A Hymn & Rite to Seven Primordial Dragons

The following prayer calls upon seven primordial dragon spirits: Leviathan, Rahab, Taninsam (Lilith’s dragon aspect), Tiamat, Kingu, Absu, and Apep. It may be used in two different ways.

The first method of applying the hymn is to simply recite it as a prayer seven times consecutively—I mean seven times back-to-back on the same night, not on seven separate days. This will strengthen one’s natural psychic defenses, engender holistic magickal empowerment, strengthen the Black Flame, incite the alchemy of the primordial chaos, help one make progress in recovering from childhood trauma, improve energetic resonance with draconic and serpentine intelligences, and release a beneficial flow of serpentine energy into one’s life that will bless them in whichever manner(s) the seven divinities dictate.

Even the first method is an intense undertaking—one that shouldn’t be conducted more than once within three or so months.

The second method is even more intense: recite the prayer eleven times over a glass of cleansed water, and then drink said water. This will engender a total rebirth and incite a massive alchemical transformation. The energy body will be greatly transfigured in a way that is quite beneficial to practitioners of psychic vampyrism.

A practitioner who prefers to remain anonymous helped me create this hymn—he assisted in its conceptualization, in the act of writing it, and in the act of magickally empowering it. He shares equal credit in the finished product. However, credit must also be given to the Temple of the Black Light and Matthew Wittman, which persons codified some of the terminology utilized in the hymn.

Vos Voco, Tanninim Immortales!
Oh, Primordial Womb of the Nightside,
Bless Us As Your Own,
And Let Your Scales Be Our Armor,
Your Fangs Our Poisoned Swords,
Leading Those Set Against Us To Oblivion!
Avete Kingu Et Rahab,
Leviathan, Tiamat, Et Apep, Gloriae,
Pervenite Taninsam Et Rex Absu!
May the Preeminent Serpents,
Of Acausality and Chaos,
Reign Over Malkuth Forever.
Aperiatur Ain Sof Chosek,
Et Germinent Tanninim!

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia

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