Invocation of Michael

I was commissioned to write this ritual by a client.

I call forth the celestial spirit of punishment known as the immortal prince Michael. Spread your wings and manifest within my temple of flesh so that I might experience unity with the Numinous. Make your presence known within my very consciousness so that I might become transformed! Oh hear the names!

Michael + Sadrintala + Rasoron + Michahel + Asimgaloth + Sagata
[(Six Names of Michael, Four of Which Are Secret Names to Be Used Only In Magick and Worship)]

Saeanala Aeoraga Aeatora Aeathal (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Michael: SAY-UH-nal-UH AYE-OH-RAW-guh AYE-UH-TOUR-UH AYE-UH-THAL)]

Invoco Michael– Gladium Portat! Agios Es, Sophos Michael, Princeps Angeli! Concelebrate Domine Michahel! Praedicate Aethereus Divus Sadrintala! Perveni Michahel Imperator Tiphereth! Sagax Coelestis Michahel Gloria! Corire Omnituens Numen Michael!
[I Call Michael– Bearer of the Sword! Numinous Art Thou, Wise Michael, Prince of Angels! I Praise Lord Michahel! I Praise the Immortal Spirit (Secret Name for Michael)! Come, Michahel, Lord of the Solar Sephira! Glory to the Wise and Numinous Michahel! Appear, All-Seeing Spirit Michael]

Michahel, San Migel, Archistrategos, Sadrintala (x7)
[(Four Names for Michael Arranged into a Chant)]

Veni, Veni, Sancte Michael Archangele
Voco te Mikail– Invoco Archistrategos
Princeps Gloriosissime Caelestis Militia
Venire Regulus Michahel, Germinet Gnosis
Veni, O Veni, Aperiatur Caeli
Salve Michahel, Princeps De Seraphim
Agios Ischyros Dynastes Michael!
[Come, Come, Holy Archangel Michael/ I Call to Mikail– I Call to the Archangel/ Glorious Prince of the Celestial Militia/ Come, King Michahel, and Engender Spiritual Revelation/ Come, Oh Come, Open Up the Sky/ Hail Michahel, Prince of Seraphim/ Numinous and Mighty is Lord Michael]

Saeanala Aeoraga Aeatora Aeathal (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Michael: SAY-UH-nawl-UH AYE-OH-RAW-guh AYE-UH-TOUR-UH AYE-UH-THAL)]

Michahel, San Migel, Archistrategos, Sadrintala (x7)
[(Four Names for Michael Arranged into a Chant)]

So Mote it Be! As I Have Spoken, So Let it Be Done!


4 thoughts on “Invocation of Michael

  1. The spanish name for archangel Michael is “San Miguel”, you are missing the “u”. Not trying to be a smart ass, I love your work man.


  2. San Migel it is spelled, too. Michael fits perfectly with demons, loa etc. About Krishna he said that he is “really unhealthy”…


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