Second Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft

After I wrote and consecrated a magickal hymn to the Trident of Draconian Magick and the Atlantean Current, which Trident consists of Lucifer, Belial, and Hecate. A friend channeled instructions for two additional magickal hymns for the praxis of Primal Craft. This hymn calls to the four demonic princes: Lucifer (also Lucifero or Lumial), Belial/Belias, Uriens, and Hasmodey/Asmodeus. Specific instructions were delineated to him by Hecate and thereupon relayed to yours truly. I have followed the instructions to the letter. Triodathannis is the magickal name that I wrote and consecrated for the Trident– it’s a singular proper noun which refers to Belial, Hecate, and Lucifer as a group. It is magickally charged and somewhat powerful.

Agios Ischyros Genitor Lumiel.
Exsurige Alogos Omnium Genius.
Adlaudate Lucifero, Et Adlaudate Belias,
Agente Ex Sitra Ahra,
Agente Ex Triodathannis.
Dominus Ex Inferno, Rex Meterbuchus!
Invoco Dominus Uriens,
Plasmator Azoth Gehennalis.
Ave Regulus Infernum,
Et Salve Asmoday.
Laudate Genitor Golab.
Agios o Hasmodey!
Salvete Principes Inferni!
Orire Spirituum Sitra De-Smola!
Aur Chashakh Pandendos– Aparete Spirituum Qliphoth!
In Nominibus Et Potestate Triodathannis,
Sub Imperio Et Voluntas Hecate,
Regina Coeli, Regina Terrae, Regina Inferos!
[Numinous and Mighty is Lucifer/ Arise, Patron of the Unwritten Gnosis/ Praise Lucifer, And Praise Belial/ Emissary of the Trident/ And Emissary of the Other Side/ Lord of Hell, King Belial/ I Call Lord Uriens/ Creator of the Black Light/ Hail the Prince of Hell/ And Hail Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golab/ Numinous is Hasmodey/ Praise the Father of Golachab/ Hail the Princes of Hell/ Arise, Spirits of the Sinister Left Side/ And Spread the Black Light– Appear, Spirits of the Qliphoth/ In the Names and Powers of the Atlantean Trident/ Under the Dominion and Will of Hecate/ Queen of Heaven, Queen of Earth, Queen of Hell]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Magickal Hymn for Primal Craft (Lucifer, Belial, & Hecate)

This magickal hymn calls upon the Trident– Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial– which Trident is comprised of the primary divinities of Primal Craft as codified by Mark Allan Smith in his series of grimoires. The Trident has become integral to the modern Draconian Tradition or Draconian Current as well.

A lot of my articles about deities and gods feature original sigils. If these sigils are of my invention, they appear in lackluster artistic representation on paper and are photographed via cellphone.

This magickal hymn was clearly more important than ones I’ve written before in that it was a gift to a valued friend and a contribution to a wondrous tradition. I made an entire ritual out of consecrating it, which I have never done in the past. I called on Hecate, Aradia, Lucifer, and Belial to empower it.

My magickal hymns may be used for any intention selected by the celebrant. They can be integrated into any ritual to call on the deities named to empower the rite or empower oneself. My magickal hymns can be recited without any added ritual for a specified intent as miniature self-empowerment exercises– one of the advantages of reciting some of my hymns in times when a full ritual cannot be performed is that these hymns will strengthen your energetic resonance with its deities, making it easier to call forth, perceive, and communicate with said deities.

Lykania is the TotBL’s name for Hecate’s lycanthropic aspect, which aspect the TotBL claims is specific to the 218 Current (its tradition). I have always said that currents, as defined in this context, do not exist at all, and the inclusion of a clearly identical lycanthropic aspect of Hecate in Queen of Hell by Mark Allan Smith lends evidence to this standing assertion of mine. Allu is the given title for Hecate’s hellhounds (called Kunes Aidao in Greek).

Queen of Hell makes the assertion that Belial is the same entity as Beelzebuth, and I have verified the accuracy of said assertion with my own guiding spirits, although I doubted it at first. Hence the name Baal Zebul is used in reference to Belial in my hymn alongside Belial’s alternate names Beliar and Belias. Alternate names for Lucifer appear as well, including Lucifero, Lumial, and Lucibel. I am sure you will find this of use.

Concelebrate Divina Lykania,
Matrum Allu, Monstriger.
Salve Erus Lucifer.
O Arbitrator, Admirabilis.
Et Conladaute Belias,
Rex Ghagiel Et Rex Bohu.
Io Domine Belial.
Evoco Megist Baal Zebul.
Concelebrate Cordatus Lucifero,
Aethereus Lumial, Rex Acharayim.
Salve Hekate Trioditis,
Et Salvete Sanguinalis Beliar
Et Praeceptor Lucibel.
Adveni, Spirituum Sitra Achara.
Invoco Deitas Hecate!
[Praise the Divine Mother of Werewolves/ Mother of Hellhounds, Producer of Monsters/ Hail Lord Lucifer/ Oh Master, You are Wondrous/ And Praise Belias/ Lord of the Qlipha of Uranus and the Veil of Emptiness/ Hail Lord Belial/ I Call the Great Lord of the High Place/ Praise the Sagacious Lucifero/ Immortal Lumial, King of the Qliphoth/ Hail Hecate who Frequents the Crossroads/ And Hail the Bloodthirsty Beliar/ And Lord Lucibel/ Come, Spirits of Sitra Achara/ I Call the Goddess Hecate]

Shax (Goetia #44)

Names: Shax, Scox, Shass, Shan, Chax, Shaz
Rank: Marquis
Legions: 30
Tarot: 9 of Swords
Element: Air; Fire
D/N: Nocturnal
Gematria: 390; 1200
Date: June 1-10
Planet: Moon; Uranus; Neptune
Color: Black; White; Violet; Pink
Compass: Southeast (Primary); Northwest
Primary Qliphothic Attribution: Nahemoth (Black Earth/Nahema)
Secondary Qliphothic Attribution: Satorial (Saturn/Lucifage)
Primary Stellar Attribution: Alpheneca
Secondary Stellar Attribution: Pleiades
Tertiary Stellar Attribution: Dabih (Beta Capricorni)
Attributed Substances: Jasmine, Silver, Vetivert, Galangal, Ague Weed, Rue


Chax can be called upon to remove or grant understanding, perception, and memory. He can attune the target or witch to her emotions and make her self-aware. He can align one to her Higher Self, True Will, physis, and personal wyrd and tune her in to her astral double, love, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

Scox can give aid in shadowmancy, mirrormancy, nature magick, pyromancy, rune-casting, hydromancy, skrying and tarot divination. He can initiate the witch into fairy magick and nature magick.

Shax appeared to me as a grey, bald, humanoid form with unusual bodily proportions– his hands were small, his limbs were short and thin, and his head was very large. His eyes were entirely red and his robes entirely black. He has acted goofy in order to make me laugh.

Shass imparts desirable familiars and reveals hidden truths. He can divest the well-to-do of their money and engender the temporary acquisition of desiderata. He is useful in reverse engineering things and predicting the future releases of rival corporations. He can also orchestrate escapes.

Stephany Conolly puts it like this: Shax can bring you blessings in general– that could mean that you suddenly figure out how to get what you want (or that your circumstances become conducive to the acquisition) or that non-material desiderata can be suddenly imparted to you by the demon, and often times, these gifts are received at random by magickians interacting with Shax. Shax might, however, divest you of things temporarily until you learn to appreciate or treat them appropriately.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Chax
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Chax”
This chant calls forth Shax/Chax and simultaneously presences demonic/infernal energy to raise or strengthen a sacred space.

Ayer Avage Shax Aken
This is the traditional ‘demonic enn’ or calling chant for Shax.

Thankallah Thimgorra Linkatharra Shax Emkallathorra Emka-Kah-Gah-Gah-Lindrathawl Limkathaggorra Limkithim
A long, channeled magickal chant used to call forth Shax. I spelled it such that it could be easily pronounced– it’s meant to be read like a dumbass redneck would read it.

Cio Ambrosius Marchioni Shaz-Chax-Scox
“I Call the Eternal Marquis Shaz-Chax-Scox”
This is simply a Latin chant which I wrote, empowered, and had consecrated.


The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic
Daemonolatry Goetia
Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia
A Modern Goetic Grimoire

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Tree and Root
Above: Unrelated Magickal Artwork for Meditation Journeys by GAR

Archdemon Correspondences

Color: Grey, Yellow, Green, Blue
D/N: Diurnal
Tunnel of Set: 31 (Samael-Nehemoth)
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek; Bohu (Secondary)
Direction: North; Northwest; Northeast (Lesser)
Elements (In Order of Relevance): Water; Earth; Fire
Gender: Usually Male; Occasionally Female
Lesser Planet: Earth; Saturn
Primary Planet: Neptune; Mercury; Moon
Gematria: 171; 500; 1485
Channeled Magickal Names: Simkallathawn, Emkallanthorr
Primary Stellar Attributions: Algol; Regulus
Lesser Stellar Attributions: Aldebaran; Dabih (Least)
Qliphas Attributed (Listed from Primary to Least): Nahemoth, Gamaliel, Satariel

Pathway Correspondences

Planet: Pluto
Tarot: Judgment
Musical Key: C
Atavism: Prima Materia Manifesting in Corrupted Form
Siddhi: Transformation; Disappearance/Invisibility
Hebrew Letter: Shin
Yoruban Power Zone: Manamana; Orun-Apadi; Biri
Disease: Lethal Fevers; Non-Lethal Fevers Which Produce Insanity
Location: Samael (Mercury/Adramaleck)-Nehemoth (Black Earth/Na’amah)

The Nature of Shalicu

Shalicu’s Occult specialties include necromancy, geomancy, pyromancy, solar magick, green witchcraft, the Higher Self, the Black Flame, warding, shielding, shadowmancy, mirrormancy, execration, exorcism, and execration. He gives guidance and auspices in the divinatory use of crystal balls, tarot cards, bones, and Norse runes, and he imparts the gifts of transformation and invisibility.

Shalicu teaches the witch to understand the nature of the nightside energies and magickal influences that make the Qliphoth what it is. He imparts unwritten gnosis of the nature of the Qliphoth and teaches the forms of witchcraft which put the Qliphoth to optimal use. He can be called upon to stop a given spell from manifesting.

This archfiend can help the witch attune herself to the spiritual realities around her, awaken her latent abilities, and sharpen her astral senses. Shalicu can break any kind of barrier and teach the initiate to see through the illusory nature of the perceived limitations which impede her becoming and the manifestation of her Will. He can impose the phenomena of expansion, judgement, resurgence, reversal, change, alteration, termination, departure, and disappearance upon whatever you need them imposed upon.

shalicushalicuAbove: Two Original Sigils of Shalicu by an Anonymous Contributor

Shalicu can increase the witch’s physical fitness and bone density, and he can improve her cardio as well. He rules weaponry, war, warriorhood, bravery, violence, and destruction. He is knowledgeable regarding vehicle mechanics.

Shalicu can modify the witch’s personality, making her more assertive and/or aggressive. He can make the witch a better liar and a better lay and improve her aptitude for manipulating people. He can make her a more industrious person and/or make her less of a push-over.

The auspices of Shalicu are of great use in object enchantment, such that he can even consecrate a chess board for magickal use (ask him to explain this because I can’t). He guides the aimless youth of our society who struggle with ADHD. Shalicu loves kids, so he protects children. He can be evoked to heal or at least permanently decrease the sympthoms of ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, dyslexia, anxiety, and stomach problems.

I’m going to copy and paste a series of phrases that my literary sources have listed amongst the attributes of Shalicu which I either don’t know how to interpret or think would best be presented to the reader as part of the following incoherent list. I’m going to emulate the original format that these two sources presented the information in and copy and paste the listed traits verbatim.

Shalicu: The final sparks of creation, transformation and invisibility, the change of reality, the force to become a new form, to extend energy of your need into the world, the union of two powers to create anew, energy of fire, ruler or head of the Qlippoth realm lies here, sealing the final touches, the fires of lust and sex.

If you’d like a sigil of Shalicu which you should print instead of draw, click this image to go to Daemon Barzai’s original sigil of Shalicu:

The Nature of Shalicu’s Tunnel

Shalicu governs the Tunnel of Set between the Qliphothic Spheres of Samael and the Black Earth, which pathway Ford describes as the “Choronzonic transformation by struggle and fall” in The Luciferian Tarot. A musical project called y3mk has a magickal track for this tunnel (I haven’t listened to it, so don’t take this as a recommendation), which track is accompanied by the following description:

This song corresponds to the tunnel of Shalicu in an ongoing series on the Tunnels of Set. It has been created as the result of a personal exploration of the tunnel of Shalicu, which is related with fire, judgement, and the disruption of mental conditionings. Shalicu is the death of personality through fire, but it is also resurrection and the hope of leaving every attachment behind, therefore the promise of freedom. It is a journey through the Underworld, a cleansing which deconstructs the individual and even shatters him into pieces with which he can build again from scratch.

According to The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio:

here is the fire which purifies gross matter, the dross is burned away, the spirit is set free, with the power to reincarnate, and to move between the worlds at will. This is the tunnel of Plutonian forces, the tunnel of deep transformation/ mutation/ evolution of the psyche and the DNA. This lies beyond the energic bonds of matter at the interface of being and non-being, of time and anti-time. Gate for the Aeon of Maat, its appearance rises, fleeting, flickering in the waters of nether space, Night, Nothingness.”

…The need to work with the energies of Shalicu may be signaled by experiencing resistance to, or fear of change, experimentation, innovation, anarchy, chaos. There may be feelings of alienation, of nonconformism, which result in feeling oneself to be “a rebel without a cause, or, there may be over identification with prevailing social norms, and bowing to peer pressure… Among the powers we may achieve through working here is the ability to shed limitations of preconscious human pasts, to decondition our responses, thus breaking free of crystallized, arbitrary definitions of self, as well as ingrained emotional patterns and ways of interpreting reality. Thus we are able to re-learn to view Self objectively, outside of space, time, and society, being detached from social, cultural, and national identities, customs, mores and beliefs.

Magickal Chants

Liftoach Pandemonium, Et Germinet Shalicu
“Open the Infernal Plane, and Bring Forth Shalicu”

Invoco Shalicu In Nomine Qliphoth
“I Call Shalicu in the Name of the Qliphoth”

Devoco Shalicu Divinus Erus Prophetarum
“Come, Shalicu, Immortal Spirit-Ruler of Prophets.”

Agios Es, Ambrosius Divus; Perveni Shalicu
“Numinous Art Thou, Everlasting Spirit; Come, Shalicu.”

Sallimkatha-Thah-Galla Limkathorra Linkatha-Ka-Kalla Limkorra-Kalla Shalicu Linkathaggallla
This is a Channeled Summoning Chant for Shalicu

In Nomine Adamas Ater, Aperiatur Acharayim, Et Germinet, Et Germinet Shalicu
“In the Name of the Black Diamond, Open the Backwards Tree, and Bring Forth, and Bring Forth Shalicu”

The First Book of Luciferian Tarot by Michael W. Ford
Liber Azerate from the 218 Current
The Howling of Liber 231 by Frather Zephyros
The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Barbatos (Goetia #8)

Names: Barbatos; Barbatas
Rank: (Great) Duke; Great Count; Earl
Operates Under: Satanachia; Astaroth
Directions: North; Southwest
Color: Black; Green; Purple
Element: Fire; Earth
Tarot: 5 of Pentacles/Disks; 9 of Swords
Legions: 30
Planet: Venus
D/N: Diurnal
Date: April 25-29; Nov 23-27; Feb 19-23; June 1-10
Zodiac: Taurus 5-9; Sagittarius 0-4; Pisces 0-4; Gemini 10-20
Gematria: 519
Attributions: Ground Ivy; Copper; Arnica; Goats Rue; Catnip; Sandalwood

barbatosAbove: Artistic Depiction of Barbatos for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

My mentor told me that my doubts were inhibiting the manifestation of my magick—they were limiting my influence, extroversion, and social eccentricity. The demon he told me to summon to set my beliefs aright was Barbatos.

Barbatos is a Great Duke of the Goetia. He has been called “an Angelick ruler [of] Witchcraft,” “the Wild Archer,” and “the wood-demon.” He is said to know all occurrences of the past and future alike. The traditional lore states that he manifests alongside four great kings with their companies of troops.

According to the Coven of the Golden Sigil:

Barbatos teaches all of the sciences, He reveals treasure concealed by magic, and fortells the future, discerns the past reconciles friends, and will bring any two persons together in friendship. He secures the good will of those who are in positions of power. He smoothes out all misunderstandings and soothes hurt feelings. He gives the ability to communicate with and understand animals.


Barbatos gives aid in dream-walking and all manner of astral shapeshifting and atavism. His specialties are toads, serpents, and all manner of feline creatures. He teaches one to understand the voices of various animals. He breaks open the hidden treasures which magickians have concealed or sealed away via enchantment. Naturally, he can detect the locations of these treasures as well.

Barbatos divines by the singing of birds. I often divine by passing cars in the distance, letting the sounds of their passing form into astral whispers, so I can imagine what this might entail.

Barbatos reconciles friendships and brings about wealth. He helps one locate astral grimoires for the purpose of magickal self-initiation. He can see one’s house protected from hidden attacks and bring an end to ongoing conflicts between sorcerers.

Barbatos often manifests as a spirit of the forest or hunt. Pseudomonarchium Daemonum records his manifestation as a woodland archer. He has one of the most beautiful voices and elocutions of any demon you’ll ever summon. He deeply understands the sacred language of wordplay and he is very useful in divination. He imparts magickal memory and the recollection and understanding of dreams. He can impart prophesy and astral voyages via dreaming.

Barbatos teaches the power of song and the ability to tune into things. His auspices are apt for the enchantment of ouijja boards, pendulums, and tarot cards. He aids in the development of mindfulness and his support is useful in the facilitation of spirit communication, necromantic or otherwise. He can heal one of various forms of corruption and dissonance.

Barbatos grants musical skill and inspiration. He teaches one to ground themselves back into the mundane—alternately, he can just bring this about for you. He can grant the astral double horns which will help it control storms. These horns are also helpful for death magick, as is Barbatos himself.

Beliala Demonae Agaphsophia told me that Barbatos and ‘helps one channel the current of how to oscillate when one is associating and disassociating—think Neuro-Linguistic Programming.’ I don’t know what this means.

The traditional enn or summoning chant attributed to Barbatos is “Eveta Fubin Barbatos.” The chant I use to summon him while presencing Qliphothic energy is “Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Barbatos,” meaning “Open the Infernal Plane, and bring forth Barbatos.” Another chant I’ve made for Barbatos is “Veni, Veni, O Comitis Barbatos,” meaning “Come, Come Oh Count Barbatos.”

Sources: Demonology and Devil-Lore; Correspondence with Beliala Demonae Agaghosophia; Pseudomonarchium Daemonum; Ars Goetia; Luciferian Goetia; Demonolatry Basics; Godwin’s Cabalistic Encyclopedia; The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic; Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia; Mark of Qayin; The Goetia Ritual Book; Daemonolatry Goetia

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Correspondences of Spirit

Names: Niantiel, Mawethel, Madraphaleon
Planets: Pluto; Jupiter
Element: Water; Air
Attributed Behenian Stars: Sirius; Arcturius
D/N: Equally Nocturnal & Diurnal
Trans-Sephirothic Veil: Ain Soph
Colors: Yellow, Silver, Purple, Indigo, White, Grey
Vale of Name (Gematria): 91, 160, 1118
Sacred Numbers: 14, 24, 37, 29
Compass: West; Northeast (Primary); Southeast (Secondary)
Attributed Qliphothic Spheres (From Most to Least Attributed): Samael; Golachab & Ghagiel; Herab Serapel; Sathariel
Non-Qliphothic Sphere: Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary Emanation]

Correspondences of Tunnel

Zodiac of Tunnel: Cancer
Musical Key of Tunnel: G
Colors of Tunnel: Indigo-Brown; Greenish Blue
Atavism of Tunnel: Beetle, Wolf, Scorpion
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu XIII (Death)
Tunnel of Set: 14/24 (A’arab Zaraq-Thagirion)
Species of Tunnel: Necheshthiron
Zodiac of Tunnel: Scorpio
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Nun
Initiatory Ordeal of Tunnel: 5=6

Niantiel’s name is generally translated as “the Brazen Ones,” even though no one disputes the fact that Niantiel is a singular spirit rather than a group. Elohim and Behemoth are also plural nouns which refer to singular entities. The plurality denotes their stature rather than their numbers—Hebrew is weird that way. Let us postulate then that the name Niantiel means “Great Brazen One.”

(Above: Sigil of Niantiel from Liber 231. You should’ve seen how hard my coven roasted me after I drew it– they didn’t know it was supposed to look like that)

My coven has recorded two appearances for Niantiel. The first is as a hairless male with charcoal-colored corpse flesh and glowing yellow eyes. He’s a little over six feet tall. He levitates in such a way that the bottom of his cloak never touches the ground. He doesn’t appear to have legs. His sleeves culminate in long, hanging apertures through which his massive hands hang, palms downward, long fingers curving towards the floor.

The second, being the more common of the two, is a nine-foot-tall anthropoid composed of darkness. Strong, lean muscle covers his figure and two long, black horns extend from his forehead. Niantiel is a spirit of necromancy—He subjects the witch to purification by way of putrefaction. He helps attune the witch to that grey essence of death which aspiring necromancers are warned about, and He can be inventive in His method of doing so.

I have encountered a third description wherein Niantiel manifests as “Female. A transparent, skeletal figure. Many eyed, she carries a pair of sickle scythes. On her head is a peacock feather crown. At her throat is a mayfly, which lives but a single day. At her genitals is a scorpion, and at her feet are a pair of snakes. Her halo represents Time. She is purity through putrefaction, a cleanser, seeing all and slaying all before her. Nothing can escape her. She is the Great Initiatrix, the desecrator, the Sun-Phallus in Amenta-Anus. Seed amongst shit, the fertilising churning of new life. Niantiel is paired with Lafcursiax. The Hebrew letter traditionally associated with Atu XIII is Nun, originally derived from the Scale’s of Libra, the balance of Maat associated with Atu VIII, Lafcursiax’s ‘dayside’ counterpart.”

According to Liber Azerate, Niantiel facilitates the witch’s participation in “astral necrophilia.” I couldn’t wait to tell my coven about that shit.

Niantiel specializes in undoing the changes caused by previous spells. He functions as a psychopomp and is more than happy to assist the witch in regular sex magick. He can bring about changes in any causal circumstance and he instructs the sorcerer in the art of evocation.

Niantiel is adroit in creation, the stimulation of new life, and the facilitation of new growth. He’s one of the best spirits you can work with for astral sight. He is associated with the atavism of the beetle. Niantiel is more than just a lord of death—he is a father of renewal. In the same way that he guides sorcerers through the astral planes, he helps Satanists reincarnate.

Niantiel can impart reasoning skills, foresight, creativity, motivation, decision-making skills, mindfulness, talent for writing, leadership skills, and the talents for strategy and deception to the witch. His auspices are of use in sphereworkings through Falak Al-Aflak [the Primary of the Spheres]. The spirit can help you properly conduct and get away with operations of homicide, theft, drug-dealing, and arms dealing.

Niantiel is knowledgeable regarding BDSM and he can teach the magickian a lot about ceremonial magick, astronomy, psychology, meteorology, and neurology. He can also improve her hand-eye coordination and physical reflexes and teach her how to wield a firearm or sword.

One night, two fellow witches and I were drunkenly walking the suburban roads outside of the covenstead. I looked back at the tall fellow who was possessed by our guiding spirit, and asked “What should our coven be focusing on now?”

The witch, possessed by a Hekatic archdaimon, said “Astral necrophilia.”

I blinked. “Wait, really?

“Find a ghost, and fuck it,” he said

So I summoned Niantiel just before I went to bed one night, requesting that He take me out of my body and be my wingman. Astral copulation builds a strong connection to the spirit, not just emotionally, but in the same way that a lock of hair affords a strong connection between a target and a voodoo doll. The whole thing did wonders for my
spirit communication.

Niantiel can help the witch leave her past behind and start a new life and teach her how to use cannibalism, blood, and the death essence in sorcery. We have also seen him exhibit strong competence in money spells. He rules over deathly rites of Atlantean magick.

Magickal Chants

Io Mawethel-Niantiel
“Hail Mawethel/Niantiel!”

Aeternae Mawethel Gloria
“Glory to the Eternal Mawethel!”

Cresce Niantiel Praevalidus Veneficus
“Rise, Niantiel, Mighty Sorcerer!”

Adveni Patronus Nekyia– Advoco Erus Niantiel
“Come, Patron of Necromantic Communion– I Call to Lord Niantiel!”

Niantiel Basileus Nekyomanteia
“Niantiel, King of Necromancers!”

-Vagina Killer Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

Liber Azerate, Liber Obsidian Obscura, Sabbatica, Thelemic Qabbalah V. III, the writings of Cort Williams, The Shadow Tarot, The Tree of Death and Qliphoth

Invocation of Flauros

{The ritual which follows incorporates magickal chants and words of power from Liber Azerate, Dragon Rouge, Book of Belial, and OFS Demonolatry in the creation of sacred space for to facilitate the witch’s possession. The ritual to invoke Flauros in her “aspect of muliebrity” (i.e. her female form) was designed to facilitate and extended seance during which I would channel information about various spirits. Flauros is said to be all-knowing or “pansophical,” being knowledgable in particular regarding cosmology, demonology, angelology, and theology including polytheism, and it is said that she can perceive the past, present, and future alike. Flereous is also capable of imparting various spiritual powers; the witch may invoke her and then pursue attainment by speaking in tongues. Of course, the witch can use this ritual for whatever end she likes, just like any other invocation}

My vibration of the names which follow initiates of my invocation of Flauros.
Haures + Flavros + Havres + Flereous + Hauras + Flauros

Dongraph-Zodamran-Malsveh, Liftoach Pandemonium
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Oh Flereous, You Immortal Enchantress, You Witch-Goddess from the Southern Corner,  I will to conjure you via the Black Arts of the Left Hand. I invocate your consciousness to engender a state of partial possession by your aspect of muliebrity, whereby your gnostic omniscience and faculty of divination might be conferred unto the witch.

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas, Liftoach Kliffot, Zodamran
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

As the Gates of Pandemonium part, I open the Gates of my Self. I instruct my aura and subtle form to welcome the transgression of an archdemonic descending and silence my internal relations to let a foreign voice be carried by the night winds of my cognition. Come unto me, Flerous. I have been readied for your presence.

Liftoach Pandemonium, Melus de Quo Magma
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Flavros (x11)
[Open the Infernal Plane to Bring Forth Flavros]

Ol-Argedco Isli-Flereous-Tabaan O-A-Ialpurg-Babagen (x7)
[I Invoke Thee Flereous Governor of the Burning Flames in the South]

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flauros (x6)

Black Magickal Psychopomp and Golden-Eyed Demoness
Numinal Predator and Genetrix of Spiritual Attainment
Venusian-Mercurial Operant of Benighted Assassinations
Dark Elemental of Fire and Mighty Duke over Hell
Archivist and Historian of Demonography and Cosmology
Pyrogenic Shapeshifter and Murderer-Arsonist in the Spirit Plane
Cunning Mother and Warrioress of Aquarius and Capricorn
Archdemonic Prophetess who works to Generate Metanoia
Descend unto this, my vessel of flesh. Manifest in Blackness and Feminity
And impart the fruits of your pansophy to the queries of my seance.

Flavros, Hauras, Flereous –  Venire Ducis Haures (x7)
[(Three Names of Flauros) – Come Duke Haures]

Liftoach Kliffot, Et Revertetur ad Tenebras, Melus de Quo Magma
(magickal words to erect a sacred space of infernal energy)

Ganic Tasa Fubin Flauros (x7)

So mote it be.


Names: Gargophias, Amarantha, Hekashua
Gematria: 342, 393, 2429
Planet of Spirit: Moon
Qliphothic Pathway: 13/23 (Thagirion-Thaumiel)
Tarot of Tunnel: Atu XIII (High Priestess)
Force of Tunnel: Creativity; Reproduction
Siddhi of Tunnel: Clairvoyance; Divination During Lunar Eclipses
Atavism of Tunnel: Frog
Disease of Tunnel: Menstrual Disorders
Attributions: Amaranthe
Musical Note: G#
Letter of Tunnel: Gimel
Colors of Tunnel: Silver; Black
Magickal Numbers: 17, 41, 54, 84

GargophiasAbove: Artistic Depiction of Gargophias for Pathworking and an Altar Piece
(Picture Credit: G.A. Roseberg)

Gargophias is the archfiend who inhabits the Qliphothic pathway between Thagiriron (Black Sun/Belphegor) and Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan). She is largely affiliated with necromancy, clairvoyance, divination, and self-deification. The necromantic practices which she imparts to the witch are of a singularly horrific and darksome nature.

Gargophias is an emissary of Hekate and a demon of femininity. Her name is translated to mean Lemurs. She is a spirit of chaos and the moon and she operates as a psychopomp, leading the witch through the portals and gateways of the astral plane. She is a harbinger of awakening—informing the witch of hidden knowledge and bestowing initiation upon her.

Gargophias is often paired with Raflifu. The aforementioned website likens Gargophias to a prostitute betrothed to a prince.

Gargophias hones the psychic powers of the witch and makes her causal goals bear fruit. She begets internal alchemy. She is of the nature of succubi, begetting vampyric power unto her disciple.

I found a pair of quotes from an Occult website, likely paraphrased, in my notes which read as follows: “Gargophias rules baratchian witchcraft. She waits for the witch to leap into the depths of sexual union— the mating of chaos and time. Dream interpretation, clairvoyance, and menstruation. With her dwell lemurs.” Second quote: “Gargophias’s tunnel is a mutation of the lunar current which results in lemurian children.”

Gargophias manifests with many different appearances: a blood-smeared corpse maiden with a white dress and a dislocated jaw, a demonic crone, an armored warrioress, a floating white head, a flower girl, and more, but she is always female, and her skin is generally corpse-grey or snow-white.

Gargophias rules over knot magick, binding spells, execrations, hexes, and death magick. She is the most faithful servant Hecate has, and she’s a direct link between you and her. She has all the knowledge of Hecate, and she can give it to you. She aids in the creation and use of egregores.

Frater 414 describes Gargophias in a male manifestation as “A figure, dark clothing, white face with odd tentacles flailing from the face.”

The tunnel of Gargophias is described in the Shadow Tarot of Linda Falorio as follows:

This 13th Tunnel is that of Not, Naught, the Great Negative, LA, Lilith, Lady of Night. It is the Tunnel of Sevekh, Kefekh, Khepsh of the Seven Stars. Here, She is depicted as Egyptian Ur-Hekau, Mighty One of Enchantments, gesturing to Her attendant Stars that mark the Stellar Gate into the Earth-web. Her power is of a particularly Feminine type of creation— parthenogenesis — self-fertilization —such as has been recorded in the earliest divine myths.

By the image-generating power of the back-brain, webs of dreams are spun from the miasma of the lunar flux which gushes from Her, spawning Lemurian horrors, spawning teratomas arising from that stratum of pre-human consciousness that stretched long ages before the epoch of Atlantis. Patiently, passively, apparitions build, as a pearl grows bathed in successive layers of the nacre. Thus World is dreamed into existence by the Ancient One who slumbers in the deeps of unknown Space.

Yet the Feminine knows that not all that lives has the right to continued life. This is the cruelty, the horror of existence, its ultimate irrationality, that the prerogative of the Goddess is culling. She reserves the right to kill Her offspring, to weed out the undesirable, those She finds somehow unfit for life. She cares not for our complaints, nor for solar concepts of “justice,” but bids us to laugh with Her at the irrational joy of mere existence, and to delight with Her in the Maya dance of dream illusions, that together She, and we, have spun.

Gargophias is an incredibly sexual demon. If you really interest her, you can expect to be dragged out of body in sleep and fucked regularly. This strengthens one’s connection to the spirit and makes it easier to communicate with them.

Frater 414 describes the lessons of this spirit and his/her tunnel as follows: “As he rows this canoe, he explains that this place is not all that is [or is not], but a veil. I learn that Nuit veils Herself to reveal Isis (or Babalon). All that we perceive is a veil of Nuit, take away those, and Nothing is left. So profound was this that I did not need further exploration. The veil is placed at the abyss; beyond that veil the truth is revealed. All objects are veils upon Nuit.”

Linda Falorio writes:

The need for working with the energies of Gargophias may be signaled by our experiencing in ourselves, or encountering in others, feelings and expressions of reverence for “life” for its own sake, without regard to use, form, function, Will, or desire. We may encounter an overly masculine, yang,  aggressive orientation to action on  the world, or, we may find that we, and others somehow find the ability to believe in the collective Dream as objective Reality. Sadly, there may be an accompanying inability to dream, or, the breakthrough of uncontrollable nightmares. One may experience lack of visual imagination, a lack of poetry, idealism, and romance in one’s life. There may be a sense of general creative drought that signals a lack of connection to the world of Spirit,  and that leads to a lack of ideals, a lack of hope and vision of the future.

Yet in the tunnel of Gargophias is the power of the Feminine, bringing us to God. Here is the non-reflective power of movement in dreams, the power of clairvoyance, and contact with Spirit Helpers. Here is the instinctive power of the artist to fashion living souls from the substance of their own ectoplasm. Magick is exuded from the inner core, abundant creativity up-wells from an inexhaustible inner Source.  Here too, is 21st Century science: space-migration, genetic engineering, tinkering with the archetypal blueprints of life’s proliferation. And here is the attendant possibility of spawning Frankenstein horrors based upon mutation of the DNA, those terrifying mutations of past and future selves, non-viable evolutionary dead-ends, such as the Nephilim wrought questing to create perfect worker-servants of the gods.

Danger and delight lie in the compelling temptation to turn one’s back upon the “objective” world, to become forever lost in a forest of alluring, solitary fantasy, pulled to dissolution in the waters of deep space, higher, higher, into the Void of the Absolute.

There are three different numerical values for Gargophias’s name (as their are various systems of Gematria) and they follow alongside their correspondences.

342, which is equivalent in value to the names of the demons Focalor, Bifrons, and Korson, as well as the Hebrew words meaning “sweet smell,” “path,” “way,” and “male genitals.”

393, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew words for “freedom,” “trumpet,” and “maidservant/slavegirl.”

2429, which is equivalent in value to the Hebrew word for “justice.”

Magickal Chants

Gonjall Rothkontall Yonlathor Yellonkoth Gargophias
My Channeled Summoning Chant for Gargophias

Invito Mater Gargophias, Sanguinaria Praecantatrix
“I Call Mother Gargophias, Bloodthirsty Enchantress!”

Gargophias Baalat Tsalmaveth– Qodesh La-Amarantha
“Garophias, Ruler of the Realm of the Dead– Holy to Amarantha!”

Amarantha, Gargophias, Hekashua
The Names for Gargophias Arranged Into a Chant

Cio Gargophias Dia Elecebra– Vorsipellis, Venefica, Et Vates
“I Call Gargophias, Numinous Seductress– Shapeshifter, Witch, and Prophetess!”

sigils of gargophias

Above: Sigils of Gargophias from Qabalah, Qliphoth, & Goetic Magic and Liber 231

-V.K. Jehannum


Element: Fire
Direction: South
D/N: Mostly Nocturnal
Gematria: 75
Colors: Purple, Grey, Blue, Pink, Indigo
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Primary Planetary Attributions: the Moon; Earth
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Neptune; the Sun
Attributed Qliphas (In Order of Significance to Her): Daath, Satariel; Nahemoth; Herab Serapel

Laylah/Lailah is mentioned occasionally in the slightest possible detail by various commentators on the Talmud and other such speculations. She is described by these postulations as an angel of the night and a protectress of childbirth and pregnancy. Some commentaries outline her as a determinant of a human’s destiny,  adding that she has the task of escorting spirits to the afterlife. Other authorities allege that she became a demoness. She was of interest to me, so I summoned her so that I learn her true nature from the horse’s mouth.

One of Laylah’s specialties is protective magick and the banishment of undesirable energies. For a spirit who is most powerful at night, she is peculiarly powerful during the hours of daylight as well. She can be called upon to diffuse maledictions and she can reverse the effects of spells. Furthermore, she can strengthen one’s astral double to the point where it is near indestructible.

Laylah specializes in the creation of egregores and the arts of mind reading and mind control, and she can strengthen the witch’s natural psychic defenses and improve her clairaudience and clairsentience.

Laylah can make the witch a better lay. Her guidance and auspices are advantageous for necromantic endeavors and rites to Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten, as well as in rituals to the Ascended Vampyres. She can be evoked to permanently diminish or cure the symptoms of anxiety disorders and learning disabilities, as well as to help someone get out of legal trouble or get laid.

Laylah can help the magickian open portals, practice astral magick, and work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in magick. She can be called upon in spellwork to repair romantic relationships and get somebody employed or promoted. Her auspices are of use in banishing, shielding, and healing spells.

Laylah is part of a group of entities known as the Nightmare Angels, and she answers only to Samael.

Magickal Chants

Laylah Malka Ha-Malakuma
“Laylah, Queen of the Healing Dead!”

Erige Laylah Ambrosia Pentrale
“Rise, Laylah, Immortal Spirit!”

Vocamus Te Laylah-Noctiferi
“We Call unto Laylah who Brings About Nightfall!”

Laylah Genetrix, Veniat Ad Me
Mother Laylah, Come Into Me!”
Magickal Chant for Invocations of Laylah

Zala Sie Lor Goth
Channeled Chant to Invoke Laylah

Palakiera Zensatar Arak Za
Channeled Chant to Evoke Laylah

Lylla Torgar Laylah Zenlassa
Channeled All-Purposed Summoning Chant for Laylah

Channeled Sigil of Laylah

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia