Invocation of Valefor

{This ritual uses name vibration, Enochian script, chants from Traditional Demonolatry, words of power from the Draconian Current and Luciferian Sorcery, and magickal chants of my own invention to bring the celebrant to union with Valefor/Malaphar. Names in bold are to be vibrated and phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations appear in brackets. Don’t worry if you struggle with the pronunciation– just do your best. It’ll work. My rites are written for people who need to achieve strong results with magickal equipment, but it is perfectly fine (and advantageous) for the celebrant to incorporate whatever tools that she has– if she sees fit, at least. The two words of power which start with “Gisa” are the numerical values of Valefor’s name pronounced in Enochian}

Ol Zodameta A Gah Valefar! Solpeth A Omaoas:
[I Conjure the Spirit Valefar! Hearken Unto the Names]
Valefor + Gisa-Na-Hath-Graph + Malaphar + Valefor + Gisa-Na-Hath-Un

Baruch ha-Valephar Geber ha-Qliphoth (x9)
[Blessed is Valefor the Warrior of the Qliphoth]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Malaphar! Vallafroth Valkothoth Vallatho Valefar! Keyman Vefa Tasa Valefor! Zodamran! Yatukisahla! Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Valefor!
[(Magickal Chants to Invoke Valefor)]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Malaphar (x11)
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call to Malaphar]

Zirdo Valefor A Micalzo Gah O Zuhrah! Ol Biah Ca Malephar A Micaelazodo Oheloka Od Gohed Hami Vonpho! Zir A Lixipsp O Sitra Achara! Zir Viruden Ca Ol Inoas Micalzo Sa Zirdo Ofekuha Saanir A Iadnamad De Valefor!
[I am Valefor, the Mighty Spirit of Venus! I stand as Malephar the Powerful Duke and Everlasting Creature of Wrath! I am the Warden of the Other Side! I am Beautified as I Become Strong and I am Elevated by the Divine Knowledge of Valefor]

Baruch ha-Valephar Geber ha-Qliphoth! Io Malephar!
[Blessed is Valephar, Warrior of the Qliphoth! Hail Unto Malephar]


Invocation of Amducious

{This ritual uses Enochian script, well-known chants from Traditional Demonolatry, a chant from Book of Belial, and several magickal chants of my own invention to bring the celebrant to unity with Amducious. It consists of nine stanzas– a magickal number of relevance to demon magick. My rituals are written to engender good results even without ritual equipment, but the celebrant is free (and advised) to incorporate them if possible at her discretion in whatever way she deems appropriate. It doesn’t matter if you struggle to pronounce the words– just do your best and it will work. The ritual should be repeated twice consecutively– two is the number of Thaumiel, the infernal realm to which Amducious is attributed. English translations will appear in brackets}

Melus De Quo Magma! Io Amdusias!
[Reality Emanates from the Demonic! Hail Amdusias]

Qodesh La-Amdusias Melech Ha-Acharayim
[Holy to Amdusias King of the Backwards Tree]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Amducious
[(Demonic Enn for Invoking Amducious)]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Amdukias
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call to Amdukias]

Zacam Zacare Odzamran Amdusias
[I Move You, Move and Appear, Amdusias]

Ol Um Sa Zodameta Micalzo Gah De Thaumiel
[I Call and I Conjure Thee, Mighty Spirit of Thaumiel]

Zirdo Amdusias A Tabaan De Donasdogamatatastos
[I am Amdusias the Governor of Hell-Fire]

Denyen Valocur Avage Secore Amducious
[(Amducious’s Demonic Enn)]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Amducious! Et Revetetur Ad Tenebras! Io Amdusias!
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call to Amducious! And All Returns to Darkness! Hail Amdusias]


Invocation of Amy

Io Avnas! Io Avnas! Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Amy!
[Hail Avnas! Hail Avnas! Open the Qliphoth, I Call Unto Amy]

Solpeth Pambt Gohed Tabaan De Ors Odvooan! Ol Um Isli De Niiso Sa Zacar Nonci Ds Micalzo Gmicalzoma Cicale De Acharayim Ioiad! Zacam Isli, Ol Oecremi Isli, Sa Ol Zodameta Amy! Zamran Odzamran Odzamran Caosgi Od Solpeth De Bien!
[Hearken unto Me, Everlasting Governor of Darkness and Truth! I Call thee to Come Forth and Appear, Oh You Who Are Mighty with a Power Understanding the Mysteries of the Backwards Tree Forever! I Move You, I Praise You, and I Conjure You, Amy! Appear and Appear and Appear on the Earth and Hearken to My Voice]

Agios Ischyros Aeternae Amy (x9) [Numinous and Mighty is the Eternal Amy]

Tu Fubin Amy Secore! Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Amy! Io Avnas! Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Avnas! Med-Pe! Don-Graph! Na-Hath-Pe! Mals-Graph! Ger-Pe! Pal-Un! Drun-Graph! Tu Fubin Amy Secore! Yatukisahla! Mals-Tal!
[(Amy’s Demonic Enn)! (Enn to Invoke Amy)! Hail Avnas! (Enn to Invoke Avnas)! 71! 87! 11! 37! 41! 66! 57! (Amy’s Demonic Enn)! By Sorcerous Belief is Desire Made Flesh! 38]

Don-Graph, Avnas, Drun-Graph, Amy! Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Avnas!
[87, Avnas, 57, Amy! Open the Qliphoth, I Call to Avnas]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Amy
Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt
Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras
Io Avnas.
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call Unto Amy/ Victory Lies with the Infernal Forever/ And All Returns to Darkness/ Hail Avnas]

Invocation of Bune

{This invocation of Bune, who is also called Bime, makes use of traditional demonic ‘enns’ or summoning chants alongside Enochian script. In addition to this, I wrote one Hebrew chant, one Greek chant, and one Latin chant specifically for the construction of this ritual. The rite is thirteen lines long, which thirteen being a number related to dragons and the acausal. Translations appear in brackets. My rituals are made specifically not to require fancy magickal equipment, so do not hesitate to perform them if you lack the materials you’ve been told to rely on. However, if such objects are available to you, implement them at your own discretion. Two numbers are recited in Enochian as words of power: 52 is the numerical value of Bune’s name and 87 is a number conducive to all black magick. Zodamran is a word of power which presences infernal energy. While it is usually 100% fine to modify my rituals, Bune and I consecrated this particular rite, so it is best recited as written. Do not worry at fucking ALL if you struggle with the pronunciation– simply do your best, and if you think it’s necessary, maybe rehearse a few times. Magickal chants are more powerful when correctly pronounced, but they’re still powerful stammered and mispronounced as well– think of it like a sloppily drawn sigil: it’s still the fucking sigil}

Io Bime, Don-Graph, Zodamran, Drun-Veh
[Hail Bime, 87, (Word of Power), 52]

Ol Um Isli Sa Ol Zodameta Bune A Gohed Gah
[I Call Thee and I Conjure Thee, Bune the Everlasting Spirit]

Aperiatur Qliphoth, Invoco Bune
[Open the Qliphoth, I Call unto Bime]

Zacam Bime Solpeth Bien
[I Move You, Bime, Hearken to My Voice]

Baruch Ha-Bune Ha-Tzefa
[Blessed is Bune the Ancient Serpent]

Zorge Nonci Tabaan Vonpho
[Be Friendly Unto Me, Oh You Governor of Wrath]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Bune
[(Demonic Enn to Invoke Bune)]

Io Basileus Sitra Ahra; Io Bime Drakon Abussos
[Hail to the King of Sitra Ahra; Hail Unto Bime the Abyssic Dragon]

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
[(Bune’s Demonic Enn)]

Gi Chismicaolz Ioiad Sa Gohed
[You Are Mighty Forever and Everlasting]

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Bime
[(Demonic Enn to Invoke Bime)]

Zirdo Bune A Micaelazodo Vovin
[I am Bune the Powerful Dragon]

Io Bime! Baruch Ha-Bune Ha-Tzefa!
[Hail Bime! Blessed is Bune the Ancient Serpent]


Rank: Prince; Chief Duke; Chief President
Superior: Aseliel; Symiel
Legions: 40
Element: Air
Direction: East; North
D/N: Nocturnal
Qlipha: Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan)
Planet: Saturn (Primary)
Tunnel of Set: 12/28 (Gamaliel-A’arab Zaraq)

Curiel is an aerial demon and a predatory spirit with an infamously stubborn disposition. He presides over dark magick, sanguine vampyrism, ice magick, pyromancy, divination via pendulum, the mysteries of the moon, and nocturnal magick. His auspices are useful in shielding and the construction of wards.

Curiel is a predatory spirit of Saturn, an aerial demon, and a ruler of the night with an infamously stubborn disposition– at least amongst white magickians who would make of him a slave. He presides over dark magick, sanguine vampyrism, ice magick, pyromancy, divination via pendulum, the mysteries of the moon, and nocturnal magick. His auspices are useful in shielding and the construction of wards.

Curiel went entirely unacknowledged by the medieval grimoire tradition with the exception of a single text. Ars Theurgia relates Curiel’s appointment to the rank of Chief Duke under King Symiel and to the rank of Chief President under a Demonic Prince named Aseliel. This makes Curiel a Chief Duke of the North and a Chief President of the East.

Ten of the dukes in service to King Symiel are attributed to the day while the other ten beneath him (including Curiel) are attributed to the night. In his station as one duke among twenty, Curiel presides over forty demonic legions. In his other station as a Chief President under Aseliel, he presides over thirty principal spirits alongside twenty lesser spirits.

But of course, I was not aware of Curiel’s recorded positions in the infernal hierarchy when I first communed with him. As odd as it may seem, I prefer to know as little as possible about a demon before I summon them for the first time. That way, I can get a personal gnosis of the spirit, and it’s easier to attain insights into the spirit when you don’t have preconceptions which could make you doubt your gnosis or your channeling abilities.

Curiel introduced himself to me as a Prince of Demons. Since presidents are not often promoted to the rank of prince, this third rank of his suggests an involvement in an infernal hierarchy that went uncatalogued by the magickal demonology of the the Dark Age grimoires. (Note: it is my tentative opinion that an innumerable collective of spirits unbound by mortality and causality alike would be more likely to operate in conformity with multiple separate yet coexistent hierarchies than adhere to singular chain of command).

Curiel is attributed to the Qlipha of Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan) as well as to the Qliphothic Pathway of Aquarius. Like almost all of the demons I’ve written about, Curiel’s planetary attribution outside of the Qliphoth doesn’t match the planetary influence of the Qlipha he is attributed to (for example, Asmodeus rules the Qlipha of Mars, and yet the Goetia attributes him to the Sun). Nonetheless, a pattern emerges when his Qliphothic attribution to the Nethermost Sphere is connected to his Planetary affiliation with the most adversarial planet in our astrology.

The Qliphothic Pathway or “Tunnel of Set” that Curiel is attributed to stretches between the Qliphothic Spheres of Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith) and Oreb Mavet (Venus/Ba’al). The tarot attribution for the Tunnel of Set that he’s assigned to is the Star (Atu XVII) and the archfiend presiding over the tunnel is known as Tzuflifu. The demonic species native to the Pathway of Aquarius is called the Behemiron or “the Bestial Ones.”

When I communed with Curiel, he manifested in the form of a black-robed sorcerer with dark brown skin and a pair of short horns adorning his bald head. His eyes were red entirely– no pupils, no irises (you get the idea).

Keep in mind, demons appear differently to everyone who summons them unless the witch has presuppositions for the spirit to conform its appearance to. Now as far as I’m aware, there are no recordings of Curiel’s appearance outside of this very article, so of course, I had no presuppositions. Ergo, Curiel did what demons do– he adopted an appearance particular to me, and the appearance he chose served to symbolize his nature in a way that I could understand.

I didn’t think about it until a week after I saw him: the dude looks just like Cain looked when Cain appeared to my prior apprentices and I. Dark skin, entirely red eyes, and a horned face. Some mythological lore purports that the Mark of Cain was a pair of horns. Curiel appeared with a pair of horns– significantly shorter horns than Cain had. Curiel even put on black wizard robes just to make it more obvious.

I think that Curiel used to be a human. He completed the Great Work via black magick (the hint was in the robes) and became an Ascended Master in death, freed from the cycle of reincarnation. And just like Cain (also known as Caym or Camio), Curiel became a demon as a product of his alchemical pursuits.*

*Loosely speaking, demons are a particular species of spirit, and so are, for comparison, ghosts. What makes a ghost a ghost is the type of energy which it’s composed of– a ghost is a ghost because it’s comprised of a type of energy we call the Death Essence. A demon is a spirit comprised of a type of energy we can describe as Qliphothic or infernal. The soul of a human witch will become increasingly demonic the more she practices Goetic and Qliphothic sorcery– mages become likened unto the spirits that they surround themselves with. When I say that Curiel became a demon via the alchemy of black magick, this transition most likely occurred a while after his attainment of immortality in death.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Curiel
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Curiel”
This chant serves to call upon Curiel and raise or strengthen a sacred space by presencing Qliphothic energy simultaneously.

Agios Ischyros Curiel Dux Qliphoth
“Numinous and Mighty is Duke Curiel of the Qliphoth”
Simply a chant for calling on Curiel.

Reayha Bacan Lyan Reme Quim Curiel
An enn from The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic for invocations of Curiel

Curiel Liftoach Qlipha ha-Thaumiel
“Curiel, Open the Sphere of Thaumiel”
This chant has three purposes:
(i) to presence the forces and/or spirits of Thaumiel
(ii) to strengthen a rite which calls unto Thaumiel
(iii) to call on Curiel and the forces of Thaumiel to strengthen any ritual

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


The Sacrament of Crooked Alchemy

{This ritual serves to strengthen the witch’s connection to her Higher Self, increase the open-ness of the seven chakras along her sushuma (spine), grant her the ability to intuitively ascertain the nature of spirits and deities, strengthen the her intuition, augment her magickal power in general, increase her ability to understand her dreams, improve her ability to telepathically communicate with spirits, and ground her magickal powers. It calls on three demons– namely Amy/Avnas, Haures/Flereous, and Maymon/Mammon, as well as the Greek goddess Luna/Selene. Lastly, it calls upon the earth goddess known variously as Damkina, Davcina, Damgalnunna, and Damgalnunna. This rite is designed to achieve significant results without sigils or material equipment, but if the celebrant has such things available to her, she should integrate them at her discretion. Phrases to be chanted appear in italics and translations appear in brackets. The witch need not worry about her ability to pronounce the chants– the spell will not fail just because you mispronounced it. The big words used in the rite are translated at the bottom. Numbers are pronounced in the Enochian language to serve as magickal words of power– the ones thus used are 11 (the number of all things demonic and magickal), 87 (the number of all black magick), and 57 (the numerical value of Amy’s name in Gematria). While Amy and Flereous are generally represented as male, many modern practitioners have witnessed female manifestations of both, and this rite does call on their female aspects}

In Nomine De Regina Damgalnunna Excelsi! Io Avnas! Io Maymon! Io Haures! Ave Luna Nocticula! Melus De Quo Magma! Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras! Agios o Davcina! Mammon Liftoach Qliphoth! Ushuanarasta! Na-Hath-Pe! Don-Graph! Liftoach Pandemonium!
[In the Name of the Great Queen Damgalnunna! Hail Avnas! Hail Maymon! Hail Haures! Hail Luna who Shines at Night! Reality Emanates from the Demonic! And All Returns to Darkness! Numinous is Davcina! Mammon, Open the Qliphoth! By the Nightside of the Sun! 11! 87! Open Pandemonium]

Salve Mene Regina Qamar! Salve Phoebe-Mene-Selene-Noctiluna-Cynthia! Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis! [Hail Mene/Selene, Queen of the Sphere of the Moon! Hail (Five Names of Selene)! Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Moon]

I call forth the Titaness and Charioteer Selene whose effulgence cuts across the nightscape! Connect me to my intuition and grant me an intuitive understanding of deities and spirits alike! I wish to behold the Horn-Crown and Four-Horse Chariot which signify the dominion of our Queen and Mother Luna! Strengthen my understanding of my dreams and further my alchemy thereby!

Salve Phoebe-Mene-Selene-Noctiluna-Cynthia (x11) [Hail (Five Names of Selene)]

Io Avnas! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Avnas! Tu Fubin Amy Secore! Melus De Quo Magma! Io Avnas! Ol Zodameta Amy A Gohed Gah! [Hail Avnas! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Avnas! (Amy’s Demonic Enn)! Reality Emanates from the Demonic! Hail Avnas! I Conjure Thee, Amy the Everlasting Spirit]

Hearken now unto my words, Amy the Pyric Demoness, the Psychopompic and Sempiternal President of Sitra Ahra! Spirit both of Sirius and the Sphere of the Black Sun, I ask that you holistically augment my magickal power and refine as well my faculty of spirit communication. But most importantly of all, strengthen my connection to my Higher Self! I ask these things of you as a black magickian and alchemist as well as a follower of the Gods of Pandemonium!

Don-Graph, Avnas, Drun-Graph, Amy (x11) [87, Avnas, 57, Amy]

Ia Damgalnunna, Sarrat Eri-Dugga! Ia Ninchursanga! Invoco Damkina! Aperiatur Terra, Et Germinet Davcina! Agios o Davcina! Ia Ninchursanga! [Hail Damgalnunna, Queen of Eri-Dugga! I Call Damkina! Open the Earth, and Bring Forth Davcina! Numinous is Davcina! Hail Ninchursanga]

Mother Damkina of the Earth who is sempiternal and pre-eminent, ground my magickal powers, for to ground them is to render them capable of manifesting! Grant me an intuitive comprehension of spirits and deities alike and increase my ability to communicate with them! Manifest now before me, oh Queen of Nature with Myriad Faces known all throughout the polytheisms of the Middle East!

Veni Et Rege Damgalnunna (x11) [Come and Reign, Damgalnunna]

Io Maymon! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Mammon! Yatukisahla! Io Mammon– Drakon Anabaino Gamalielim! Manifestos! [Hail Maymon! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Mammon! By Sorcerous Desire is Belief Made Flesh! Hail Mammon– Dragon from the Sphere of the Black Moon! (Word of Power for Summoning)]

I call forward Mammon to increase my comprehension of my dreams as well as strengthen my connection to the deity within me. I call you forward now, Sempiternal and Draconic Spirit who rules in August and the Sphere of the Black Moon to augment my intuition and ground my magickal abilities so that I might express sovereignty. Arise now, God-King of Rain and Ice Alike, and make your presence known through the auspices afforded!

Io Mammon– Drakon Anabaino Gamalielim (x9)
[Hail Mammon– Dragon from the Sphere of the Black Moon]

Tasa Mammon On Ca Lirach (x11) [(Mammon’s Demonic Enn)]

Io Maymon! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Mammon!
Hail Maymon! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Mammon]

Io Haures! Io Haures! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Flavros! Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous! Manifestos! Flavros, Hauras, Flereous –  Venire Ducis Haures! Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt! [Hail Haures! Hail Haures! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Flavros/Haures! (Flereous’s Demonic Enn)! (Word of Power for Summoning)! (Three Names of Flauros) – Come Duke Haures! Victory Lies with the Infernal]

I call now unto Flaures the Therionick Elemental of Fire so that I might learn to believe in my magickal powers and not second guess my psychic senses. Descend and widen my seven spheres of sushuma, Predatory Destructix and Ducal Spirit of Mercury! Shapeshifting Arsonist of the Acausal Realm, Golden-Eyed Mistress of Black Magickal Alchemy, Venusian Immortal and Regent over Fiends, appear now unto me and further my becoming. By the words I speak next, your presence becomes palpable:

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous! Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Flavros! Manifestos! Io Haures! [(Flereous’s Demonic Enn)! Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Flavros! (Summoning WoP)! Hail Haures]

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous –  Venire Ducis Haures (x11)
[(Three Names of Flauros) – Come Duke Haures]

Melus De Quo Magma
Et Revertetur Ad Tenebras
Veni Et Rege Damgalnunna
Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis
Io Mammon– Drakon Anabaino Gamalielim
Io Avnas, Tu Fubin Amy Secore
Ganic Tasa Fubin Flereous
Porro Triumphator In Inferno Sunt
Yatukisahla Na-Hath-Pe Don-Graph

Ave Luna Noctiluca! Io Avnas! Io Maymon! Io Haures! Ia Ninchursanga! Cacama! Karra!
[Hail Luna who Shines at Night! Hail Avnas! Hail Maymon! Hail Haures! Hail Ninchursanga! Amen! Hurra]

As I have spoken, so let it be done.

Pyric: Fiery
Nightscape: Any Landscape Blanketed by Night
Pandemonium: the Infernal Plane
Sitra Ahra: Pandemonium
Augment: Increase
Sempiternal: Eternal
Psychopompic: Serving the Function of Guiding Entities throughout the Spirit Planes
Therionick: Taking the Form of an Animal
Numinous: Transcendental/Divine
Ducal: Pertaining to a Duke
Theosophy: The Pursuit of Spiritual Revelations Concerning the Divine
Acausal: Spiritual and thus not subject to the laws of cause and effect

Original Hymns and Magickal Chants to Thor

Despite my disagreements with Odin, I have found Thor to be a very helpful entity. He’s comparable to the Egyptian deity named Khepri (the name of which deity is connected to the word of power Xeper) in that all he really seems to want is to help you get the most out of yourself– become the best person you can be. Like Khepri and Hecate, Thor is a deity useful for white and black magick alike– Left and Right Hand Path alike. Thor helps make us strong, courageous, powerful, confident, disciplined, etc. He was often called upon for the consecration of things and what seems like the empowerment of witchcraft spells. He has no problem working with a practitioner of Thursatru (Giant Worship).

I’ve written four original chants for magickally calling upon Thor along with a Latin hymn I wrote to him for the same purpose. The meanings of the chants are rendered in English in the brackets.

I’ll post a link to the Wikipedia article on him as well as an article about him from my favorite Norse mythology website:
Lastly, since my chants use a total of eleven of Thor’s fourteen names, I’ll link the Wikipedia article which defines those names:

Io Rym-Ennilag-Sonnung-Oku-Thor
[Hail (Four Names of Thor)]

Hailaz Donar
[Hail Donar/Thor]

Salve Pater Oku-Thor
[Hail Unto Father Thor of the Cart]

Heil Ennilag-Asa-Thor-Hardveur
[Hail (Three Names of Thor)]

Salve, salve, agios es
Agios ischyros Oku-Thor
Venire aeternae Atli Asa-Thor
Veni, Vethorm, Donar, et Sonnung
Ennilag, Einridi, Biorn, Gloria
Ave Pater et rex thunraz
Et agios o Mjolnir
This seven-stanza hymn to Thor includes several of his names: Oku-Thor, Atli, Asa-Thor, Vethorm, Donar, Sonnung, Ennilag, Einridi, and Biorn, and expresses admiration of his magickal hammer, Mjolnir. I will translate it non-literally so as to best convey its meaning and poetry. The term “numinous” is a synonym for “divine” which conveys a balance of traits– dark and light alike, for Thor is both Aesir and giant. The Numinous, as coined by Rudolf Otto, is transcendental or supramundane, and inspires, by its nature, both terror and wonder in those who behold it.
[Hail, hail, numinous art thou/ Mighty and numinous is Thor of the cart/ Come, terrible and eternal Thor of the Aesier/ Come, Thor, bear and protector of the shrine/ Glory to the one who rides alone, true spirit, one with a forehead wide/ Hail to the father and king over thunder/ And his hammer is numinous]