My website has countless rituals, mostly for self empowerment and for other purposes as well, using both demonic sorcery as well as Hebdomadry and Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, and Norse Paganism. The purpose of this article is to provide a directory to the rituals which may be used by beginners to develop magickal aptitude.

To a certain extent, my rituals are perfect for beginners, in that they rely largely on magickal chants and words of power and are designed to generate strong results without the many kinds of equipment, materials, and sigils that most rituals require. While these material things can and should be incorporated into the rituals when possible, they are really not requirements.


A few of the rituals I’ll be linking to call on demons which the reader is probably unfamiliar with. I have written long, in-depth articles about more than 100 different demons, including all but a few of the demons worked with in the rituals to follow. If you would like to see my insights into any given demon, simply Google my name (V.K. Jehannum) alongside the name of the demon you are interested in. Do not try to scroll through the “Demonology and Paganism” section of my website if you are looking for a specific demon, and to be clear, I have worked with every demon I have written about.

The first rite I will link to is my self-initiation rite. It calls on multiple spirits for the purpose of self-empowerment and serves as the black magickal equivalent of a baptism, or a rite of passage you perform when you join a frat. A witch can initiate herself into a magickal system even if she’s unsure whether or not she wants to be in it for life, and if she likes, she may still leave demon magick after self-initiating and return in the future when the time is right.

I have designed a rite of initiation for aspiring adherents to any given paradigm of demon magick (Satanism, Demonolatry, Luciferianism, what have you). It was designed not to require magickal equipment, and it is very simple to perform.

The second link I will provide teaches a simple and helpful spiritual exercise that I believe will be very useful to beginning black magickians. It was one of the first practices I learned as well as one of the first practices I taught to most of the people I’ve trained in person.

The third link I will provide is a page with seven spiritual practices for new initiates to demon magick. I would like the reader to focus on the third and fifth entries on that list and ignore the rest of it. The third ritual can (and honestly should) be performed by new beginners once a day (or close to once a day, or even less it that’s too much) for a couple months. The fifth exercise on the page will not be relevant to the beginner for a while, but will soon become another exercise that the witch should practice once a day (if possible) along with exercise three.

Before we get into which of my rituals beginners should be performing, I have a video depiction of how these rites may be performed. The video is filmed without lighting because I didn’t want to be distracted by the fact that I’m on camera.

This is a list of my invocation rites which are suitable to beginners. Invocation rites call a demon into the witch’s body, resulting in a form of partial possession which can be either very mild or very powerful depending upon the aptitude of the practitioner. Unlike forceful possession, invocation is the union of two, not the subjugation of one. Invocation rites increase the magickal powers, psychic abilities, and strength of character of the celebrant.

Here’s a list of non-invocation rituals which call on demons to increase the witch’s magickal power, sharpen her psychic senses, and/or improve her personality. These are not evocations but they will result in the presence of the spirit. The witch may or may not be able to see the entity depending on several things, but even those who aren’t able to see spirits yet can get results and experience with these rituals.

Here is a hyperlink to a directory of resources for practitioners of demon magick. It contains lots of diverse research material and a wide range of spiritual practices.

Lastly, I have a YouTube channel where I make long but “laid-back” or conversational videos about Satanism/Demonolatry and black magick (sometimes drunk). Most of the people who watch them seem to find them pretty useful and entertaining.  I don’t consider myself a “good YouTuber” by any means, but people really do find that these videos teach them a lot about magick and motivate them to practice it. Here’s a list of videos that will be useful to beginners:

-V.K. Jehannum-