New Magickal Services from V.K. Jehannum

I have recently made the decision to become a consulting magickian. Unlike most professional magick users, I do not cast spells for non-practitioners or deliver messages between people and spirits. Instead, I give people the tools to get the most out of their own practice through one-on-one guidance and assistance with ritual design. It is recommended that potential clients only pursue my services after acquiring a working familiarity with my body of work.

Unless it is inappropriate for the product you buy to be shared with the public, any rituals, articles, sigils, and chant selections which I am paid to produce will be posted publicly on my WordPress. In most cases, you and I will not be the only ones to benefit from your transaction.

The best way to contact me is via Facebook Messenger, but should this not be an option for you, you may email me at

For those who can contact me on Facebook, my profile is here:

Payments are to be given via Paypal before services are rendered. I reserve the right to decline any transaction for any reason, specified or unspecified. I guarantee that no such declination will be based upon religious, ethnic, or sexual identity. I may decline a video consultation or cooperative ritual if accommodating your schedule time or time zone is too much of a hassle. All customers must be eighteen or older.


Spiritual Protection – $80

This is an exception to my policy against doing your magick for you. You may hire me to remove love spells and curses, undo binding spells, and destroy oppressing spirits.

Liberation from the God of Abraham – $70

This is another exception to my policy against doing your magick for you. You can hire me to evoke the demon Merihim to render you completely and permanently immune to Allah and Jehovah– two aspects of the same oppressive force.


Chant Selection – $55

I will provide a series of chants for a given entity or race of entities. I will personally design several of my own and channel one or more as well. So long as the entity consents, I will also provide a selection of secret names for the spirit.

Channeled Sigil – $35

I will channel a sigil which is very powerful but possibly visually unimpressive. Due to my lack of skills in graphic design, I will present the channeled sigil via cellphone picture, as is the norm for original sigils appearing on my website.

Summoning Package – $80

This will include a channeled sigil and a chant selection—you will be saving money by buying the two together.

Custom Ritual – $55

I will create a self-transformation rite or invocation suited to your needs, which needs we will discuss one on one. It is your decision whether you want me to make a beginner-friendly ritual or one of the overpowered rituals that I generally designate as for advanced practitioners. There is no difference in cost between the two.

Magickal Hymn – $45

I will create a magickal hymn to a given spirit or selection of spirits. We will discuss exactly what you want me to produce one on one.

Forty-Five Minute Video Consultation – $70

I would prefer that this be carried out over video chat on Facebook Messenger, but I will learn how to use skype again if need be. If you are having bad service, I will likely ask you to switch to a voice call. I would prefer that you give me a general idea of what you want to ask me about prior to the consultation so that I may decline your transaction if I discern that I am not the man for the job. You will in no way be required to restrict yourself to the questions that you specified when setting up the consultation during the consultation, so long as you understand that I might not have all the answers. If our consultation has to extend a little over the time duration agreed upon, so be it. There will be no extra charge.

I will not deliver messages between you and a given spirit, but I will help you learn to communicate. I conduct myself in a casual manner during consultations because I feel that my laid-back persona is what my audience has come to know and love about me.

One and Half Hour Video Consultation – $140

Consultations Longer than One and a Half Hours
Forty-five minutes cost seventy dollars. This is a flat rate. Most professionals, if they charged one-hundred-and-forty dollars for one-and-a-half hours, would charge more than seventy dollars for a forty-five minute consultation. This is a standard sales practice used to incentivize a more costly purchase, and I refuse to use this sales practice. If you think you only want or need forty-five minutes with me, I do not want you to spend more time with me just because you want to save money. A two-hour-and-fifteen-minute consultation would be $210. Tell me how long you want your consultation to be and I will use my calculator.

Article Regarding a Given Spirit – $250

Creating an article on the spirit (or race of spirits) of your choice will take considerable time and effort on my part. It will require multiple channeling sessions and, most likely, multiple approaches to channeling, along with time spent in research. Any article purchased will come with a chant collection and a channeled sigil. If you cannot pay the entire price at once, you may split the price with one or more persons. A payment plan can be discussed as long as you are able to pay a decent portion of the sum up front.

Cooperative Ritual Work – $90

If you want added firepower for your alchemical endeavors, you may hire me to perform your ritual alongside you over video chat. I will not help you cast a money spell or a curse– this service is for rites of self-transformation. If your intention is to initiate through one or more Qliphas, Tunnels of Set, or their Sephirothic equivalents, this service is for you. If you want to perform a rite of initiation into demon magick, angel magick, Saturnian magick, or Hecatean magick, this service is for you. If you want to add my power to your act of initiating one or more covenmates or apprentices, this service is for you. I will make use of blood magick and partial possession to ensure that you get the most out of my services so long as all parties are comfortable with it.

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia