear! Shine the darkened illumination of the Nightside into the shaded arts of the songstress. Grant the knowledge and aptitude of the vocalist and the songwriter. Let the rhythms, and pitches, and lyrics become a second nature to me. Come, spirits, bless me for your glorification!

Aegazzena Moloch Dae-iz (x11)
[(Channeled Chant Which Calls Moloch)]

Kazaron Murmux Newron (x11)
[(Channeled Chant Which Calls Murmur)]

Moloch Murmur Saedar Kanna Horgae Onrae Daea Korren Zar
[(Channeled Incantation for the Rite)]

Agios o Mavethol! Avete Murmur Et Makal!
[Numinous is the Nightside! Hail Murmur and Makal/Moloch]


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