Cicada 3301: Teachings of Demonurgy (Free PDF)

Cicada is a black magickal order dedicated to resurrecting a system of ancient sorcery which combines elements of Goetia and Theurgy to combine what it refers to as Demonurgy. What follows is an introductory PDF to its teachings which I have been asked to promote. According to Cicada, I am the first outsider to receive this PDF. Nonetheless, I am not their representative. They speak for themselves.


V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


Bealuwes Gas and Myndsquilver in PDF

Myndsquilver is the magickal autobiography of Richard Moult, also known as Christos Beest. The esteemed Niner and musician who “failed his Sinister Quest.” Much spiritual and sociological wisdom has been packed into this 25-page document. I honestly love it.             myndsquilver

Beawules Gast is one of David Myatt’s autobiographies, which biography focuses on the baleful or exeatic aspects of his lebensweg [life journey] which engendered his creation of Hebdomadry. Consisting of about 80 pages if I remember correctly, this text mainly lends insights into the origin of the Order of the Nine Angles than it does convey pragmatically applicable knowledge of life or spirituality.

Bealuwes Gas Part One

-V.K. Jehannum

Themonomicon PDF + Blog Update

The Themonomicon

At the dawn of 2017, the Temple of Them (abbreviated as +o+) released the first half of a book entitled the Themonomicon, promising to release the second half later in 2017. It introduces the theology (pantheism), praxis, and goals of the Temple of Them in a way that is accessible to persons who lack preliminary understanding of the +o+’s weltanschauung [worldview]. Judging by the portions of the text I’ve read, it appears that only a passing knowledge of the ONA’s weltanschauung is required to understand the text. It presents an iconoclastic vision of the Great Work with commendable erudition which is worthy of consideration not just for those affiliated with or influenced by the ONA, but for adherents to the Luciferian, Thelemic, Discordian, Typhonian, and Draconian traditions as well (probably not Demonolaters, but certainly some Satanists).

The greatest problem with the text is the format that it is in, which sometimes makes the text challenging to read. Left-clicking on the page you’re reading will allow you to rotate the page clockwise. This combined with the zoom function will remedy any problems of illegibility.

The Temple of THEM, founded in Australia by Ryan Anschauung, originated as a subgroup of the Order of the Nine Angles, but after variously exiting and re-entering the ONA, the +o+ has become an independent group. Anschauung’s literature exhibits a level of erudition which persuaded me to take the ONA and Hebdomadry seriously back in the day.

The +o+ permits the free distribution of this PDF file.


Blog Update

My readers have likely noticed a steady increase in the quality of my articles about demonology over time, prompted by my gradual accumulation of more experience and research materials. I have recently been revisiting old articles about demons and refurbishing them with the information now available to me, including source citations and pathworking artwork created by G.A. Rosenberg.

I have added two pages to my blog which are only accessible via the menu button. One links the reader to a directory of websites which are of use to the learning Satanist and black magickian (including various bloggers, Tumblr accounts, and youtube channels). The second is an about me page.

The last and most important update is that I had a long, recorded discussion on all things Satanic (including LaVey, the ONA, the MLO, Anti-Cosmic Satanism, Blood Offerings, etc) with a black magickian and Norse Pagan by the username of Wrath of Þorr (read: Thor). The sound quality is rather bad, but for those of you who’ve been wanting a podcast, here you go. We’ll be doing more chats like this and calling the series Wrath & VK.

-V.K. Jehannum

Obscure ONA Literature Pt II


This series of manuscripts includes insights into the use of the star game and the quartz tetrahedron, crystal magick, cultural criticisms, political insights, and so much more. You’ll be surprised at exactly how talented these guys are when it comes to writing fiction too. I was chatting with Anschauung (the leader of +o+) about where to find more of their literature, and he told me that much of it could be found on and that roughly 50% of their literature is publicly available.


Some basic information about the Black Order, which wrote the renowned Book of Wyrd. The end of the book has a small catalogue of texts which one can buy from the Black Order, and a lot of it looks well worth the cost.


This is a written interview of yours truly regarding the O9A, with the querents being five mainstream Occultists. I went deep into the esotericism in particular.


This is a series of manuscripts from an Aryan nexion called Temple 88. They believe that the Aryan race is supremely gifted by the gods (which I disagree with). Most of this literature is pretty unremarkable, excluding the treatises on honour, physis, and martial arts which appear shortly after the long epic poem that I didn’t read.

physis-manual         physis-manual2

These manuals delineate the ONA’s practice of physis.

a-conversation-with-void-antithesis         a-question-of-sinister-morality-absolute-power-and-satanic-metrics        concomitant-dissidence-the-necessity-of-conformity-comments          declarations-and-obligations       disruption-subversion-and-evolution       ego-interrogist-velticese-forest             formative-observations       galacticus-913     nexion-913-wsa352-debate       the_mythos_commentaries      vindex-913

Above is Nexion 913’s Literature.

further-notes-on-the-star-game     liber-13-13    star-game-archive-part-1    star-game-archive-part-2    star-game-archive-part-3

There are some texts regarding the star game.



By the way, someone ONA told me that this symbol signifies two tesselations of pentagram geometry. It’s the Satanic blessing of “Agios ischyros Baphomet,” which creates a septenary vertex.



Opus Vrilis – the Book of WSA 352

This is Opus Vrilis, the central text of WSA 352 detailing the philosophy, exeatic praxis, and spiritual practices of Chloe 352’s Progressive Satanism. I have no doubt that the reader will find it enlightening.



The White Star Acception is named after Sirius, by the way, but the Acception also uses the variant name Waffen Schaft Azagthoth [Army of Azagthoth]. The founders have written that they were unaware at the time that they chose their title that 352 is the numerical value of the name Shaitan in Hebrew Gematria, so it is probable that they also were/are unaware of Typhonian Occultist Kenneth Grant’s attribution of Sirius/Sothis to the Devil. They were also purportedly unaware that “Acception” is not a word.

Obscure ONA Manuscripts

Angular Momentum is an academic essay on the ONA.

A series of excerpts from various nexions regarding the Mother of Blood.

A wonderful treatise which focuses strongly on practical Dreccian action.

This is an erudite offshoot of the Order of the Nine Angles which manages to blend the philosophies of Anton Long, Anton LaVey, Friedrich Nietzsche, and more. I don’t know how they do it. You literally have to see this shit yourself.
The end of the text also outlines multiple ceremonial rituals to Pagan goddesses.

The White Order of Thule was an Odinist off-shoot of the Order of the Nine Angles. Among the many insightful essays in this collection is a history of Nazi occultism that convinced me that Adolf Hitler was a witch.

A work by Asha’Shedim of the Lilin Society, an Anti-Cosmic offshoot of the O9A.

A brief text on the ONA’s brand of Traditional Satanism.

An old document from the Sect of Angra Mainyu.

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Interrogist.

Lastly, there’s some literature by Vatra.


The Temple of THEM

The Temple of THEM (abbreviated as +o+) is an Australian Satanist group which has fluctuated in and out of associated with the Order of the Nine Angles and is currently considered (at least by its members and fans) to be a nexion of the Order. Its literature, provided here, displays a very impressive degree of erudition, and strongly influenced my decision (back in the day) to take the Order of the Nine Angles seriously as a magickal tradition.







Rumors have circulated, by way of both social media and manuscripts, that +o+’s leader, Kris McDermott (aka Ryan Anschauung), does not count as ONA. With that said, such rumors should not be accepted at face value (although anyone who is legitimately ONA knows this). The manuscripts wherein these events are recounted are called Ryan Anschauung and his Temple of THEM and An O9A Education.

The first arena wherein McDermott was deduced to be a poseur (by certain parties) was in a chatroom wherein he purportedly displayed incompetence and incognizance in various fields, including certain unwritten rules of conduct. Unfortunately, as the reader and I are not privy to that chatroom, we cannot reach a conclusion as to the veracity of this deduction. Manuscripts such as Some Advice for Neonates relate that the only way to truly verify whether or not someone is truly of the ONA kind is to know them personally. That bit of advice is a generalization and thus can only be true in general, so it is left to each individual reader to decide what to believe.

Following this, McDermott was invited to a Facebook group and pressed to answer very in-depth questions about the Star Game, which he was unable to answer. His incognizance was deemed to be further proof of his illegitimacy, but as far of proof of mundanity goes, this is rather shaky. The ONA manuscript Sacrementum Sinistrum relates that the construction and mastery of the advanced form of the Star Game is the fourth task of the External Adept (III), and to suggest that anyone below the rank of External Adept is not ONA is errant.

I personally have no opinion (and I can only speak for myself) concerning the validity or honour of the Temple of THEM or its leader, let alone one which I would feel confident relating to the public. I do not know the individuals involved, so any opinion from my corner would be worthless, as is the opinion of just about anyone who would question my legitimacy for failing to vilipend +o+’s literature.

Besides, the conflicts described occurred over two years ago, and the amount of personal development that someone, particularly an occultist, can go through in that amount of time is monumental.

The manuscripts detailing these affairs appear below for context.



-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum