Deities You Probably Shouldn’t Work With

Ra – Ra hates psychic vampyres. He is inclined to select vampyric covens at random and attack its members, sometimes managing to pit them against one another. If you get to a certain level of attainment, it is quite possible that Ra will eventually beg you for forgiveness and seek to work with you. It’s pathetic.

Zeus – Zeus is a cunt. Really, just read any myth about him ever.

Lovecraftian Divinities – These entities are not logical in the harm and dismay they incite. Azathoth, for example, presses initiatory test after initiatory test upon his chosen ones, illogically, even when it’s overly unnecessary and sometimes unproductive to do so. It’s the more the merrier for him. Most of the people who work with Azathoth (e,g, Discordians, LaVeyan Satanists, Setians) do not acknowledge the objective existence of the entity, while those that do (e.g. Niners) often do so from the point of view that throwing away all regard for their own well-being is the way to cultivate strength, despite the fact that it’s predicated upon self-loathing. Some persons who work with Lovecraftian Divinities, such as S. ben Qayin, advise that these entities only be contacted when absolutely necessary, positing that Azathoth in particular should only be invoked when every other attempt at solving your problem as failed—explain to me how you’re going to fuck up badly enough for that to happen. What the fuck kind of problem are you going to have that none of the gods you work with are able to set it aright? Look at the founder of the Cult of Cthulhu, Venger As’Nas Satanis. His first writings were absolutely fucking brilliant, but then he lost his goddamn mind along the way. Niners consider Atazoth’s auspices useful for humanity’s advancement, but their idea of humanity’s advancement entails the obliteration of all modern religions (yours included) and the obsolescence of almost all of the deities we follow. The ONA’s agenda is overtly fascistic, just like Venger Satanis’s long-term agenda for a Lovecraftian theocracy. Tell me if that’s what you want.

Sekhmet – It’s surprising to me that anybody who has read the mythology of Sekhmet would want to work with her—she devours her own worshippers at random if they don’t sacrifice to her enough. She’s no different from Jehovah, save that she is weaker and more overtly malicious. The fact that some consider her apt for black magick when she’s an agent of Ma’at is ridiculous.

Odin – If you read the mythology about Odin, you will find that he is inclined to randomly turn against warriors whom he has previously worked with. He is inclined to lash out at people without justification, largely at random. Most Norse Pagans, meaning the ones who originated Norse Paganism, really didn’t like Odin much at all because of how dishonourable the fucker was, but nowadays, lots of left-handed magickians would like to ignore Odin’s constant dishonourable faggotry on the account that some parts of Odin’s story exhibit Feminist, Antinomian, and Faustian values. Look at the modern Astaru community—beta male central—and ask if that’s what you want to emulate.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia