Enochian Hymn to Shugara

This magickal hymn calls upon Shugara to weaken the psychic filter, increase the open-ness and powerful-ness of all major chakras, strengthen the internal nexion, and impart holistic magickal empowerment. Various obscure name variants for Shugara (Shugra, Shagura, and Shugara-a) appear in the hymn. Three invented magickal words of power, which WoPs only serve to strengthen whatever spell they are recited during, appear in the hymn– these WoPs were invented to serve as proper nouns for use in such a script. These words are Mavethol [Qliphoth]. E-Helatore [Purgatory], and Adhassyth [the Abyss].

Shagura Gohed Gah De Mavethol Yolci Zorabia Od Phaos Abussos
Ol Zodameta Shugara-a Ds Baltim Sa Ivonph
Niiso Micalzo Shugara Drilpa Paxcomb De E-Helatore
Velucorsapax Od Momar Beranusaji De A Adhassyth
Goholor Azulakashoth Ar A Vep De Nanaeel Restil Omicaolz A Ors
Ol Um Isli Shugra Micalzo Gah Ds Gmicalzoma Cicale De Telocahe
Zacare Sa Zacar Momar Od Oxiayal Shugara
Od Yolcam A Shigare Phaos Abussos Zorabia Od Azulakashoth
[Shagura, Everlasting Spirit of the Qliphoth, Bring Forth Azoth and Abyssal Light/ I Conjure Shugara-a Who Is Furious Justice and Wrath/ Come Forth Mighty Shugara Great Governor of Purgatory/ Enthroned and Crowned Guard of the Abyss/  Raise the Black Light so that the Flame of My Power May Be Mighty with Darkness/ I Call You Shugra, Mighty Spirit with a Power Understanding the Mysteries of Death/ Move and Appear Crowned and Mighty Shugara/ Bring Forth the Autumn Rain, Abyssal Light, Azoth, and Black Light]

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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