Green is the Color of the Vampyre

Many different vampyres have conferred to me that they felt an intuitive link to the color green as a color of power. The first of these was a covenmate, who spoke out of his intuition. The second was Kaos Butterfly, whom always felt green to be a color of magickal power as well. The third was Morain himself, who considers green his favorite color as well as the color of his aura.

Kaos told me that the most vampyric people he’s met have had green eyes, and an allegory called Porcelain Face Programming from the Tempel ov Blood’s inner journal gives their vampyric adept protagonist sea green eyes.

In Encylopedia of Vampire Mythology, Theresa Bane writes the following:
“The color green has played a part in Celtic and Chinese vampire lore from early beginnings. Usually in their stories, if green is mentioned as being the color of someone’s clothing or HAIR, it is something of an early indicator to the listener or reader that the person is in fact some sort of vampire. Lamps are narrated as suddenly burning with a green flame when a vampire enters a room. This ancient custom has found its way in modern storytelling; H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Bram Stoker have all used this color to point out the undead to their readers.

In the depictions of the vampyric fairies and zombies presented by the text, green is often shown to be interchangeable with white, particularly in the case of vampyric fae such as banshees.

Green is the color of envy, both in New Age color signification and in modern folk lore. Ergo, it is sensible to link the color to the practice of vampyrism. It’s also the color of the chakra in the middle of the spine– the one which connects to the shoulder chakras and disperses energy throughout sushuma.

Plants can’t digest green light. The reason they look green is because that color of light is bouncing off of them. Since born vampyres cannot properly digest natural prana, we have a sensible correlation.

-V.K. Jehannum

Psychic Vampyrism

Vampyrism is the art of feeding upon the life essence of fellow organisms. The Psychic Vampyre feeds not upon the blood of the flesh but the blood of the soul. This is the prana, the chi, the ki, the “blood essence,” as some authors call it. For the sake of these writings, we will operate on the New Age consensus that all of these terms are synonymous.
There are people who are intrinsically blessed with the necessity for Vampyric feeding. These people require prana, blood, or both from other beings by their very natures—they have a specific kind of soul. Naturally, Psychic Vampyres are more common than Sanguine ones.

Psychic Vampyrism differs from the consumption of blood in that anyone can benefit from Psychic Vampyrism. Humans naturally cycle energy in from their environment and back out into their environment in a process similar to respiration.

If one deliberately takes in prana from other people instead of their surroundings, they will lead an enhanced quality of life. You do not need to be intrinsically blessed with the Hunger to benefit from exogenous human energy in the same way that you do not need to be diabetic to benefit from clean eating.

Non-witches with the Hunger will subconsciously essay to elicit emotion and thus prana from other people via things such as the initiation of conflict, promiscuity, or class-clown behavior. Once the Vampyre learns to directly and deliberately satiate the Hunger through witchcraft, they experience an enhanced quality of life for three reasons.

One: the Vampyre can satiate the Hunger almost whenever it suits them.

Two: the Vampyre, now satiated, will no longer be driven to resort toasinine fucking behavior to get what they need.

Three: the Vampyre can get higher quantities and qualities of what they need all while developing their magickal skills. I have elected to use the spelling of “magick” as the addition of the letter K was originally a reference to the eighth letter, Kaf, of the Hebrew alphabet. 8 is the number of the Great Work.
Psychic Vampyrism increases longevity, visualization skills, vitality, psychic senses, personal magnetism, and holistic magickal talent. The practice of it increases the witch’s aptitude for psychic combat, empathy, psychometry, servitor creation, mind control, and the programming of energy with intent.

So here is the way that the witches of the Coven of the Second Torch acquire exogenous organic prana. Visualize a thin black tendril extending from the tip of your middle finger into the victim. Inhale deeply, visualizing the target’s energy flowing down your little wire and into your flesh. As you do this, rhythmically repeat the mantra “Surripio ki tuam” in your mind’s ear.
The mantra means “I am stealing your ki” in Latin, but the witch should view it as magick words used for the draining of energy rather than focusing upon what it means when they are feeding. Once you’ve got the hang of this, start using multiple tendrils, eventually on multiple targets, to take in as much energy as quickly as possible. You will learn to dig deeper and deeper into your victim’s astral body, getting richer and richer chi.

Once you have finished feeding upon the target, withdraw your tendril or imagine one withdrawing. It this proves troublesome to accomplish, issue the mental command “Rescind!”

The key to this is being in the moment and concentrating on the visualization. If you’re in a rush to get it done, you will have more trouble feeding than you would otherwise.

You don’t have to stare at your target, just keep them in your peripheral vision.

Taking a low amount of energy will heighten the overall quality of the target’s life essence. Taking a large amount will result in irritability and torpidity. One of my apprentices once fed deeply upon an intoxicated addict who was threatening me with a bottle in the hopes that the drunkard would relax. That is not what occurred.

The magickal numbers which I have channeled for the purpose of Psychic Vampyrism are as follows: 86, 37, 49, 560, and 8030. The witch may write these numbers on her flesh in sharpie while focusing on the intention of increasing the potency of her deliberate Vampyrisms.

Take a moment now to open your shoulder chakras. Visualize a brilliant white sphere in each shoulder as you vibrate “Lepaca,” the name of the Demon of Opening, to open the chakras. Once this is complete, you may send tendrils out of your shoulders instead of hands.

It should not be long before you start using multiple tendrils simultaneously, within time, even on multiple targets. Creating tendrils from the shoulders is more discrete than from the hands and it places the energy you drain in the center of your body almost immediately.

-V.K. Jehannum