Focalor/Forcalor (Goetia #41)

Name Variations: Focalor, Furcarlor, Forcalor
Legions: 30
Element: Water
Color: Green
Incense: Sandalwood
Rank: Duke
D/N: Nocturnal
Planet: Venus
Gematria: 342
Metal: Copper

Focalor imparts sorcerous power and divinatory adroitness, and he enhances the witch’s ability to see into the future in visions and dreams. He teaches the witch to suspect oncoming events.

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Focalor can further whatever manner of alchemical self-transformation the witch has already undertaken, and he teaches the witch to ignore the negative opinions of others and avoid paranoia. Focalor can destroy, drown, and otherwise murder targets. Focalor has power over the winds and seas.

According to Rufus Opus, Focalor is a “good spirit to be friends with if you’re in the military, especially the Navy. Note that his office is to kill men. That doesn’t mean he kills who you want him to necessarily; it means he has authority over those destined to die.”

Opus warns that it is a bad idea to enlist Focalor to kill people, alleging that affairs never go as planned/expected. If this is true, it is likely that Focalor often uses assassination requests as an opportunity to teach the summoner a lesson.

Focalor makes one smooth in seduction and witty in conversation. He teaches the witch to avoid shady characters and convince/manipulate those characters into losing interest in her. Focalor teaches the wizard to talk people down when they are close to taking a negative course of action, such as self-harm or combat. He help the witch cast the most efficacious of circles and overthrow ships.

He causes death, gives protection, aids in malediction, and quickly resolves regrettable circumstances and happenings. He is powerful in execration and dream magick, and he causes tempests and killing.

-V.K. Jehannum

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