Ronwe (Goetia #27)

Above: Ronove by G.A. Rosenberg

Names: Ronove, Roneve, Ronobe, Ronwe
Color: Yellow; Violet; Purple
Metal: Iron; Tin; Silver
Planet: Mars; Jupiter; Moon
Elements: Air; Fire
Incense: Jasmine
Plant: Cinnamon
Enn: Kaymen vefa Ronove
Direction: East
Legions: 19
Zodiac: Sagittarius 20-30
D/N: Diurnal
Rank: Earl; Marquis
Tarot: 6 & 10 of Wands/Rods
Gematria: 268; 272
D/N: Diurnal
Date: Dec 13-21; Aug 2-7

Above: Sigil of Ronwe from the OFS Demonolatry Website

According to Michael W. Ford, “[Ronove] inspires a comprehension of learning within the circle. [He] brings instinctual knowledge via waking and dreaming of the Alphabet of Desire, the language of the subconscious which empowers spells and talismans.”

Ronove, often called the Demon of Knowledge, augments the witch’s intellect and intelligence. He teaches languages, poetry, and rhetoric, and he imparts wisdom to the sorceress. He imparts the quasi-sociopathic ability to control your own emotions. The familiars he grants are excellent for the purposes of research, magickal tutoring, magickal exercises, and practical witchcraft.

Ronwe can procure the favor of a target and make one see the witch’s point of view. Moreover, he can make the witch charming and charismatic. He can make people become fond of you, regardless of the way they look at you now. If the witch needs assistance eloquently making her argument in a logical and peaceful way, this is the spirit to go to.

Ronwe can bring about the destruction and death of the target, most often through illness and the affliction of the target’s internal organs, and he specializes in pyrokinesis. He harvests the souls of moribund, elderly organisms (including people) and he can humble one’s enemies.

I did a ritual to Stolas and Ronwe one night, when Stolas told me that I needed to summon a particularly baleful, disorienting, and disharmonious entity by the name of Budsturga for the completion of the spell. I recited a traditional chant to Budsturga and then said (like Stolas told me to), “Budsturga, appear to me in the names of Stolas and Ronwe!” The two demons forced the goddess to cooperate.

-V.K. Jehannum

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