A Basic Spiritual Self-Protection Rite

This ritual will call on Lucifer for spiritual protection against cursework, hexcraft, love spells, domination spells, etc. that has either already been placed on you or will likely soon be. You will need to burn both a black candle and a white candle. You will also burn nag champa and white sage incense in offering to Lucifer. In this instance, white sage is not being used the way that it is used in Native American spirituality—both incenses are offerings to Lucifer, and you are to use something like normal incense sticks rather than a smudge stick. You are not smudging. With the candles lit and the incense burning and offered to Lucifer, recite the ritual monologue. The magickal chants, which chants were specifically channeled for this rite, written in Italics are meant to be chanted (recited repeatedly in a rhythmic monotone). Translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. Note: Lucibel is a name for Lucifer.

Voco Te Rex Lucifer! Liftoach Pandemonium! Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia!
[I Call You, King Lucifer! Open Up the Infernal Plane! Numinous is the Underlying Force of All Demon Magick]

Open up the Infernal Plane and let the power of Lucibel the Stargazer bleed through! Lord Lucifer, saturate me in your might and protection! Wrap me in certainty and safety such that no working against me may harm me!

Zraprala Ortor Avara Nogga Orthee (x9)

Artargar Veasson Zorkaea Zalla Navara (x3)

Ave Lucifer Rex Qliphoth!
[Hail Lucifer, King of the Infernal Plane]

-V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


13 thoughts on “A Basic Spiritual Self-Protection Rite

  1. Hello, VK.

    What do you think of Michael W. Ford? I know that his view is rather atheistic in comparison to demonolaters, but do you think that his rites are worth exploring anyway? When I look through my personal disagreements with his belief about The Numinous, his work still seems very well structured and interesting. I had success with his rites, even though I always try to perceive more depth to entities I invoke, rather then look at them as “deific masks” and archetypes of human psyche. I mean, he still has a point, I just don’t necessarily agree that that’s the whole deal. In that case, there would be nothing after death, and his view would also defeat the whole purpose (or even existence) of ascended masters.

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  2. Vk Jehannum have you heard about the goddess Heralah?
    Or some smart guy close to you already talked about her…

    There is a post on the forum about her, it would be great to have your opinion and description about goddess Heralah


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