The Rite of Wamphyric-Hekatean Empowerment

This rite calls upon Hekate, her spirits, and the Ascended Vampyres to empower the celebrant for psychic vampyrism.

The Ascended Vampyres are the same entities often referred to as the “Undead Gods” or “Strigoi Morte.” They are the spirits of adepts who practiced psychic vampyrism in life and are bound to the earth in death, and no, their existence doesn’t mean that practicing psychic vampyrism necessarily means your spirit will be bound to the earth. The name I have channeled for magickal use in referring to the Ascended Vampyres is “Vomquisseron” (vawm-qui-sir-awn; the qui is pronounced like the qui in “quit”).

Phrases which appear in italics are meant to be chanted, and words of power presented in bold are meant to be vibrated one at a time. If you don’t know how to vibrate words and names, simply chant each bold word four times, one by one. Translations of foreign phrases will appear in brackets and explanations will appear in parentheses.

I try to spell/type out the words and chants I channel in a way that makes them as easy as possible to sound out– “ie” is pronounced “ee”, y’s are not pronounced like ee’s, e’s are not pronounced like ay’s, and dj’s are pronounced like the dj in “djinn.” When in doubt, sound shit out the best that you can and know that your efforts are sufficient.

The witch may utilize add-ons such as sigils, candles, offerings, circle-castings, etc. at her own discretion. The rite may be performed with nothing, but offerings are pretty much never a bad idea. The Ascended Vampyres like patchouli incense, and Hekate and her spirits like dragon’s blood.

Please note that the channeled chants and words of power present in this rite were channeled specifically for this rite. They may or may not be useful in other contexts. Note that Prytania, Anassa Eneri, and Agia are names/epithets of Hekate.

The rite is as follows.

Ave Agia! Exorire Inferna Prytania! Aperiatur Stella, Et Germinet Agia! Existe Anassa Eneri!
[Hail Agia! Appear, Infernal Prytania! Open the Sky, and Bring Forth Agia! Appear, Anassa Eneri]

Donvea Bah Mazzyl (x4)
[(Channeled Chant to Call Forth Hekate)]

Io Vomquisseron (x7)
[(Channeled Chant to Call Forth the Ascended Vampyres)]

Djenbara + Veagon + Dorbea + Zalahtyn + Hala + Vielahgoren
[(Channeled Words of Power to Call Forth the Spirits of Hekate)]

Salvete Vomquisseron! Salve Hekate!
[Hail the Ascended Vampyres! Hail Hekate]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


A Hymn & Rite to Seven Primordial Dragons

The following prayer calls upon seven primordial dragon spirits: Leviathan, Rahab, Taninsam (Lilith’s dragon aspect), Tiamat, Kingu, Absu, and Apep. It may be used in two different ways.

The first method of applying the hymn is to simply recite it as a prayer seven times consecutively—I mean seven times back-to-back on the same night, not on seven separate days. This will strengthen one’s natural psychic defenses, engender holistic magickal empowerment, strengthen the Black Flame, incite the alchemy of the primordial chaos, help one make progress in recovering from childhood trauma, improve energetic resonance with draconic and serpentine intelligences, and release a beneficial flow of serpentine energy into one’s life that will bless them in whichever manner(s) the seven divinities dictate.

Even the first method is an intense undertaking—one that shouldn’t be conducted more than once within three or so months.

The second method is even more intense: recite the prayer eleven times over a glass of cleansed water, and then drink said water. This will engender a total rebirth and incite a massive alchemical transformation. The energy body will be greatly transfigured in a way that is quite beneficial to practitioners of psychic vampyrism.

A practitioner who prefers to remain anonymous helped me create this hymn—he assisted in its conceptualization, in the act of writing it, and in the act of magickally empowering it. He shares equal credit in the finished product. However, credit must also be given to the Temple of the Black Light and Matthew Wittman, which persons codified some of the terminology utilized in the hymn.

Vos Voco, Tanninim Immortales!
Oh, Primordial Womb of the Nightside,
Bless Us As Your Own,
And Let Your Scales Be Our Armor,
Your Fangs Our Poisoned Swords,
Leading Those Set Against Us To Oblivion!
Avete Kingu Et Rahab,
Leviathan, Tiamat, Et Apep, Gloriae,
Pervenite Taninsam Et Rex Absu!
May the Preeminent Serpents,
Of Acausality and Chaos,
Reign Over Malkuth Forever.
Aperiatur Ain Sof Chosek,
Et Germinent Tanninim!

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Return to Sender (With Interest) Spell

This spells calls upon the demonic marshall known as Jackal to return a spell to it’s sender, magnifying the spell’s potency in the process. I covered Jackal in this article:

Start by lighting one red candle and one green candle. Burn both jasmine and dragon’s blood incense as offerings to Jackal. Recite Kontroth Ahlocka Envorryth Ilsorock Ovporryn Norkalaea Orsaeal Onzea Ozzakoor Shornala Zenfar Djea Ormoth while gazing at Jackal’s sigil. Then, visualize the spell being removed from you, being magnified in its potency, and slamming into whoever cast it as you exclaimed the name Jackal four times. That will conclude the spell. Thank the marshall and dispose of the sigil in any way that you like (or keep it for reuse).

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Names: Jackal, Korseanna, Ontrayla
Rank: Marshall
Elemental Attribution: Fire
Planetary Attribution: Neptune
Qliphothic Attribution: Satariel
Compass: South, Southeast, Southwest
Stellar Attributions: Dabih & Canis Major
Attributed Essential Oils: Clove & Cinnamon
Preferred Incenses: Jasmine & Dragon’s Blood

Above: Channeled Sigil of Jackal

Jackal is an incubitic demon born from the Trans-Qliphothic Void. He is powerful enough to be rightfully referred to as a deity. He resides in Satariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale) and he holds the rank of Marshall amongst the Infernal Divine.

When it comes to alchemy, Jackal primarily helps with the development of the psychic faculties, the increasement of physical strength, and the transmogrification of the physical vessel. He is best summoned in a graveyard or out in the woods.

Jackal can impart wisdom and courage alike. He can boost the witch’s sexual magnetism and bring about the painful kind of emotional healing.

Mundane protection (i.e., protection would worldly harm) is a key part of what Jackal does. If you are being harassed by devotees of the Abrahamic faiths, he can be summoned to protect you from them. Were you to do this, he would not only protect you from your harassers, but damn their souls as well.

Offerings to Jackal are always rewarded—to be specific, he rewards offerings by boosting the witch’s mental faculties and making her a stronger person.

Jackal can help with money magick under certain circumstances. Additionally, he is an excellent demon to call on for a return-to-sender spell—he will ensure that what was sent your way will be returned with interest.

The demon appeared to me as a grey merman with a jackal’s skull for a head.

Magickal Chants

Tala Phor Iennora
Meditative Mantra to Increase Physical Strength, Courage, & Wisdom

Toltoor Orryck Voor Nahmma
Meditative Mantra to Boost Sexual Magnetism, Increase Psychic Prowess, & Engender Painful Emotional Healing

Kentraea Norlock Iellara Shonnoth
All-Purposed Summoning Chant

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Channeled Prayer to Aphrodite

This prayer calls to Aphrodite to bless one’s children and protect them from harmful spiritual forces, including cursework and parasites alike. It should be recited frequently if used.

Glorious is Aphrodite
Empress of All Beauty and Might,

Amathountia and Ambologera.
Queen Acida’lia, Lady of Romance,
Bestow Your Blessings and Guardianship
To My Offspring, My Children.
Shield Them From the Terrors
Of the World Which Lies Unseen.
Glory Be to Mechanitis,
The Everlasting Ourania.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

A Channeled Prayer to Surtr

This channeled prayer calls to Surtr to bestow magickal power and personal magnetism to the witch. It may be recited nightly, weekly, once, or however often one likes. The prayer refers to Surtr/Surtur by his revealed name “Valasyn” (note: while secret names are only for use in magick and worship, revealed names may be used however one likes). The prayer is as follows.

Glorious Surtr, I pray to you for your guidance and your blessings. Bestow your glorious power to me and grant me your gnosis. Ave Surtur-Valasyn.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Channeled Hymn to Lucifer

This hymn, which may be recited however often one likes, asks Lucifer for protection, good luck, and to bless one’s life. I would advise using it nightly for a week or more if you intend to use it at all. Accompanying prayer with offering will help, as will having a black or white candle lit. The prayer is as follows:

Mighty Lucifer, God-King of the Infernal Dominion,
Brighten My Dreamscape and Bestow Worldly Power Unto Me.
Guide My Steps and Give Me Your Protection,
As I Have Devoted Myself to the Infernals.
Grant Me Great Fortune
And Keep Me Safe Through the Night.
Salvete Lucibel Et Sitra Achara!

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Satanic Gnosis of Various Fiends Pt. VII

Erasalya (Claytern/Ashurmpa)

Erasalya is an interesting archfiend. It’s male aspect, Ashurmpa, is a Qliphothic incubus. On the other hand, it’s female aspect, Claytern, is a cross between a Qliphothic succubus and a Watcher. Both aspects share the same material attributions: patchouli incense, jasmine incense, smoky quartz, and fossils.

Claytern, known as the Queen of Infernal Sirens, is attributed to Satariel, fire, and the Sun. She manifests best in the daytime and/or in well-lit areas. She’s a good spirit to work with in pursuit of chakra unification, the development or increasement of confidence, and the fortification/strengthening of the astral double. Her alchemy can engender improvement of the psychic abilities, vampiric metabolism, natural psychic defenses, and the aptitude for wielding Qliphothic energies.

Claytern is a good mentor for Kundalini work and chakra unification. Other specialties of hers include money spells and protection spells. The all-purposed summoning chant I have received for her is “Trodda Vee Yod.”

Ashurmpa is attributed to Satariel, Jupiter, and water. He can greatly increase the practitioner’s magickal power, and meditating with him regularly will help one reach Qliphothic adepthood pretty quickly. He specializes in combat, tactics, necromancy, worldly power, shielding, wards, physical concealment, and stealth. He manifests best at night and/or in dark places. The all-purposed summoning chant I have received for him is “Ashurmpa Viehvorala.” The meditative mantra for Qliphothic adepthood I have channeled for him is “Doth-Voor-Ma-Syll-Dorn.”


Corson, also known as Gorson, is an incubitic demonic king whose dwelling place is Gamaliel. He is attributed to the element of fire and to the planets Jupiter and Neptune. His titles are “the Lord of Lunar Chaos” and “the Prince of Darkness-In-Chaos.”

Corson bestows all types of magickal empowerment and alchemical transformation. He’s a great divinity to work with for the improvement of spiritual sight, and he can be called on by practitioners who wish to have challenges placed in their path for the sake of building character.

Corson can assist one in achieving astral projection. If you would like his aid in that feat, recite the chant “Dyllasar Vyl Gor Corson” for a while before attempting to leave your body. Making an offering and having his sigil present during this pursuit will yield augmented results.

Other specialties of Corson’s include warriorhood, concentration (the attention span), longevity, and sexual magnetism. He enjoys offerings of juniper berries, blue berries, reptile scales, dragon’s blood incense, and patchouli incense.

Corson appeared to me as an ivory-fleshed merman with black eyes and long, grey hair. He revealed himself to me bearing two swords. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for the Prince of Darkness-In-Chaos is “Gorson Drogg Yee-Sarra Viack.”


Gialost is a Jupiterian Watcher who holds the rank of Hierophant. He manifests accompanied by a servant named Kyldjassa, which servant appeared to me as a whale.

Gialost is a diurnal spirit—that is to say, he is best summoned during the daytime. He specializes in quick cash spells (as opposed to prosperity spells) and protection of any kind (i.e., against magickal harm, against mundane danger, etc.). He has very potent cursework techniques which he will only reveal to a few.

Gialost is related to the stars Dabih (Beta Capricorni) and Algedi (Alpha Carpricorni).

Gialost can be called upon to significantly empower any kind of pre-existent ward. To achieve this, focus on the ward in question and vibrate the word of power “Harnorva’ienal” (har-noor-vah-ee-nawl).

Gialost appeared to me, accompanied by his whale-servant, as a floating man wearing a robe, which robe was light blue in color. He had long, snow-white hair which sort levitated. The all-purposed summoning chant I have channeled for Gialost is “Torra-Vee-Dja-Goth-Tull-Djyn-Zyck Gialost.” I have elected to present two different and separate sigils for this being.

Sigil #1
Sigil #2

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Invocation of Xembhorrock

We see composite deities presented throughout Western magickal traditions—the PGM gives us Hermekate (Hermes + Hekate), and Hebdomadry gives us Lidagon (Darkat + Dagon). Xembhorrock is the composite deity formed of Satan and Lucifer.

Xembhorrock’s power borders on being immeasurable, and he never speaks in human tongues. He is only to be summoned to either get someone other than the celebrant out of a tragic situation or for the purpose of infernal alchemy. However, he can be given offerings of dragon’s blood, black candles, and more for the purpose of spiritual protection (as opposed to mundane protection).

Xembhorrock’s alchemy makes the practitioner very difficult to spiritually harm, and he can be summoned to initiate the witch through any portion(s) of the Qliphoth and Sephiroth alike. His planetary attribution is to the Earth, and his elemental attribution is to the Black Light (i.e., the primordial precursor to the Fifth Element, and, by extension, to the other four).

The following invocation creates a sacred space with the energy of Thaumiel and calls upon the demon Lepaca to assist the practitioner in achieving possession by Xembhorrock. Incantations written in italics are meant to be chanted (repeatedly recited in a rhythmic monotone), and the words of power written in bold are to be vibrated. Translations of Latin phrases appear in brackets. This invocation is recommended for persons significantly experienced in infernal alchemy and demonic possession.

Above: Sigil of Xembhorrock

Salve Domine Xembhorrock!
[Hail Lord Xembhorrock]

Lepaca Thaumiel! Soltrolla Viehtorra Gotht Tonna Vakal!

Toldar Godda Vee Shionna (x7)

Torvyck Soll Godda Vakara Zyll (x7)

Toltala + Doorzocka + Shyltarrock + Polthaea + Djieddagara + Toltaea + Djon-Dorra

Phaltar God Zeena Sylla Zossall (x7)

Lepaca, Affer Ad Me Xembhorrock (x11)
[Lepaca, Bring Me Xembhorrock]

With the auspices of Lord Lepaca, I conjure Xembhorrock to entangle me in his gnosis!

Agios o Lepaca! Salve Rex Xembhorrock!
[Numinous is Lepaca! Hail King Xembhorrock]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia