Sepheranz or Illivryn

Disclaimer: Sepheranz appears to have been brought to the public eye entirely by modern practitioners of Primal Craft: a tradition I do not practice. While I have a very good track record of people’s own deities commending my personal gnosis, it would be inappropriate for me to present this essay without informing hardcore adherents to Primal Craft that this is mostly the personal gnosis of a Demonolater who identifies as a solitary initiate of the Draconian Tradition. It will likely be obvious that some of the familiar assertions I make regarding Sepheranz are just me parroting published authorities (Mark Allan Smith and the Temple of the Ascending Flame), and that others are the result of my personal gnosis matching parts of codified tradition which I had yet to become familiar with. My encounters with the deity were advised by my own spirits, drew on my own tradition, and resulted in hitherto unrecorded gnosis which I aimed to present alongside the orthodox lore from credited persons. If you do not have a pre-existent reason to have an interest in Sepheranz, use the Demonology & Paganism category of my website to explore the other 130+ demons I have covered to find something that is of personal relevance to you. Persons objecting to my use of names and terminology may consult me via Facebook Messenger (V.K. Jehannum).

Sepheranz is possibly the most complex entity I have ever documented, and I have never tried to cover a spirit in as much depth as I have tried to cover her in. I tried my best to be accurate, but I have updated and unfortunately often had to correct this article multiple times.

Names: Sepheranz; Arachne; Latismock; Illivryn
Attributed Qliphas: Ghagiel (Primary); Daath; Sathariel
Direction: Northwest (Primary); West
Colors: Red, Brown, Purple, Green, Pink
D/N: Nocturnal
Element: Spiritus (the Fifth Element)
Stellar Attribution: Procyon
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Planetary Attributions (from Most to Least Attributed): Moon; Black Sun; Saturn; Uranus; Sun; Earth; Mercury

Above: My Sigil for Sepheranz/Illivryn

Most people who learned about Sepheranz learned about her from spirits instead of literature and therefore often refer to her as “the Spider Goddess,” “the Spider Queen,” or “the Spider Demon,” but technically, Sepheranz is not a demon, nature spirit, angel, djinn, or part of any other known “species” of spirit. Sepheranz is beyond these species of spirits, not the sum of their attributes. Her energetic make-up contains the Death Essence, Daathic energy, and Grigoric energy (i.e., the type of energy which the Grigori or “the Watchers” are known for—needless to say, the Grigori were never angels at all).

Mark Allan Smith calls the Spider Goddess Sepheranz. The Temple of the Ascending Flame calls her Arachne. The Temple of Maergzjirah calls her Illivryn (this article dedicates a specific section to their description of her). I have channeled a fourth name for the spirit: Latismock.

Arachne/Sepheranz is held to be the sister and daughter of Lucifer, the queen of space who rules over the Thrice-Veiled Labyrinth beyond the ten Qliphas which are part of or within what Mark Allan Smith calls the Vaults of Zin. She aggressively challenges the witch until everything is laid bare via intimidation, psychic attack, and what I would describe as verbal abuse. She’s powerful enough to kill most deities, and she is very up front about that. I spent a while building shields and calling up demon-gods to banish her; it didn’t work, and honestly, I don’t think she even gave a fuck. We’ve watched Arachne back off Qliphothic archdemons– they were not offended, just surprised that she was present. She possesses an understanding of humankind better than most spirits, and while our species is very familiar to her, the things we invent are not.

In the Atlantean Current of the Draconian Tradition, Sepheranz is the hidden fourth point of the Atlantean Trident, a group of witchcraft gods including Lucifer, Belial, Hecate, and Sepheranz, which group is exoterically described to only have three members.

Arachne is the Goddess of Da’ath, the Queen of the Atlantean Gods, and the Ruler of the Black Plane of Chaos—that plane which the Qliphoth is simply the most manifest region of. She destroys those who try to enter the Qliphoth in the hopes of imposing boundaries upon those black magickians who enter the Nightside to be free of their Cosmic restriction. She can destroy a human to the extent that they no longer have a path in life.

Sepheranz resides in the Grave of Davcina. She has close affiliations with Hecate, Nythra, Ustrina, Shugal, Choronzon, and Shugara, and she gave birth to Aradia with Lucifer (I have no reason to believe that Aradia was ever really an incarnate entity, nor do I have reason to believe otherwise). In Primal Craft, Sepheranz is described as empowering the magickian with the “green kalas” of Hecate (Fun Fact: I channeled the fact that she had a role with overtly Hecatean magick before I read that shit).

Arachne rules the web which connects the Qliphothic and Sephirothic realms. She has the keys to the many concealed temples scattered amongst the Qliphothic regions and established between worlds, and she can help the witch self-initiate through any part of Sitra Ahra. This includes every Qlipha and Tunnel of Set you’ve heard of and more.

I do not believe that Sepheranz is the daughter of Lucifer and Hecate. She told me that she was the first entity to break off from the mind of what she calls “God.” She is one with Lilith, yet nonetheless, the eleven lords of the Qliphoth speak to her, and not the other way around. She is the hidden/transcendent aspect of Azagthoth (the reflex of Daath as described by S. ben Qayin, Anton Long, & Kenneth Grant). She does not concern herself with the doings of other (read: lesser) deities for the same reason a wolf does not concern herself with the doings or happenings of sheep.

Latismock appears to be one of the most powerful deities in existence. She speaks often of a True Way, explaining that all religions are merely branches of the same tree.

Arachne can manifest as he, she, it, what have you.

While Latismock would prefer if the magickian were (able) to respectfully interact with her as an equal, she has very high standards. She will only establish a working relationship with a magickian if some deity amongst the Infernal Divine has vouched for their readiness. So, if you wanna meet her, ask an demonic deity who knows her to put you in touch with the goddess. Arachne has relationships with many demons never written about by Mark Allan Smith or the Temple of the Ascending Flame, so ask your doctor if Sepheranz is right for you.

Arachne is vengeful and cruel with those who would chicken out of rituals she recommends, and she is also brutally honest regarding whether the magickian is capable of enduring the practices she is in engaged in. She may tell you to back down and try to scare you into doing so, but this is a test, and she will not let you back down. She may offer gifts which the witch is often better off not accepting, which gifts often remove consequences or offer grant questionable coping mechanisms. Sometimes her tests include orchestrating horrible life events for her chosen ones, sometimes at early ages, and sometimes long before they get into the Occult. The things she does to people really are horrible, but unfortunately, for some of us, they are necessary. No matter what she does to you, she might just be the most important ally you have.

Sepheranz appeared to me as a single-headed black dragon (compare my descriptions of Tiamat, Satan, Leviathan, etc.), a woman with a vortex for a body, a winged woman with a sword and the lower torso of a spider, a ghost woman composed of Death Essence, a handful of giant spiders, and a vampyric/ghoulish looking anthropoid. Apparently this form of prolific shapeshifting is normal, as many forms are described in the Scorpion God and ToAF literature: some cited in those appearances match one another in connotation but not in detail– most often amounting to a goddess affiliated with snakes and/or dragons (compare descriptions of Medusa and Hecate’s more obscure snake-attributed aspect in old Greek religion).

Sepheranz is a protectress of the Black Lodge who watches over all of those on the magickal paths established by Lucifer. Sepheranz is the arachnidan queen and divinity who guides the magickian through the Vaults of Zin, which no human could ever navigate without such a guide. She can meet you anywhere you like in the Qliphoth and take you wherever you want to go.  She can help one self-initiate through the non-Qliphothic emanations/spheres of Shams [the Planetary Sphere of the Sun] and Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres], or as a Qabbalist would call them, Tiphereth and Kether. She rules whatever realms given Occultists keep calling Atlantis, and she can also initiate one through the Core of the Earth—Purgatory, as I call it.

Arachne endures much altercation on behalf those who pursue Qliphothic alchemy. She, determines when and how (some?) black magickians will die, which presumably involves saving their lives on one or more occasions until the time is right.

Sepheranz said “Protection is the essence of my being,” but this does not mean that she can be expected to protect persons you ask her to.  Protection is a concept that she embodies in the same way she does everything else: ways forever beyond our understanding. Nonetheless, I have seen her protect people unrequested, including those she hasn’t even technically met yet.

On one occasion, Sepheranz became concerned that one of my colleagues was (i) unworthy to work with her, (ii) unworthy to learn from me, and (iii) unworthy to teach me. A grueling trial of her violence ensued: what Asmodeus described to me as a vicious and public beating in the Qliphoth.

Latismock destroys the “worst kind of child molesters,” being those who molest children in attempt to further the agendas of the Black Lodge. If I understand this correctly, she will devour their souls for eternity.

You can ask Arachne to reside in your temple and prevent any nefarious intruders– just ask her to add your temple to the web. I would advise that you don’t offer any blood to her– she gave me the impression that she craves it the way that Mormo/Murmur’s ghouls do. I don’t know what you’ll see if you make that mistake, but I know that things will take a turn in an upsetting direction.

Sepheranz intrudes upon spirits which would repress your magickal ascent, and she is the destroyer of those mechanisms of causality which hamper our pursuits to be liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. She annihilates those who try to engender the downfall of those who pursue the True Path behind and beyond all religions. Through her, Sanatas, the one true king of the darkest wanderers which serve the Devil, leads those under his, and by extension, her, dominion.

Arachne rewards the true magickian via the devourment of the algorithm—the mechanism of the Cosmos which serves to hamper the true magickian’s ascent. She describes herself as being “everywhere and nowhere.”

If you practice traditions lost of alchemy reserved for only a few or resurrect forgotten religions, there may come a time when the permutations of Sepheranz are recommended highly. She opens up gateways within the magickian which most gods never even use. The changes which she can bestow will be required for you to proceed, but her alchemies come with great risk. This fits Primal Craft’s description of the goddess, but I am speaking so generally for a reason. If your Craft does not contain pursuits which blaspheme the Black Lodge’s comprehension of reality, philosophy, and the Great Work to the extent that Mark Allan Smith’s does, I doubt Sepheranz should ever be part of it.

Arachne embraces the enchantress who pursues true alchemy by imparting alchemical evolution. She’s sadistic—she is the worst kind of torturer: the type who tortures for a higher purpose. She is absolute darkness. Uriel refers to her trials as “useless,” explaining that they only break the magickian—and Sepheranz has confirmed that, of the thousands of magickians she has tested, most wound up insane, dead, or both. Nonetheless, Raphael confirmed that her tests were almost completely necessary for my ascent.

Arachne presides over paradigms of high magick which magickians of great power undertake at a point beyond what most sorcerers will ever achieve– the point of no return. She tests the magickian’s soul for all manner of corruption, flaws, and weakness and helps her surrender vices, hang-ups, fetishes, etc. She is knowledgeable regarding invocation, evocation, nature magick, ice magick, necromancy, magick calling upon bodies of water, Hecatean sorcery, pendulum use, lunar magick, the secrets of immortality, psychic vampyrism, shielding, death magick, shadowmancy, and aeonic sorcery. She can transform the essence of your being with Qliphothic energy, infernalize your third eye, and fill your soul star chakra with the fire of Thaumiel. She can guide you through the astral planes to locate grimoires. Her alchemy mutilates and reconstructs the subtle body of the witch– MAS describes being lacerated with scales and poisoned by insects, and I’m pretty sure we can all add to his list.

Sepheranz is a diabolic goddess of witchcraft who begets both Qliphothic and Trans-Qliphothic alchemy, and she personifies both the lightest and darkest attributes of what I term pre-primordial divinity. She imparts alchemical change which is reserved for advanced magickians. She can empower the solar plexus chakra in such a manner that the entire subtle body is empowered. She can also empower minor chakras in your head right next to your temples, and/or invert the minor chakras in one of your hands.

It turns out Sepheranz appeared to me in a couple forms one night years ago. No words were exchanged between us, but when I mentioned the amulet I was adorned with that night and described the entity in a Facebook post, someone vaguely commented that she was familiar with that nameless spirit and I was given quite an honor.

Arachne has a sense of humor, she understands sarcasm, and she does have a gentle side.

Sepheranz’ grasp of humanity’s sense of humor is extraordinary even among deities who have a sense of humor. Generally speaking, just because a deity can tell a joke and understand that it is humorous and why, does not mean that they understand the human sense of humor well enough not to be offended by persons laughing at something which would be considered embarrassing (briefly forgetting something obvious, for example). Unlike most deities, if Arachne gets laughed at in the manner, she knows not to take offense to it.

Sepheranz can strengthen the astral double, as well as give it the ability to shapeshift into a ghost (a spirit composed of the death essence), such that in doing so, it may detach from the physical body easily like a carrier pigeon and accomplish whatever is needed while you are doing whatever day-to-day shit you were doing before you sent it off.

If you like, you can call on Arachne to generate a handful of a certain species of spider egregores (artificial spirits programmed for given reasons) which assist in spirit communication and prevent ritual interference. These egregores are very psychically subtle and difficult to sense– or at least, they can be. I watched these egregores crawl out of Arachne once; god help whoever’s at odds with them.

I learned about Sepheranz from the literature which the Temple of the Ascending Flame makes publicly available on their website, which literature regarding Sepheranz was taken down a while ago and replaced with PDF’s about “Arachne.” The literature on Arachne made it unmistakeable that Arachne is the same entity as Sepheranz and rules the Vaults of Zin without ever using the names “Sepheranz” or “Vaults of Zin.” My guess is that Sepheranz may have been originally recorded by Mark Allan Smith in The Scorpion God and that the ToAF was taking means not to infringe on someone else’s copyright. I don’t know shit about either party, and until after I met Sepheranz, I honestly didn’t know shit about her. All I had read was old, redacted, succinct information about her from the ToAF, and that was years ago. I had no understanding of the tests I was about to experience. I only understand what happened now that I have read The Scorption God and the Arachne literature. It didn’t matter that I was not forewarned: all that mattered is that I planned on working with Sepheranz/Arachne in the semi-near future, and my gods had vouched for me. I was fair game, and I was subjected to every form of test that MAS records and more. So, what happens when a Devil Worshiper walks into a Sepheranz?

When Latismock came to me, she told me to back down from a given rite which I had planned on performing. She fucked with me until I didn’t know what was real. She played every dirty trick imaginable to receive an offering of my blood. When she empowered me, she did so with a very disturbing procedure employing various mutilations of my subtle body, and I had to fight back the fear, lest the ritual conclude early with uncertain results. I watched her bladed weapon enter my head repeatedly and her arm reach through my chest. She told me that the recent and upcoming initiations of my tradition were too much– that I would be encumbered by the power I had obtained, and that I should walk away from magick. She offered false gifts which could have proved I was a coward.

But in all this, she never said a thing about my self, my tradition, or the entities I worked with which was dishonest or incorrect. She did not get my blood, I did not leave the path, and I did not go insane. To this day, she is confident that I would be better off in this life if I backed down from the path altogether for a while and never went on to enact the praxis of the secret traditions that I channeled with others so long ago. But as I told her, I will never abandon the Craft, and I’ve knowingly traveled the path of no return for years. A day or so before I met Sepheranz, Abaddon told me that he believed in me. Now, Sepheranz believes in me too.

Most of this article is based on my own insight. It’s not for profit and it will never be copyrighted. I have credited all the sources I have used, some of which can be found in the hyperlink below:

When Sepheranz personally reviewed the original draft of my essay via total possession of a covenmate, she told me that it did not contain even one percent of what she was.

New: Sepheranz & Illivryn

Most people who work with Sepheranz did not learn about/hear about her from Mark Allan Smith—most of them came to know her by other names via their own personal gnosis or the personal gnosis of others. (Some members of) The Maergzjiran Cabal are among those who work with Sepheranz by a different name. That different name is Illivryn.

Illivryn/Sepheranz is attributed to a Tower of Apotheosis called the Tower of Cressen. A Tower of Apotheosis is a specialized pathway of spiritual attainment. Cabal literature refers to Illivryn/Sepheranz as the “Spider Mother of the Draelith” and lists her specialties as the Draelith, seduction, arachnids/spiders, and Araneamagia. Their literature describes her as follows:

The Valsharess shows herself in her true form; a draelith with her long white hair pulled back tightly.  She wears a leather corset made from mortal flesh as well as her tall boots.  Her fingers and ears are adorned with rings of precious metals and she carries a barbed whip at all times.  She wears a crown atop her head that is fashioned in the shape of a spider.

According to Somnus Dreadwood, “Illivryn is the manifestation of Akraeoth’s ambition, the pursuit of self-mastery and perfection, the bridge between living mortal races and the infernals and immortals… She is that ambition, and the wrath, and the vengeance, and that constant quest to better oneself, to be more perfected, to be a true master, so that none can stand before you and challenge you.”

The fact that Sepheranz and Illivryn are the same being (I did not say aspects of the same being) is a matter of well-supported personal gnosis which has been backed up by two personal correspondents.

Unrelated: I would like to present you with a revealed name for Sepheranz which I came by in my own channelings. That name is Latismock.

Also Unrelated: Sometimes I touch myself when I think about Mark Allan Smith’s chest hair.

Magickal Chants

Adoro Te, Aeviternitas Sepheranz, Meticulosa Deitas Inferorum
“I Adore You, Eternal Sepheranz, Fearsome Goddess of Hell!”

Laudate Era Sepheranz, Auguratricis Et Versipellis
“I Praise the Lady Sepheranz, Sorceress and Shapeshifter!”

Evoco Aranea Aeternalis– Interveni Sepheranz
“I Call the Everlasting Spider– Come, Sepheranz!”

Amplaudate Arachne– Sepheranz Gloria
“I Praise Arachne– Glory to Sepheranz!”
Useful for any Sephirothic or Qliphothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Any Rite to Arachne.

Conlaudate Matercula Arachne-Sepheranz
“I Praise Mother Arachne-Sepheranz!”

Evoco Arachne, Domina Sitra De-Smola
“I Call Arachne, Lady of the Sinister Left Side!”
Calls Upon Arachne for Any Working to Her. Also Useful for Empowering Any Qliphothic or Sephirothic Sphereworking or Pathworking, as Well as Empowering Any Rite to Work with the Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth.

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia



14 thoughts on “Sepheranz or Illivryn

  1. I kept seeing Arachne’s name in my mind’s eye recently. This was soon before I decided to do your satanic initiation rite. I saw her name again and felt like someone was there with me last night. I asked her politely why/if she was contacting me. She said that she was, and told me many things with the main part being that she wanted to protect me on my path and for some reason needed my permission to do so, as the source really likes me, but wouldn’t allow her to just do as she pleases with me for some reason and I had to ask for her help. She said that it almost upset her, because normally she can do as she pleases with most mortals but that I was a special case, because of my own gnosis w/ source. Which is weird because I feel like I’m being attacked or drained from something sometimes, and when I get a feeling for it I have to cut a chord which usually takes care of it immediately. So, the source is allowing me to be attacked but not automatically helped unless I specifically ask an entity. I had not taken her up on the offer yet because I wanted to do more research on her. Anyways I decided to look up Arachne on your site to see if you had any info on her and low and behold you state that “protection is the essence of her being.” Fast forward to today and as soon as I got home I started feeling extremely tired for some reason and instinctively feeling like something was wrong. I tried to cut the chords, but it wasn’t working at all. Then I remembered her offer of protection and asked for it and immediately it stopped and I actually started feeling empowered instead!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey VK, I’ve been watching your YouTube for awhile & I need some advice on a famous haunted house in Hanover Pa. It was featured on Dead Files, The Haunted etc. The owners say it is a portal & Mastema is the “leading” entity so to speak. Is “Mastema” Samael? A “Cult of Mastema(if it even exists, never heard of it)”. This couple is really nice & can not get rid of it. I hope you do a YouTube video or something of it. I have “Wastebook”, but I never use it anymore. I’ll give that out. I just want to know what advantages I can gain from this being. I met the couple twice now & the next time I go she said I can get the tour👍. I hinted aroud ‘bout them trying a black magician but they said Amy Allen of the Dead Files recommended a “warlock” who was suppose to be there “3 days(I take it he was Wiccan)”, but the guy was so arrogant he said “3 days? I can have it done in hours”. They said he left puking on their front lawn. And that’s just 1 of their stories. Hit me back at my e-mail if you can. Later.


  3. “there are only two deities in existence whom she cannot destroy or command.”

    I’m assuming Sanatas is one of these… who is the other, if you don’t mind my asking?


  4. I have been possessed on at least one occasion where I have attacked others. I have no memory of the events. You say this is something she does, so with that information, I believe it wasnt Persephone (like I originally thought) who attacked a witch who was trying to attack me via dreamscape with a hit and run incident that was precognitively shown to me in the dreamscape, but her (since you say protecting those in the black lodge from those who enter who try and infringe on my practices like this person was doing).
    Plus the events of my life and the early tragedy and hardship I faced as a child and teen and even recently line up with her methods. What now? What comes next? I feel very connected to Persephone and that she protects me, but what about Arachne? What does she want from me?


  5. There’s a book called “The Deplorable World” by Constantine Charagma and Erica Frevel that mentions Sanatas, and I think the deity known as the “The Dark Mother of Monsters” might be closely linked with Sepheranz. It’s at least worth looking into, even if its conception of Satan is a bit off.


  6. I got a visit from Sepheranz yesterday, for a short time. Long black foggy hairy spider legs, high pitched voice, checking my magical items. I asked her whether she comes from Lucifer’s crew that he shortly replied with “eee-Yesss”. After that Satan and Met Kafou jumped from their Govi (all of my spirits have their Govis, get food and drink, incense, music, presents – like a family) and asked if there is any problem and maybe they could help her and why she is desperately seeking something – she jumped quickly out of the window and was gone. Quiet funny.


  7. Yesterday after writing a letter to Lucifer (he has a little post-office in my room where I can write messages and send them) and asking Met Kafou, now I got a Yes. Intruders, synthetical egregores produced by sects and secret societes are flooding people’s minds, mostly via the interNET. She can detach you from that. Yes, she demanded blood but I got no answer if bloodpowder from animals is OK. We will see. Lucifer says: “slowly, very slowly!”. She has humor, yes. She said about cleansing: use more plants, Sage, Oregano, simply eat the leaves, do not act foolish with too complex cleansing rituals, you need to ingest the cleansing herbs. Funny, that Ukobach lead me to her, the little Wizard who has so much more power than his appearance and behaviour would suggest. About Krishna: “forget him!”. Raphael told me, too, that she is good for those who are seeking real progress. She herself recommended working with a demon who has strong medical skills, for example Uphir.


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