Names: Behemoth, Behemot, B’hemot, Behemuth, Behamoth, Bahimuth, Bahamut, Gahim-Geakyrna, Nahilithisat, Dundatannin
Direction: Southeast; Southwest; South
Gematria: 447; 453
D/N: Equally Nocturnal & Diurnal
Holy Day: Summer Solstice
Colors: Yellow, Purple, Grey, Green, Blue, Indigo, Red, Purple
Elements (Listed from Most to Least Significant): Fire; Earth; Air
Greater Planetary Attributions: Earth; Pluto; Uranus
Lesser Planetary Attributions (From Most to Least Significant): Jupiter; Saturn; Mars
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema)
Secondary Qliphothic Attribution: Aogiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth); Satorial (Saturn/Lucifage)
Stellar Attributions: Algol (Primary); Arcturus; Sirius; Spica

BehemothAbove: Original Sigil of Behemoth

Behemoth appears in the tradition of Primal Craft as the Dragon of the Earth and in forgotten Qablistic lore as a regent of Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema). In Demonology, Behemoth is said to reside in an invisible desert east of the Garden of Eden. As Leviathan is the apocalyptic beast of the sea and Ziz is the apocalyptic beast of the air, Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth.

In Abrahamic demonology, Behemoth is the night watchman who oversees Hell’s feasts and provides musical entertainment. He is described as the demon of indulgence and ascribed to the ranks of caretaker of Hell’s wine cellars, grand cupbearer of the royal household of Hell, and one of the nine commanders of Hell’s armies. He’s referred to as the demon of despair and held to preside over the pleasures of the belly.

According to The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic by J. Thorp, Behemoth rules money, prosperity, and luck. In Queen of Hell, Mark Alan Smith refers to Behemoth as the “Earth Dragon” and describes him as a “mighty force of draconian power.” According to Smith:

The Dragon both travels through, and draws near unlimited power from, the intersecting lines of primordial power that link the energy points of this planet. It is from these dragon lines that the Earth Dragon draws much, but not all, of its power.

In Queen of Hell, Smith also writes:

The height of Behemuth is governed by how submerged in the earth its bodv remains. The skin is similar in colour to the iridescent reddish brownn of Belial and Lucifer’s Horned God manifestations. The eyes are unmistakeably reptilian, huge yellow ovals with long dark slit down the centre. There is no mistaking the features of this mighty Titan, He is Behemuth, the Dragon who dwells at the Nightside of Malkuth.

Behemuth is to be greeted as would any other God or spirit of the ancient craft, with courtesy and a firm will; after which all intentions should be stated and necessary instructions given.

Behemoth presides over crossroads, caves, mountains, deserts, and rivers. He can be called upon in execration magick to place curses of several varieties: vampyric, lethal, and non-lethal. His auspices are useful in the pursuit of communion with the Higher Self, alignment with the True Will, and Shadowmancy/shadow work. In divination, Behemoth specializes in the use of Ouijia boards, Norse runes, bones, tarot decks, and crystal balls. He specializes in reading palms as well.

It is of significance that Behemoth’s lesser Qliphothic attributions are to Satorial (Saturn/Lucifage) and Aogiel (Uranus/Beelzebuth). These are the two Qliphas which Adam Belial/Edom Belial is attributed to. Separate from Belial, Edom Belial is the archetype of the perfect black magickian, attributed therefore to the two penultimate Qliphas of the Qliphothic Column of the Great Beast and the Qliphothic Column of the Great Whore alike. Behemoth’s relationship to both of these Qliphas tells us a lot about his nature.

Behemoth can be called upon to strengthen the Evil Eye and empower the astral double. He can grant the magickian the ability to remember her dreams and interpret their messages. He can strengthen the Black Flame and teach the magickian to shapeshift her astral double into a bear, a ghoul, or a dragon. He can improve the witch’s short-term and/or long-term memory, liberate her of addiction (or partially heal the symptoms of said addiction), and divest her of the mental barriers to her psychic perceptions and the manifesting of her sorceries.

In my personal gnosis, Behemoth was created by Lilith, Astarte, and Satan.

In Tree of Shadows, Daemon Barzai describes Behemoth manifesting as a skeletal dragon and explains that this appearance signifies the coincidence of earthly and chthonic attributes within the demon’s physis. Barzai also purports that Behemoth will manifest as a monstrous, cave-like mouth which the sorceress can walk into to enter the Infernal Plane. Barzai writes that Behemoth will often pose riddles to the celebrant which require her to look within, and in doing so, both tests the witch and engenders epiphanies of self-understanding within her.

Behemoth can be called upon for workings of necromancy and nature magick. His energy is described as very dynamic. He can be called upon in magick to “fix” existent romantic relationships. He can empower the psychic senses and his auspices are apt for Kundalini work. He can incite massive changes in the material circumstances of the witch and engender the alteration of her psyche, and he is said to be the guardian of treasures buried in the earth.

Behemoth is the Hebrew word for “Beasts,” not “Beast.” The use of the plural form of the word, in the context wherein Behemoth is the name of the apocalyptic beast of the earth, signifies the greatness of Behemoth’s stature rather than suggesting that the name “Behemoth” refers to a myriad of entities.

Traditional interpretations of Abrahamic lore interpret Behemoth as being a hippopotamus, elephant, crocodile, water buffalo, and a dinosaur. However, practitioners of demon magick usually describe Behemoth as a dragon. The spirit is also said to be capable of taking the forms of cats, foxes, dogs, or wolves. It is said that the only entity which can kill Behemoth is the entity which created him, which probably isn’t really the Abrahamic deity.

In Abrahamic lore, Behemoth is held to be the first creation of the Abrahamic deity and the first chief of the “ways of God.” He carries the earth on his back like Atlas and it is believed that his existence is the mechanism of the causal world’s stability. Since he is attributed to the precursor to the causal universe (Nahemoth), the highest Qlipha of Babalon (Satariel), and the highest Qlipha of the Great Beast (Aogiel), the significance this lore attributes to him is probably accurate– albeit misunderstood by way of monotheism.

The invisible desert known as Dundayin is located within Behemoth’s chest.

Magickal Chants

Ari Refu Mata Dragon
Daimon Barzai’s mantra for Behemoth
Source: Tree of Shadow

Subhan B’hemot– Io Behemot
“Glory to B’hemot– Hail Behemoth”
Source: V.K.

Adpare Bahimuth Aedifex
“Appear, Bahimuth the Architect”
Source: V.K.

Behemoth Aeonifer Sumministra She-Ein Bo Mashavah
“Behemoth, Aeon-Bearer, Impart the Black Light of the Qliphoth to Me”
Source: V.K.

Baruch Ha-Bahamut Tzefa Ha-Reschaim
“Blessed is Bahamut, Ancient Serpent of the Qlipha of the Black Earth”
Source: V.K.

Gahim-Geakyrna Behemoth Nahilithisat Dundatannin
Four Names of Behemoth
Source: V.K.

Ornate Bahimuth– Aetherus Omnium Patronus
“Praise Bahemith– Patron of Azoth”
Strengthens the Sacred Space and the Astral Vision & Hearing of the Witch
Source: V.K.

Salve Behemoth Basileus Aeon
“Hail Behemoth, King of the Aeon”
Source: V.K.

Behemoth Liftoach Shaari Ha-Qlipha Ha-Geburim
“Behemoth, Open the Gate to the Qlipha (of the Black Earth known as Nehemoth, Lilith, or Reschaim) Wherein the Geburim* Dwell”
Strengthens the Sacred Space and Empowers All Evocations to Follow
Source: V.K.

*There are five kingdoms within the Qlipha of the Black Earth, and each kingdom is the dwelling of one of the generations of entities descended from the Watchers’ copulation with humankind (the Nephilim reside in one of these kingdoms)

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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  1. I wish to thank you again. This rite has aided me much. I wish to share what was revealed!

    Tohu, Bohu; Tehom, Behom; Tehemoth, Behemoth; Tiamat, Bahumut!


  2. Behemoth has sought me out. His sigil, the planets, the root chakra all appeared to me in meditation. And then I read what you wrote. Thank you

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