Summoning Chants for the Grimorium Verum

I performed a working with multiple demons to channel summoning chants for all the demons described in a medieval grimoire called the Grimorium Verum. I’ve posted a lot of these types of channeled chants throughout the articles and rituals on my websites in the past. I’ve spelled them in a way to make them as easy as possible to pronounce, breaking some of the words into syllables every once in a while. If one of the syllables is equivalent in sound to an English word, I write that word in all caps.

While I usually just write and consecrate my own magickal chants in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, or Spoken Cuneiform, the channeled ones have always been significantly more powerful, and no black magickian, regardless of their personal tradition, has ever tried my channeled summoning chants and found them unsatisfactory. Back when I led the Coven of the Second Torch and had yet to start writing, the three of members of our inner circle (i.e. the advanced members) all channeled chants like this all the time, and we always produced something everyone found effective. Hopefully you will find this of use.

And yes, I’ll be doing this with a lot of medieval grimoires.

Satanackia: Attaggimgattorra Satanackia Harrindriggal Larrindaggor
Agalierap: Arrinratharra Harrintaggorra Larrindratharra Marrindrathor
Tarchimache: Harrintathagor Marrinthaggorra Larrintharra Rarrinthorra
Fleruty: Flarrinthorra Rarrintharra Larrintorra Rantiggorra Ringitharra
Sagatana: Rathiggorra Rathintarra Rarrintorra Mallingarra Sagatana
Nesbiros: Morrintharra Larrintaggorra Marrinthaggarra Torrinthaggarra Nesbiros
Syrach: SEER-rintaggorra Marrinthaggorra Larrintarra Marrinthorra
Bucon: Athangakkor BOO-LAWN-druh Akkinthorra Emkathandrah
Clisthert: Anthimgarrah Clisthert Akkindraggal Imkindrethall Ontongrallor
Frucissiere: Aw-thoo-uh-GAUL Frucissiere Emrikkandrah
Guland: Athakkallah Emrikkarra Anlikkorra Guland
Morail: Imtheggarra Ontrakkorra Morail Larrintorra Gal
Hicpath: Anthekkal Rindrathor Hicpath Himgetharra
Frutimiere: Frutimiere Lonjekkalla Lontorriggal Arrinthikkal
Huictiigaras: Rithiggal Huictiigaras Larrintiggor WHO-IN-drikkor
Humots: Larrintarraggal Humots Harrintorraggon Imkathorra
Khil: Larrintaggorra Khilathaggorra Khil Rinthakalla Gorra
Mersilde: Marrintatharra Mersilde Linthorra Larrintorra Karriggal
Minoson: Minthathriggal Larrintorra Minoson Rantiggorra Arrintharra
Sergal: Larrintorraggathandra Lanthiggorra Sergal Akkindraggor
Sirchade: Larrintharra Rarrinthora Sirchade Ringrethall
Surgat: Lonthiggandra Surgat Allintorra Mindretharra
Sataniciae: Marrintharra Harrintorra Warrintharra Sataniciae
Sergutthy: Sergutthy Larrinthaggora Warrinthaggarra Morrinthaggarra Harrinthar
Heramael: Heramael Larrintharra Onrikkorra Marrintharra Larrintorra
Trimasael: Larrintaggarra Trimasael Warrintaggarra Marrinthaggora
Sustugriel: Warrinthaggor Harrinthaggor Sustugriel Harrintaggal
Tarihimal: Anthikkalla Anrikkorra Tarihimal Arrintharra
Elelogap: Warrinthaggorra Winthiggalla Elelogap Harrinthaggalla
Nebirots: Warrinthaggorra Marrinthaggarra Nebirots Arrithiggal
Hael: Warrintarra Marrintorra Hael Harrinthal
Surgulath: Larrinthaggor Marrinthaggal Surgulath Larrinthar
Proculo: Arrinthaggarra Proculo Harrintorra Manthiggal
Haristum: Larrinthaggal Haristum Marrinthal Hangirral
Brulefer: Monthiggarra Warrintharra Warrinthaggarra Brulefer Arrinthorra
Pentagnony: Warrintharra Marrinthorra Pentagnony Rarrinthal
Aglasis: Montharrimgithal Aglasis Rindrithorra
Sidragosam: Marrinthaggorra Harrindrigalla Sidragosam Wonthal
Minoson: Warrinthorra Marrintharra Wandriggora Minoson Tharra
Bucon: Harrinthigalla Bucon Warrinthorra Marrinthal
Frimost: Marrintharra Warrintorra Frimost Rittimgithal
Klippoth: Hanthiggal Warrinthaggor Klippoth Marrintharra

IMG_0693Above: My Original Sigil for Syrach