Magickal Hymn to the Raviasamin

The Raviasamin are the four leviathans– or at least, the primary four leviathans (they’re primary to me). The most well-known among them is simply referred to as Leviathan– the draconic, primordial face of the Devil who manifests as male and female alike, and as dragon and anthropoid alike. He is the steed of Choronzon. The second is Leviathan’s bride, the draconian-primordial aspect of Lilith who’s known as Taninsam in the 218 Current– the steed of Shugal. Leviathan and Taninsam are both given the moniker Chaosifer [Bearer of Chaos].

The third levithan is Rahab, a Watcher and Demon-Prince of the Sea. His other names include Ramuel and Rahab Seriel. The fourth leviathan is the unmanifest dragon of the Qliphoth: Tanin’iver/Taninniver, the blind serpent who lies dormant in Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith)– the unmanifest leviathan who will unite Lilith and Samael when he awakes and engenders aeonic progression.

Generally, my magickal hymns can be incorporated into any rite for any intended purpose– usually magickal self-empowerment and alchemical transmutation. Alternately, my magickal hymns can be used as magickal exercises in and of themselves– one hymn can be recited repeatedly or a handful of my hymns can be recited once (or more). The first hymns I wrote called upon deities I wanted to work with closely in the future when I wasn’t ready to work closely with them at the time– by incorporating these hymns to deities I had yet to pursue a relationship with into my rituals, I started the process of reaching out to them gradually, conveniently, and regularly. This increased my energetic rapport with the deities, and by doing that, I was gradually improving my ability to perceive and call forth those deities.

This hymn is a little different. It serves to open internal gateways, improve the psychic senses, empower and increase the open-ness of all of the celebrant(s)’s chakras, increase magickal power, etc.– it engenders every kind of empowerment. This hymn is for advanced practitioners, but if the pendulum says you can perform it, you may do so.

Adoro Te Raviasamin, Colubri Et Imperatores
Amplaudate Dominator Leviathan, Genitor Sitra Achara.
Laudate Sophos Ramuel, Hyrdus De Algoral.
Agios o Mater Taninsam, Matercula Gamaliel.
Agios Taninniver Magne Serpentis; Devoco Raviasamin.
O, Sagax Raviasamin, Aeonifer Et Khaosophoros Gloria!
Salve Leviathan, Taninsam-Chaosifer, Taninniver Et Rahab Seriel!

Translation: I Admire You, Raviasamin, Serpents and Rulers/ I Praise Lord Leviathan, the Father of the Other Side/ I Praise the Wise Ramuel/Rahab, the Dragon of Algoral/ Numinous is Mother Taninsam, the Mother of Gamaliel/ Numinous (is) Taninniver the Great Serpent; I Call the Raviasamin/ Hail Leviathan, Taninsam-Chaosifer, Taninniver and Rahab Seriel

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Aspects of the Devil: Leviathan, Satan, Lucifer

I felt like I didn’t have enough of a solid conception of who Lucifer and Satan were as individual spirits, and writing out my findings helps me process them. I was digging through my written notes for this article, so I can’t name all of the sources at the moment. The writings of Dragon Rouge, S. Conolly, J. Thorp, Michael Aquino, Michael W. Ford, the Order of the Nine Angles, the Temple of the Ascending Flame, and the 218 Current were definitely helpful sources.

If you are not aware, I consider the entity which I call “the Devil” to be a metagod (example: Jesus, Yahweh, & the Holy Spirit are Gods, & the sum of their parts is a metagod). The metagod I call the Devil divided himself into multiple aspects, some or all of which aspects operate as independent entities despite being manifestations of the same consciousness. I am entirely confident that Azazel, Satan, and Lucifer are, for all intents and purposes, completely independent entities (and yet all part of that umbrella consciounsness). I think there’s a good chance that aspects of the Devil known as Leviathan and Tallamea are probably the same entity as Satan, albeit peculiar manifestations of him. I’m also pretty confident that (i) the aspect of the Devil known as Noctulius is just a peculiar aspect of Lucifer and (ii) the aspect of the Devil known as Shaitan is independent from all of the above.

This shit’s hard.


Lucifer is considered the embodiment of Macroprospectus or the Drakon Principle: the enlightened perceiving-of-all experienced in the state of absolute godhood, which state of existence/attainment engenders the absolute manifestation of Will. Lucifer is a spirit of the Sun and Black Sun alike, being attributed to Venus and Mercury as well. He engenders self-awareness and helps the magickian understand who she is as a person.

Lucifer is established as the three patron gods of the Draconian Tradition, one of the nine primary divinities of Traditional Demonolatry, a member of the trinity which governs the Atlantean Current, the deity attributed to one of the four Black Towers of Chaos Gnosticism, part of the most well-known triumvirate in grimoiric Demonology, the father of Aradia (the central goddess in Stregheria & British Traditional Wicca), and he came to be worshiped by the co-author of the official grimoire of Gardnerian Wicca. Similarly, Azazel was one of the primary manifestations of the horned god deities venerated in Sabbatic Craft.

Lucifer’s title “Morning Star” originated as a name for the planet Venus. In daylight hours, Venus is referred to as the Evening Star, but at night, it is known as the Morning Star because it is held to portend the sunrise. The symbolism here is obvious: Lucifer is the harbinger of the coming aeon. His Greek title Aggelos Phos [Angel of Light] does not refer to physical illumintation, but to the Greek conception of Phaos [Light], being the principle and mechanism of manifestation.

Lucifer is a demon of the mind and witch-god attributed to Thaumiel who stands for liberation and spiritual attainment. He typifies mental consciousness (in contrast to physical consciousness and spiritual consciousness) and masculine traits. While he is a patron of sorcery who awakens the consciousness of the witch and mentors her in alchemical pursuits, he does have standards and he’s got a reputation for blinding the ones who can’t see (which is to say, if you’re an ass, don’t summon one of the best witch-gods known to man to deal with your petty shit).

Lucifer is referred to by many titles from his various contemporary followers, including “the Lord of the Heart,” “the Supreme Emblem of the Age of Reawakening,” “the Lord of the Sabbat,” “the Bringer of Gnosis and Light,” “the Lord of Light,” “the Vital Force and the Transforming Energy,” “the Supreme Adversary and Trickster,” “the Bearer of Light, Pride, Fire, and Chaos,” “the High Celestial Redeemer,” “the Master of the Southern Tower of Chaos,” and “the Flaming Eye of the Wrathful Chaos.”

Since Lucifer is one of the Nine Demonic Divinities as recorded by Dukante (famous Demonologist), he serves the role of the cardinal demonic elemental of the air and the lord of the east when the elements are called. Nonetheless, he does have a lesser-known attribution to fire which sees him established as the cardinal lord of the south in the ritual praxes of Chaos Gnosticism and the Draconian Tradition.

Lucifer presides over knowledge, justice, power, enlightenment, magickal ascent, witchcraft, the Black Flame, and initiation. He can liberate the magickian by elevating her consciousness and making her whole as well as initiate her through all manner of spiritual mysteries.

The only colors I knew that Lucifer was attributed to were yellow and white, both of which are hard to see, so I did a little spirit work but then the only color I got was pink– that’s an improvement, but who’s only attributed to three colors?

Lucifuge Rofocale is held to be Lucifer’s twin, and it is said that Lucifer gave him authority over all the treasures in the earth. Mephistophiles is considered the companion of Lucifer, which is of interest, as Mephistophiles and Lucifuge Rofocale are the two principle initiators of the medieval (Abrahamic/coercive) grimoiric tradition.

A few medieval grimoires listed Lucifer, Baelzebuth, and Astaroth as a form of leading triumvirate established in leadership over the rest of the demons in the grimoires. Jason Stratton-Kent tentatively speculated that this triumvirate could equate to a “pagan Underworld trinity.” Jason Stratton-Kent would not have had to be so tentative in said speculation if he wasn’t opposed to drawing parallels between grimoiric Demonology to Qliphothic Qabalah. Lucifer is a lesser regent of Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan), the Penultimate Qlipha (that’s the only Qlipha I’ve seen him attributed to). Baelzebuth rules the highest Qlipha on the left column of the Tree of Death, and Astaroth rules the Qlipha directly below Baelzebuth’s Qlipha. This little dream team makes perfect sense with that in mind.

There’s a controversial claim that Lucifer is the son of Hecate, which postulation I tentatively support for a number of reasons. First, Mark Allan Smith made that claim– the last time I scoffed at a claim of his that didn’t make sense to me, my spirits wound up telling me he was right. Secondly, an obscure genealogy I’ve seen on a few websites claims that Ereshkygal is the mother of Lilith, who in turn is the mother of Qayin and Qalmana, and Ereshkygal is known to be an aspect of Hecate, so this wouldn’t even be weird, especially since Hecate works close as fuck with the Infernal Divine in general.

Third, the Goetic demon Murmur is believed to have been Mormo, which entity is held to be the son of Hecate in myth. There are two direct emissaries of Hecate in the Ars Goetia (the second is Naberius/Cerberus), there is already a direct emissary of Hecate among the Nine Demonic Divinities (Euronymous), and one of the archdemons of the Tunnels of Set (Gargophias*) is the number one emissary of Hecate. Fourth, Lucifer is lowkey vampyric and, and his obscure aspect Noctulius is 100% what you would expect Hecate’s child to be like. Lucifer’s significance in Traditional Witchcraft is reminiscent of Hecate’s willingness to put on kid gloves to work with the White Lodge, and the religion of Stregheria does depict Lucifer having a child with Diana (i.e., Aradia). The fiends born of Hecate always become known by a name of Hecate– for example, Hecate/Empousa created the Empousai. Lucifer is the Latin equivalent of Hecate’s title Phosphoros [Light-Bearer].

TL;DR: there’s a lot of reasons that it’s within the realm of possibilities for Lucifer to be Hecate’s son, and at this point, I’m sort of inclined to believe Mark Allan Smith regardless because it’s Mark Allan Smith.

*Fun fact: Gargophias and Euronymous are romantically involved.



Satan is the primary ruling god of Thaumiel and therefore the most exalted deity within the Qliphoth. He is attributed to the Sun, the Black Sun, and Saturn, and he has great authority in Ghagiel (Uranus/Baelzebuth). Liber Azerate refers to him as “the Formlessness and the Black Heart of Darkness”; S. Conolly has referred to him as “the source” and called him “the wellspring from which all energy flows.” According to Conolly, Satan “consists of all elements and alchemical conjunctions and transmutations,” which explains why Aleister Crowley called the Goat of Mendes the glyph of Satan. In short, Satan is nothing less than a lord of the universe.

Diane Vera, S. Conolly, and J. Thorp are the only authorities in the Black Lodge that I know of who had the insight to attribute Satan to all four standard elements alongside the fifth element of aethyr/spiritus– and thus to every individual direction on the compass. Anton LaVey attributed Satan to fire and fire alone– in accordance with the traditional assignment of “the Four Cardinal Princes” to one element each as codified by Abramelin. Of the four lower elements, fire has the highest spiritual charge, so Abramelin’s mistake, perpetuated by LaVey, is hardly unforgivable.

Satan is a nature god, a lord of justice, a deity of black magick, a great healer and redeemer, a patron of the arts, and the great devouring darkness of the Kingdom of Deathful Wombs. He engenders macroscopic evolution as well as aeonic progression, and he is held to be the artificer of the Black Flame. According to Conolly, “Each sorcerer is given at least one gift by the lord, Satan.”

Satan typifies the life force, the primordial Chaos, erratic forces driving progress or evolution, and nature’s law that the fittest survive. He can help you discern who you really are as a person, find your inner strength, align with your hidden true nature, and see that your creativity and ambitions are fulfilled. According to J. Thorp, Satan typifies “the Whole” or “the All.” According to her, Satan corresponds to every season and every direction on the compass; he is apt for any kind of spellwork and “represents ALL wisdom.” He is capable of incredible compassion.

Satan is referred to by many titles from his various denominations of followers, including “the Lord of All,” “the Master of the Temple,” “the Bringer of Enlightenment,” “the First and Highest Manifestation of the Black Light,” “the Reality Behind Reality,” “the Hammer of Justice,” “the Muse of Our Civilization,” “Merciless, Ruthless Master of Death,” “Giver of Life,” “the Dragon of Death,” “the Existential Being Becoming,” “the Archetype of the Untamed Wilderness,” “Ruler of All the Elements,” “the Lord of Life– of all the sensual delights and pleasures,” “a Guardian of the Occult,” “Giver of Ecstasy,” “the Rebellious Aspect of Nature,” “an Archetype of Disruption,” and “a symbol of dynamic motion: the generative or moving force behind evolution, change.”

Satan’s title “Prince of Darkness” only makes sense if you know that the root word for prince is princeps [first]. The Path to Satan attributed Satan to the letter T. I am sure this will be of great use to you.

I saw one authority make the claim that, because Satan is as transcendent as it is, Satan cannot directly interact with the physical universe, which cannot possibly be more incorrect and I deeply hope that this belief was not based upon the personal experience of the author (Stephany Conolly saw Satan directly interact with matter when she was a toddler– imagine being this guy!!!). Quite frankly, this man would be astonished if he knew just how potently Satan can manifest in the material realm.

The Christian Bible postulates that Satan is the governing deity of this material world, and several denominations of Satanism have voiced support for this belief. I tentatively agree with the idea, but I do not know to what extent or in what capacity Satan governs the causal realm, so I am not sure I have a worthwhile opinion to give. The Qabalah also renounces this material plane as diabolic, even going so far as to refer to our world as Olam Ha-Qliphoth [World of the Qliphoth].

I can’t remember what the grimoire was called or dig it up again, but the same ritual script that called Satan “the Lord of All” praised him with the words “Thou art the fullness of the earth and all fertility and fecundity thereof; Thou art the oceans and
the underground springs; Thou art the fires below the earth; Thou art the rains… Thy secret smile is in all things” and so forth.

Satan has almost always appeared to me as a black dragon with two wings and four legs, manifesting as a large red snake on one occasion, and a bestial anthropoid of shadow on another. With this said, most Demonolaters witness Satan in the semblance of a human male.

It would appear that the relationship between Baelzebuth and Satan is comparable in nature to that expressed in the Abrahamic religion between the Demiurge (Jehovah) and the Logos (Christ). Azazel is said to be the equivalent of Metatron. Authorities differ as to whether Christ or Metatron = Logos. Since the role of the Qliphothic equivalent of the Demiurge is to be divided betwixt Moloch and Satan, perhaps the role of the Logos of the Qliphoth (i.e., the Alogos) can be divided between Lucifer, Baelzebuth, and Azazel.



Leviathan is one of the Nine Demonic Divinities integral to Traditional Demonolatry, often called upon as the quintessential elemental of water in rites of circle-casting. While Leviathan is traditionally either serpentine or draconic, often described as having seven heads, he is known to appear in human form– male and female alike. Leviathan is the only aspect of the Devil I’m aware of who is known to so readily assume either gender the same way Belphagore and Astaroth do.

The Black Lodge identifies Leviathan as “the Cardinal Prince of the West,” “the Lord and Master of Water,” and “the Ruler over the Western Tower of Chaos” and grants him the title Chaosifer [Chaos Bearer]. Despite his capacity for havoc and wrath, the demon is known to be thoroughly wise, fair, and just. Nonetheless, performing a rite to Leviathan in a state of mental instability or other states of vulnerability is a very bad idea. The colors blue, grey, pink, red, yellow, and black are attributed to this spirit, and he is most powerful in September and Autumn.

Leviathan is referred to as either the Crooked or Twisting Serpent in Abrahamic lore– the primeval and theriomorphic storm demon who represents mental and emotional strength. He’s been called “the Raging Sea,” “the Devouring Serpent,” “the Lord of the Wrathful and Storming Oceans of Chaos,” “the Chief Admiral of the Infernal Navy,” “the Dragon of the Void,” and “the Primal Source of All Manifestations” (that last one won’t make sense until just a little bit later).

Leviathan is a demonic god of knowledge, witchcraft, and magickal arcana who “awakens the spirit to immortal possibility.” He presides over life, draconian magick, wisdom, empathy, initiation, fertility, insight, healing, creativity, astral shapeshifting, strength, execration magick, conception and birth, the reflection of curses, apostasy,  truth, divination, antinomianism, chaos, courage, emotion, destruction, self-esteem, dream work, atavism, marriage, and liberation from the mental barriers to your psychic perceptions and the manifest-ing of your magick.

In the Abrahamic lore, Leviathan is the apocalyptic beast of the sea, just as Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth and Ziz is the apocalyptic beast of the earth (I have articles on both). Hebrew lore depicted the Abrahamic deity battling Leviathan before the creation of the Cosmos, or creating both Leviathan and Behemoth on the fifth day, realizing they were invincible beasts that neither he nor any of his angels could kill, and managing to pit the two demons against one another.

Myths such as these generally don’t have even a shred of historical accuracy,* but sometimes the myths can semi-accurately depict the demeanor of the entities discussed. Outside of the Christian Bible’s depiction of Behemoth, the apocalyptic beast of the earth was clearly delineated as being integral to the stability and maintenance of the planet itself. Greek cosmology depicted the goddess Nox or Nyx as being one of the fundamental components of existence itself– in contrast, Behemoth and Ziz appear to either be or symbolize fundamental components/requisites of causal creation. It was clear that Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz were atavistic and infernal deities which typified primal and chaotic manifestations of natural forces who inhabited significance within the hierarchies of the Qliphoth, it seemed strange that the apocalyptic beast of the sea was the only one of the three which lacked clear allusion to the principles of creation, until the writings of the ToAF .

Ophitic Gnosticism identified Leviathan with the Worldsoul symbolized by the Ouroborous. In this, Leviathan becomes more than assumption of the essence of Chaos in atavism and the Qliphothic elemental of water: authorities in demon magick describe Leviathan as “the Encircling Demon of Endless Time,” the Dark God of the Eternal, Paradoxical, Becoming,” “the Primal Force of All Creation and All Destruction, and the Inner Force of Divinity” “the Principle of Continuity and Ageless Existence,” “the Potential of the Force Lying Dormant in the Dark Recesses of the Human Psyche,” “the Eternal Beginning and Ending,” “the Absolute,” “the Principle of Continuing and Ageless Existence,” and “the Darkest Levels of the Unconscious,” and “the Lord of the Abyss.”

Leviathan can be called upon in workings of self-transformation purposed towards the dissolution of the ego, the diminishment of self-imposted mental barriers, the empowerment of the Black Flame, the refinement of astral perception, dream work, and the stimulation of the Kundalini. The demon manifests results in spellwork with impressive speed and potency.

Leviathan typifies the principles of as above, so below and as within, so without. Leviathan both embodies the dweller-in-the-acausal-and-unmanifest and typifies physical consciousness. He represents the field of aethyr (the Astral Light and fifth element) and the mechanism of intercausality within each person. He typifies the mechanisms whereby the astral double is made attached to the body and mankind’s inner spiritual potentiality is stimulated and put to purpose. While Satan typifies the counterpart of the Black Flame as a theomorphic macrocosm, the deity known as Leviathan symbolizes the macrocosmic equivalent of the Kundalini serpent.

Leviathan is a therionick manifestation of water and Chaos as a viperous spirit of storm. His assumption of bestial form threatens the flashing of lightning and crescendo of thunder which symbolize (i) disruptive enlightenment or elevation of consciousness and (ii) the inspiration, enlightenment, and epiphanies engendered by dynamic emotion and instinct. He can be conjured in magickal rebellion against stagnation, order, laws, and formal structures. He rules the use of immense disruption or drastic change in pursuit of self-mastery. More importantly, Leviathan is attributed to the letter U in The Path of Satan.

The Ophitic aspect of the Devil as “the Great Lord of Water” is one of the demons recommended for equinox rites. Traditional Demonolatry designates April 30th, May 2nd, and September 21st for ritual veneration of Leviathan.

One or more installments in Abrahamic mythos depict Israel’s tribal war god fighting not one, but two leviathans in the unmanifest Chaos which predates the created universe. In this case, the second apocalyptic beast of the sea would be the primordial atavism of Lilith’s “Ophitic and Draconic Aspect” entitled Taninsam. Where scriptural tradition refers to Leviathan as either the Twisting Serpent or the Crooked Serpent, Taninsam is “the Poisonous Serpent” known as the Torturous Serpent in myth. Lilith’s primordial-draconian manifestation shares equal dominion over the Black Tower of the West and lays equal claim to the title of Chaosifer. Taninsam is viewed as an atavistic crone aspect of Lilith attributed to the colors black, blue, and red.

While Hebrew myth only acknowledges the companionship of Lilith and the Devil’s primordial atavisms, there are, in fact, two other leviathans of note excluded in myth. Taninniver, Leviathan, Taninsam and Rahab are the complete Ophitic quartet of the Qliphoth entitled the Raviasamin.

Taninsam and Taninniver both reside within Gamaliel, but while Lilith is established in dominion over the sphere, Hebrew lore purports that Taninniver is trapped within it. Four is a number of manifestation, but a quartet is often 3 + 1. That is to say, one of the four tends to be different from the others. Since Taninniver (or Tanin’iver) is “the Blind Serpent” or unmanifest leviathan, he is the odd one out. Taninniver is held to be the latent mechanism of aeonic termination restrained and dormant within the Qlipha of the Black Moon. Were Taninniver awakened, great darkness would manifest within the Cosmos and savage the veil as he established the full union of Lilith with the aspect of the Devil beyond the Qliphoth. Rahab, on the other hand, is just another counterpart leviathan– albeit one needed for completion. I have an article on him here if you like:


Concluding Speculations

These discussions should help clarify the advantages of the Devil’s multi-establishment of consciousness. While Satan and Leviathan are entirely demonic in nature, Iblis is the purely djinnic aspect of the Devil established in authority over shayateen (darksome/adversarial djinn). Azazel is the most accessible regent and emissary of Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan) and embodies a mixture of demonic, angelic, and djinnic essence. There’s a female aspect of the Devil, most likely a peculiar manifestation of Satan, named Satania/Tallamea, but I don’t know much about her yet.

Azazel is said to be the most visible and accessible regent and emissary of Thaumiel (Neptune & Pluto/Moloch & Satan) who is established in authority over the Watchers (called the Grigori, Egregoroi, Iyrin) alongside Azael and Semyaza. It is most likely that neither Azazel nor Shaitan ever answered to the aspect of the Abrahamic metagod known as Allah, and it is probable that the Watchers/Grigori as a whole were never in service to Jehovah.

According to my coven gnosis, Jehovah is only one member of the group of deities who created the species of angelic spirits, and I’ve met a few non-fallen angels who were not in Jehovah’s service. Think about it: the third manifest/active leviathan Rahab is considered to be one of the Watchers.

An abundance of conflicting religious teachings has seen Samael identified as an archangel, the demiurge, an aspect of the Devil, and a reaping spirit alike. Samael has been known to self-identify as an archangel even in the presence of those who worship demons, but he is also considered to have been the serpent of Eden who breeds legions of fiends with the Succubus Queens and gave birth through Eve to Qayin or Cain, who went on to become the first witch. Coincidentally, according to Hebrew lore, it was the infamously “wicked” descendants of Qayin whom the Watchers elected to reproduce monsters with, purely to cure their blue balls. I suppose the Watchers just decided to teach their lovers and genetically superhuman offspring to practice the Dark Arts for the fuck of it. For some reason, my friend who works with an archangel she calls Samael and I have become pretty sure that the two of us are contacting the same Samael, and I know that the infernal god I call Samael is indeed a mixture of angel and demon.

Azazel and Shaitan are said to be the intermediate patron of humankind on behalf of Allah, accepting the moniker Melek Taus. Meanwhile, Azazel is acting as initiator and witch-god of Thaumiel on behalf of the Black Lodge and Cultus Sabbati alike, and Shaitan is venerated by the O9A and considered a messenger of the Nekalah. While the aspects of the Devil known as Noctulius, Lucifer, Shaitan, and Satan do initiate Niners as requested, the O9A reports far more abrasive experiences in working with the Nekalah than I tend to have– this is the standard occurrence when demons agree to help people they do not respect, and I’ve seen the Nekalah and Infernal Divine both express some real contempt for the O9A.

So, what happens when Yezidis who aim to serve Allah pray to Azazel and Iblis, and what is the motivation for the Trans-Qliphothic Aspect of the Devil’s possible willingness to engender the alchemical development of the White Lodge when called upon in angel magick? I did meet an archangel with authority in the Sephiroth who had no allegiance to Jehovah at all and there are Demonolaters who enjoy the guidance of angels…

Now I have a headache.


New Magickal Chants

Kohot Ha-Qliphoth, Beni Sitra Ahra, Aeonifer, ________, Artorzozam
“Forces of the Qliphoth, Children of the Other Side, (WoP for Calling Forth Demons), ____________, (WoP for Calling Forth Demons)!” This chant can be used to call forth any Qliphothic army.

Salve Ducis Murmux!
“Hail Duke Murmux!” Source: V.K.

 Agios Murmux Rex Mormolyceae
“Numinous (is) Murmux, King of Ghouls” Source: V.K.

Mormo Murmux Matthias-Daimon
Magickal chant to Murmur composed of his various names.

Drakosophia-Octinomos Liftoach _____________
“May the Current of Adversarial Self-Deification Open ________!” This chant is used to evoke a group of spirits from or attributed to a given location. The blank may be filled with the magickal name for the Planetary Sphere of the Earth (Bapki), the Planetary Sphere of the Moon (Qamar), the Planetary Sphere of the Sun (Shams), the name of any of the Veils before Samael (Chasek, Bohu, or Tohu), or the name of any Qlipha.

Drakosophia Liftoach __________
“May the Current of the Adversary Open ________!” The blank is to be filled with Bapki (Planetary Sphere of the Earth), Qamar (Planetary Sphere of the Moon), or Shams (Planetary Sphere of the Sun). This chant calls upon the magickal power of the planetary sphere, and is useful for self-empowerment through the power of the planetary sphere or self-initiation through the same.

Paimon Va-Edom Belial Liftoach Gashkalah
“Paimon and Edom/Adam Belial, Open the Jupiterian Qlipha!” Calls upon two demons attributed to Gashkalah (Jupiter/Astaroth) to presence the energies and demons of Gashkalah.

Basmijael Va-Luluwa Liftoach Herab Serapel
[Basmijael and Luluwa, Open the Venusian Qlipha!” Calls Basmijael, a demon attributed to Herab Serapel (Venus/Baal), and Luluwa/Qalmana to presence the energies & spirits of the Venusian Qlipha.

Liftoach Harasiel, B’Shem Ha-Isheth Zenanim
“Open the Saturnian Qlipha, in the Name of Isheth Zenanim!” Calls on Eisheth Zenunim to presence the influence of Satariel/Harasiel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale) so as to lend the power & influence of Satariel to a spell/rite or simply empower the witch through the power of Satariel.

Eligos Va-Gurigur Liftoach Shaari Golab
“Eligos and Gurigur, Open the Gate to the Qlipha of Mars!” Calls Eligos/Abigor & Gurigur/Alfpunias, two demons attribtued to Golab (Mars/Asmodeus), to presence the demons & energies of the Qlipha.

Bitru-Guision-Edom Belial, Liftoach Satorial
“Sitri, Guision, and Adam Belial, Open the Saturnian Qlipha!” Calls upon Bitru/Sitri, Adam Belial/Edom Belial, and Guision, three demons attributed to Satorial/Satariel (Saturn/Lucifuge Rofocale) to presence either the energies and demons of Satariel.

Arbitrator A’ano’nin Akasha Pandendam
“Lord A’ano’nin, Spread the Astral Light!” This chant has two effects to choose from:
(i) Calls Forth A’ano’nin
(ii) Calls Upon A’ano’nin to Strengthen & Increase the Openness of the Witch’s Minor Chakras, Including Ones She’s Never Worked on or Heard of

Domine Malkunofat, Agios Es– Patre Prophetarum, Admirabilis
“Lord Malkunofat, Numinous Art Thou– Father of Prophecy, You Are Wonderful!” This chant has three effects to choose from:
(i) Call Forth Malkunofat
(ii) Empowers all the minor chakras & all the major chakras you’ve opened

Fam-Pal-Un, Aeonifer, Qulielfi
“266, Aeon-Bringer, Qulielfi!” Chant calling forth Qulielfi consisting of Aeonifer, a word of power for summoning any demon, and the numerical value of Qulielfi’s name pronounced in Enochian as a word of power.

Io Niantiel-Mawethel
“Hail (Two Names of Niantiel)!”

Hemethterith Hemhemterith Fam-Ged Val-Ger-Gal
This chant, used to call forth Hemethterith, consists of two names for the demon and two numerical values attributed to Hemethterith pronounced in Enochian as words of power.

Don-Graph + Pal-Un + Liftoach Pandemonium + Chasek +  Chashakh + Xul Soph Aur + Chassomnibra + Artorzozam + Aeonifer
Name vibration formula calling upon the power & spirits of Chasek/Chashakh, consisting of two magickal names for the Veil (Xul Soph Auur & Chassomnibra), two other words of power for the conjuration of demns (Artorzozam & Aeonifer), two numbers apt for demon magick as Enochian words of power (Pal-Un/66 & Don-Graph/87), and a magickal formula to presence Qliphothic energy, totaling at nine vibrations, where 9 is the number of all things demonic.

Liftoach Chasek B’Shem ha-Gothiel
“Open Chasek in the Name of Gothiel.” This Chant Summons Gothiel While Presencing the Energy & Spirits of Chasek

Don-Graph + Pal-Un + Liftoach Pandemonium + Yehi Aur Chashakh + Bohu + Bemmatanahoth + Sammammahot + Artorzozam + Aeonifer
Name vibration formula calling upon the power & spirits of Bohu, consisting of two magickal names for the Veil (Xul Soph Auur & Chassomnibra), two other words of power for the conjuration of demns (Artorzozam & Aeonifer), two numbers apt for demon magick as Enochian words of power (Pal-Un/66 & Don-Graph/87), and two magickal formulae to presence Qliphothic energy, totaling at nine vibrations, where 9 is the number of all things demonic.

Don-Graph + Pal-Un + Liftoach Pandemonium + Yehi Aur Chashakh + Tohu + Aynashakh + Chammethrial + Artorzozam + Aeonifer
Name vibration formula calling upon the power & spirits of Tohu, consisting of two magickal names for the Veil (Aynashakh & Chammethrial), two other words of power for the conjuration of demns (Artorzozam & Aeonifer), two numbers apt for demon magick as Enochian words of power (Pal-Un/66 & Don-Graph/87), and two magickal formulae to presence Qliphothic energy, totaling at nine vibrations, where 9 is the number of all things demonic.

Liftoach Tohu B’Shem Ha-Qemetiel
“Open Tohu in the Name of Qemetiel!” Calls Qemetiel to Presence the Demons of Tohu.

Ave Luna Noctiluca
“Hail Luna who Shines at Night!” Used to call upon Luna/Selene

Veni, Siderum Regina Bicornis
“Come, Two-Horned Queen of the Stars!” Used to call upon Luna/Selene

Ayea, Ayea, Skylla!
“Welcome, Welcome Skylla!” Calls forth the daughter of Hecate, Skylla/Scylla.

Nyx Phylia, Admirabilis, Divina Astraea, Patefi Caelis
“Kindly Nyx, You Are Wonderful, Eternal (Name of Nyx), Open the Sky!” This chant has two effects to choose from:
(i) Calls Forth Nox/Nyx
(ii) Calls Forth Nyx to Empower Whichever of the Witch’s Major Chakras She Deems Appropriate, Sometimes Just Whichever Ones the Witch has Open

Astraea– Nyx Phylia– Nox
Magickal chant calling forth Nyx composed of three of her titles.

All of these chants are entirely original



Enochian Invocation of Noctulius

{While I am a staunch critic of the Order of the Nine Angles, their teachings are a legitimate repository for real Greek and Druidic magickal knowledge, regardless of how much of their teachings was stolen from Kenneth Grant. It was originally an archdemon of the Tunnels of Set who told me the O9A’s deities were worth working with, and I have found this to be true. Working with these deities is different from working with most other pantheons, so seek guidance before endeavor. It is up to the celebrant to decide what, if any, equipment and materials she will employ in the performance of this ritual}

Zacam Micalzo Noctulius
[ I Move You, Mighty Noctulius]

Noctulius Ol Um Od Ol Zodameta
[Noctulius, I Call and I Conjure You]

Solpeth Pambt Noctulius Nonci Tabaan De A Dosig
[Hearken Unto Me, Noctulius, Oh You Governor of the Night]

Niis Noctulius Nonci Gah De Teloch Sa Ors
[Come Noctulius, Oh You Spirit of Death and Darkness]

Tabaan O A Cicle De A Pleiades
[Governor of the Mysteries of the Pleiades]

Gohed Noctulius Gah De Drilpi Ananael Od A Dosig
[Everlasting Noctulius, Spirit of Great Wisdom and the Night]

Arphe Noctulius Ar Ol Restil Micama Zomdv Alonusahi
[Descend, Noctulius, So that I May Behold Your Power]

Niis Noctulius Micalzo Tabaan Qamar
[Come Noctulius, Mighty Governor of the Sphere of the Moon]

Ils Chismicaolz Od Gohed Noctulius
[You Are Mighty and Everlasting, Noctulius]

Noctulius Carma De Zomdv Paradial Sa Zacare Caosg
[Noctulius, Come Out of Your Dwelling and Move to the Earth]

Zirdo Noctulius A Drilpi Gah O A Graa
[I am Noctulius, the Great Spirit of the Moon]