Conjuring the Jesters

Despite being sober and having never even taken DMT, I had an experience with the Jesters who are known to appear to people on DMT. One of the Draugar (the Norse Undead) was kind enough to possess me so that I could provide a sigil and incantations which may be used to conjure the Jesters for initiatory purposes. You will not need drugs to use what I am presenting in this post.

estersAbove: Sigil Which May Be Used to Conjure the Jesters

Zandol + Nizalae + Moztordae
These are Channeled Names for the Jesters. The zan in Zandol is pronounced like the xan in Xanax, and the dol in Zandol is pronounced like the word Doll. The niz in Nizalae should be pronounced such that it rhymes with the liz in Lizard, and the lae should be pronounced like the word Lay. Moztordae is pronounced mawz-TOUR-DAY.

Bizthala Kinzaeda Sordae Omnos Oztor Kol
(biz-THAW-luh KIN-zay-duh SOAR-DAY awm-noss oz-TOUR CALL)
Channeled Chant to Evoke the Jesters

Vidian Kayta Uridimmus Jehannum
Sempiternus Drakosophia Admirabilis


2 thoughts on “Conjuring the Jesters

  1. You can check out an article/poem that was written by Terence Mc Kenna, called : “The Tykes”. Our pineal gland produces different tryptamines and breathing exercises for example activate an enzyme called Methyltransferase that turns Serotonin into DMT. Demons, spirits directly affect our brain chemistry.


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