Three Invocations of Hekate

If you are knowledgeable regarding Hekate, you know that she is very much a multi-faceted goddess. In addition to being depicted with three heads, she has been depicted with two heads as well as four. I have found that there are differences between these manifestations. Her three-headed aspect is her chthonic aspect, and her two-headed aspect is her Titanic aspect. Her four-headed aspect combines her Olympian, Titanic, and chthonic aspects. These four invocations will allow you to experience union with these three forms. These rites are best left to those experienced with invocation/possession.

The rites which follow were channeled and are composed largely of Latin and barbarous tongues. Some practitioners will be able to perform them quite successfully simply by reading the scripts out loud with intent, but others may need to incorporate things such as sigils, candles, incense offerings, etc. Raising a sacred space beforehand is optional, just as the potential tools I listed are.

Invocation of the Two-Headed Aspect

Io Amphiprosopos-Hecate

Odrogga Illa Inna Oz

Djieggara Illa Va Illyl

Djornar Arra Ov Ia

Galara Vor Avaea

Iennor Lyk Zee Vea

Gaza Nara Ala Vea Giedar

Invocation of the Three-Headed Aspect

O, Hekate-Trikephalos, Gloria

Vornyn Ovva Va Vea

Gordar Goss Vea Ozza

Zahzora Volla Nee Yizzel

Zakar Voll Zorn Vee’ae

Oddarrock Vorra Onna Lyn

Ave Domina Tripthoggos!

Invocation of the Four-Headed Aspect

Salve Era Tetraprosopeine

Ziennorra Lylla Iennar Ga

Vuldor Yonna Zee

Ahlar Ia Ziennor

Djiennora Lodda Zee Anar

Vossa Ill Djee Illa

Domina Hekate-Tetrakephalos, Laudamus

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


3 thoughts on “Three Invocations of Hekate

  1. Oh my freaking hell ._.

    I was literally planning on adding more rituals of Hecate in my pathworking with her today and then I see you post not one but 3 different Invocations about Hecate!

    That’s it, wrap it up. This was a sign!

    Thank you VK 🖤😍🖤

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